4LZ-5.0 5.0kg/s Feeding Capacity Rice Combine Harvester

Crawler: 500/550mm*90mm*53/56
Engine: Powerful turbo diesel engine 100HP
Cutting Width: 2200mm
Feeding Capacity: 5.0kg per second
Ground Clearance: 340mm
Weight: 3000kgs
Productivity: 0.33 to 0.63 hm2/h


Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of Superior Performance -Wubota Combine Paddy Harvester

The Wubota combine paddy Harvester stands at the forefront of rice harvesting equipment, revolutionizing the way farmers approach the machine for harvesting rice.

Wubota rubber track combine paddy harvester has a powerful turbo diesel engine. 88HP/100HP/102HP/120HP.Most durable machines are constructed with 3800-4000KGS weight. High ground clearance, rice harvester uses large rubber tracks for selection. Suitable for working in heavy mud rice land.

WUBOTA You can get more details of superior performance from the video

Rice Combine Harvester Stock Show
No. Item Unit Specification
1 Model / 4LZ-5.0 Rice Combine Harvester
2 Sturcture Type / Vertical Axis Flow Full Feeding Rubber Crawler Self-propelled
3 Engine Type / 4-Cylinder,Vertical Engine,Water Cooled,
DI-Injection, Turbocharged Engine
Rated Power hp 100hp
Rotating Speed r/min 2400
4 Dimension(L*W*H): Working State mm 5150*2660*2850
5 Weight kg 3000 (Small Grain Tank) / 3250 (Big Grain Tank)
6 Cutting Width mm 2200mm
7 Feeding Capacity kg/s 5
8 Minimum Ground Clearance mm 340
9 Operation Speed km/h 1.8 to 5.3
10 Productivity hm2/h 0.33 to 0.63
12 Cutter Type / Standard Type II
13 Cutting Header Auger Type / Telescopic Transverse Conveyor Auger
14 Reel Type / Eccentric Tooth(off center)
Diameter mm Ø900
Quantity pc 5
15 Threshing Roller Quantity pc 1
Type / Vertical Axis Flow Spike Tooth
External(D*L) mm Ø620*2010
16 Concave Sieve Type / Grid
17 Brake Type / Wet Friction Plate
19 Rubber Crawler Size / 500/550mm*90mm*53/56
Track Gauge mm 1265
20 Gear Box / YD-85 Gearbox + (45CC HST)
21 Rethresher Type / Auger Spike Tooth
22 Grain Unloading Type / 360 Degrees unloading auger,

4LZ-5.0 Rice Combine Harvester Details of Each Feature

  • Powerful turbo diesel engine 100HP:4-cylinder, vertical Engine, Water Cooled, DI-Injection, Turbocharged Engine.
  • 2200mm wide cutting width and feeding capacity up to 5.0kg per second.
  • Different sections of the concave sieve could be replaced separately and reduce the maintenance time.
  • The big side opens grain tank or small grain tank both are optional for different country demands.
  • High ground clearance, longer and wider high patterned rubber track, stronger gripping ability,340mm ground clearance, not easy to accumulate mud, Strong adaptability to deep sludge paddy lands.
  • Special airflow and vibration sieve design ensure cleanliness at an excellent rate.
  • High cleanliness, and low loss rate, ensure user benefits.

Engineered with precision and powered by advanced technology, this harvester machine uses innovative mechanisms to ensure efficient and thorough rice collection, significantly enhancing agricultural productivity.

4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester Stucture
4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester Passability Advantage

4LZ-5.0 Paddy Harvester Passability Advantage

Even when wubota rice combine harvester is working in fields with very deep mud, it can pass through easily without blocking mud on the chassis, effectively improving harvesting efficiency and saving fuel consumption.

Also, we use the strong and top-quality rubber track brand to assemble with Wubota rice harvester.

As shown on the picture, it is a picture of a Wubota rice harvester working on Java Island, Indonesia. It performs very good.

If your local field is very muddy, you are right to choose us. Contact us to know the rice combine harvester parts and functions

4LZ-5.0 Rice Combine Harvester Grain Cleanliness Advantage

High productivity and grain cleanliness of wubota rice harvester.

A powerful engine and modified gearbox make sure the rice harvester is fast moving and has flexible steering in the paddy.

Special Conveyor and long threshing drum make sure harvesting efficiently.

