WUBOTA 4 Row Walking Type Rice Transplanter

Structure Form Two Wheels Three Floating Plates Type
Working Dimension 2140*1630*1150
Structure Weight 162kg
Engine Type Single cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve gasoline engine
Engine Rated Power 2.6kW
Engine Rotating Speed 3000r/min
Work-part Structural Type Crank Rocker Type
Leading Time 7-25 working days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of 4 Row Walking Type Rice Transplanter

WUBOTA 4-row walking type rice transplanter brings innovation to the rice planting revolution. Our manual paddy transplanter machine imitates the human planting process with impressive planting performance.

The light weight of the machine brings compact and smooth working on the field. The rice transplanter is with a 2.6KW powerful YAMAHA gasoline engine, it can plant 0.2-0.26 hm2 per hour. A 4-liter, large-capacity fuel tank enables efficient and continuous work for a whole day’s planting job. Contact us to get a mini paddy transplanter machine price.

This advanced, human-operated walking-type rice transplanter is specifically designed for four rows simultaneously, allowing farmers to transplant seedlings at an unprecedented rate. The machine minimizes labor intensity while maximizing productivity by uniformly spacing and planting rice seedlings into the paddy field. It features an ergonomic design, ensuring ease of operation and reduced physical strain on the user. Equipped with a robust mechanism for seedling pickup, placement, and soil compaction.

Introduction of 4 Row Walking Type Rice Transplanter
Item Unit Specification
Model / 2ZX-4
Structure Form / Two Wheels Three Floating Plates Type
Working Dimension mm 2140*1630*1150
Structure Weight kg 175
Size of Wheel Diameter mm 660
Width mm 90
Lug Size mm 79*90
Lug Piece / 9
Engine Model / 175
Type / Single Cylinder,four-stroke, overhead valve gasoline engine
Starting System / Recoil starting
Fuel Lead-free Gasoline
Rated Power kW 2.6
Rotating Speed r/min 3600
Capability Productivity hm²/h 0.2-0.26
Fuel Consumption kg/hm² 6.0
Working Speed m/s 0.34-0.80
Planting Density Working Lines / 4
Planting Density line distance of Transplanting seeding mm 300
Seeding Space mm 120/140/160/180/210
No.of plants in 3.3m³ / 83/75/66/52/47/42
Transverse Taking Seedling Times / 14/16/18/20/26
Longitudinal Taking Seedling Depth mm 7-17
Planting Depth mm 10-35
Gearshift method / Gear Shifting
Type / Rubber Wheel Claw Type
Diameter mm ψ660
Width mm 90
Work-part Structural Type / Crank Roker Type

Unique Features of Paddy Rice Transplanter

  • YAMAHA 3.5HP single cylinder four stroke gasoline engine
  • High-accuracy planting even on rough field surfaces
  • 4 Liter large capacity fuel tank enables the continuous working requirement
  • Spare parts Interchangeable with KUBOTA brand rice transplanter
  • 2-0.26 hm2per hour working efficiency, high-speed working
  • Rotation planting arm, Imitation of artificial transplanting, no damage to the seedlings
  • Light weight enables smooth movement under narrow working conditions

In general, the benefits of using rice transplanters are not only improved work efficiency, but also cover many aspects such as reducing labor intensity, protecting farmers’ health, and reducing production costs. Therefore, in modern agricultural production, the importance of rice planters should be paid attention to.

Features of 4 rows walking type rice transplanter
Why Use Paddy Planter

Why Use Paddy Planter Machine?

  • Improve work efficiency: Using a paddy planter machine can replace inefficient manual transplanting, effectively improving work efficiency. Compared with manual transplanting, the manual rice transplanter can transplant more acres per hour, and the operation is more stable, thus greatly shortening the transplanting time and saving valuable time for the growers.
  • Reduce labor intensity: Traditional manual rice transplanting requires farmers to bend down and hold soil, which is long-lasting and labor-intensive, and is harmful to farmers’ health. The use of rice transplanter machines can reduce the labor intensity of farmers, make them more comfortable during the transplanting process, and reduce the labor intensity and physical injuries of farmers who are older or in poor health.
  • Protect farmers’ health: Manual rice transplanting machine requires bending down to hold soil for a long time, which has a negative impact on farmers’ health. Especially working in high temperatures and humid environments in summer is extremely dangerous to farmers’ health. The use of manual paddy transplanter machines can effectively reduce the physical harm to farmers and protect their health.
  • Reduce production costs: Traditional manual rice transplanting machine requires a lot of manpower and material resources to complete. The paddy rice transplanter greatly reduces labor costs during the rice transplanting process. Especially for some family farms or small workshops, the use of rice planter machines can significantly reduce production costs and improve agricultural production efficiency.

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As a professional agricultural machinery and equipment supplier, in addition to rice transplanters, our main products also provide crop harvesting machines, such as rice combine harvesters, peanut harvest machine, etc. We also provide related agricultural machinery and equipment spare parts. For more information on agricultural machinery products, please contact our online sales to get the latest quotation!

Maintenance Tips of Paddy Rice Transplanter

After each shift, the mud and debris on the paddy rice transplanter machine should be cleaned, and the engine’s carburetor, sedimentation cup, and air filter should also be cleaned. Park the vehicle in a flat and stable place without traffic hazards, turn off the engine, and then perform inspections, oiling, etc. It is necessary to allow overheated parts such as the muffler and engine to fully cool down before inspection, oiling, and maintenance, otherwise, you will be burned. When refueling, smoking and the use of open flames for lighting are prohibited. After refueling, make sure the fuel cap is properly closed and wipe up any spilled fuel.

Please install the cover that is removed for inspection and maintenance of the paddy rice transplanter machine as it is. If you run the machine with the cover removed, you may be caught in the machine.

The engine oil should be replaced after one season or 50 hours of operation; the oil should be replaced after the rice transplanter machine box has been operated for two seasons or 100 hours; the gear oil should be replaced after the paddy rice planting machine gearbox has been operated for three seasons or 150 hours.

If the paddy rice transplanter works for more than 100 hours, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on the paddy rice transplanter; maintenance during the idle period is also called post-season maintenance. Rice planting machines often need to be idle for several months or even more than half a year after a working season. Therefore, post-season maintenance is very important to extend the service life of the rice planting machine.

What are the details of the walk-behind rice transplanter?

We have collected some information on the 4-row manual rice transplanter below.

  • Q: What is the fuel tank size?
    A: The fuel tank is 4 Liter.
  • Q: Is that a diesel engine or a gasoline engine?
    A: The transplanter is equipped with a cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine.
  • Q: What is the row spacing? Can row spacing be changed?
    A: 250/330mm row spacing.
  • Q: What is the fuel consumption?
    A: Fuel consumption is 0.5 L per hour.
  • Q: How many units can be loaded into one container?
    A: One 20ft container can load 9 units, and one 40ft container can load 25 units.
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