Big grain tank make sure rice harvester can work more time one time before grain unloading, but also there is a small grain tank for your optional choice.

Improved concave sieve and threshing design make sure grain cleanliness, you can see the unloading grain is very clean on the photo.

Very low lose rate make sure the user benefits.

Quick rice unloading design make quick unloading and saving time.

4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester Grain Cleanliness Advantage
4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester Production Flow

4LZ-5.0 Rice Combine Harvester Production Flow

Top and advanced production equipment:

more than 70 sets of advanced processing equipment such as laser cutting machines, CNC machining centers, Welding robots, articulated arm 3D measuring machines, etc.

Strong quality control system, fully certified with ISO 9001,each production and quality control is under standard and strict inspected.

Fast and powerful supply capacity make sure seasonal harvesting season demand and fast delivery.

4LZ-5.0 Rice Harvester Machine Configuration

  1.  Engine: 4-cylinder, Vertical Engine, Water Cooled.
  2. DI-Injection, Turbocharged Engine, powerful and lower fuel consumption.
  3. Fuel Tank: 150L fuel tank to ensure one day of working without refueling.
  4. Cutter Head: customized according to the crops, usually 2.5-3m cutting width corn head.
  5. Grain Unloading:360 degree rotary grain discharge pipe up to 4m, manual collector is also optional according to different country user habits.
  6. HST and Gearbox HST: bigger gearbox with Korean brand HST(45cc) for higher productivity.
4LZ-6.0 Rice Harvester Top Advantage
4LZ-5.0 Rice Combine Harvester Advantage

4LZ-5.0 Rice Cutter Machine Top Advantage

6. Thresher and cleaning: purity of rice with low losing rate, round hole sieve, and fish scale sieve are both optional.

7. Rice Tank: 6CBM huge rice tank, the max storage capacity is 1300kgs grain even in harvesting.

8. Rubber Crawlers: we use a top brand quality rubber crawler,56pitch length makes lower pressure on the paddy field, and moves faster.

9. Operation Handle: The operation handle is controlled with an electromagnetic valve, easy to operate.

10. Top brand belt and NSK bearing.

Why is Wubota Rice Combine Harvester the Best Combine Harvester?

With its robust combine harvester specification, including high-capacity grain tanks, advanced threshing systems, and user-friendly design, the Wubota combine paddy harvester guarantees reduced harvest time, minimized grain loss, and optimal operational ease, making it the ultimate choice for modern rice farming practices.

If you have any demand for a rice combine harvester for your business, please contact us. We can improve the feature and structure based on your paddy condition.

Both OEM and ODM are available for your choice. Please inquire about the Wubota team at any time, The 24-hour online service team stands by for a quick response.

What Are the 3 Types of Combines Harvester?

A combine harvester, also known as a combine, is an essential piece of agricultural machinery that efficiently combines reaping, threshing, and winnowing processes into one operation, significantly streamlining the harvest of grain crops. As a multifunctional combine machine, it plays a pivotal role in modern agriculture by mechanizing and accelerating the harvest, thereby increasing productivity and reducing labor demands.

When discussing the types of harvesting equipment, particularly combine harvesters, three primary classifications stand out based on their design and operational specificity:

  • Self-Propelled Combines: These are the most common and versatile types, designed to move across fields under their own power. Equipped with powerful engines, advanced threshing systems, and large grain storage capacities, they are suitable for a wide range of crop conditions and farm sizes. Their adaptability and efficiency make them the go-to choice for large-scale agricultural operations.
  • Tractor-Powered Combines: Unlike self-propelled models, these combines require a tractor to provide the propulsion. They are generally smaller, less expensive, and more suited for small farms or specialized crops where the flexibility of using the tractor for other tasks is beneficial. Although less common in industrialized agriculture, they still find application in regions with smaller fields or limited resources.
  • Specialty Combines: Developed for specific crop types or unique farming environments, these combines may feature specialized headers, threshing systems, or even tracked propulsion for working in challenging terrains like rice paddies. Examples include corn headers for maize harvest or pickers specifically designed for cotton harvesting, illustrating the versatility and customization within the category of combine harvesters.

The uses of harvester machines in agriculture span from ensuring timely harvests to minimizing crop losses and improving overall yield quality. By embracing the right type of combine harvester tailored to their needs, farmers can optimize their harvest operations, enhance productivity, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.

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