6 Rows Ride On High Speed Rice Transplanter

Engine Structural Type: Vertical Type, Water-Cooling,3 Cylinders Diesel Engine
Engine Displacement(L): 0.904
Fuel Consumption(kg/hm ): 2.2~5.6
Feeding Capacity: 5.0kg per second
Seeding Tray(PCS): 6
Alarming Device: Charging、Fuel Pressure、Reverse、Water Temperature、Seeding Exhaustion
Productivity(hm²/h): 0.2~0.6

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of 6 Rows Riding Type Rice Transplanter

WUBOTA 6 Rows Riding Type Rice Transplanter creates outstanding efficiency with high-speed working efficiency and 6-row planting capacity. WUBOTA provides rice transplanters for sale with high quality. The 6 Rows Riding Type Rice Transplanter is a state-of-the-art paddy transplanter machine designed for enhanced efficiency and convenience in rice cultivation.

The special design of the rotation planting method imitates manual planting, which brings no damage to seedlings and enables quick turning of green on seeds. This cutting-edge riding-type rice transplanter embodies the perfect blend of technology and agriculture, allowing farmers to plant rice on a large scale with precision and speed. Equipped with six rows of simultaneous planting capacity, it significantly reduces manual labor while ensuring consistent seedling placement.

The independent suspension chassis enables the transplanter to easily work on muddy fields without getting stuck. 20HP diesel engine brings strong power that ensures the machine works smoothly during long-time operation. Contact us to get the details of the paddy rice transplanter machine price.

As a high-performance paddy transplanter machine, it navigates through paddies effortlessly, optimizing planting depth and spacing for improved crop yield. In essence, this advanced rice planting machine streamlines the entire process, revolutionizing traditional methods and boosting productivity in modern rice farming operations.

riding type rice transplanter
Model 2ZG-6D
Structural Type Riding Type
Driving Type Four-Wheel Drive
Dimension Length(mm) 3090
Width(mm) 2220
Height(mm) 2580
Weight(kg) 820
Engine Model(Phase III Of China) 3TNM72
Structural Type Vertical Type,Water-Cooliong,3 Cylinders Diesel Engine
Displacement(L) 0.904
Rated Power(kW) 18.5
Rated Rotate Speed(r/min) 3600
Fuel Oil High Quality Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 34
Start-Up Mode Electric Starter
Battery Rated Voltage(V) 12
Rated Capacity(Ah) 45
Fuel Consumption(kg/hm ) 2.2~5.6
Driving Driving Wheel Structural Type Front Anti-Explosion Tire
Rear Thick Hub Rubber Tire
Diameter×Width (mm) Front φ650×95
Rear φ950×50
WheelBase (mm) Front 1200
Rear 1200
Steering Mode Integral Hydraulic Steering
Gearshift Type Hydraulic Transmission(HST)
Number Of Transmission Gear(Stage) Main Transmission:CVT Of Forward And Backward(Auxiliary Transmission:2 Stages;Anti-Stuck Transmission:2 Stages)
Working Speed(km/h) 0~5.94
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 500
Transplanting Transplanter Type Rotary Forced Transplanting
Rows Number(Rows) 6
Row Spacing(mm) 300
Hill Spacing(mm) 100、120、140、160、180、210、240
Transplanting Depth(mm) 10~55(7 Gears)
Adjustment Number Of 1 Seeding Number Of Lateral Movenments 20、18、16、14
Vertical Seeding Depth(mm) 8~18
Balance Mechanism Type Mechanical
Seeding Requirement Type Of Seeding Lump Seeding
Height Of Seeding(mm) 80~250
Leaf Age(Leaf) 2.0~4.5
Seeding Tray(PCS) 6
Alarming Device Charging、Fuel Pressure、Reverse、Water Temperature、Seeding Exhaustion

Features of 6 Rows High Speed Rice Planting Machine

  • 20HP vertical water-cooled 3 cylinder Diesel Engine
  • The hydraulic transmission system, one handle control
  • 500mm minimum ground clearance, better pass ability on a muddy field
  • 34L large fuel tank, suitable for long-time working
  • Spare parts Interchangeable with KUBOTA brand rice transplanter
  • 2-0.42 hm2per hour working efficiency, high-speed working
  • Rotation planting arm, Imitation of artificial transplanting, no damage to the seedlings

The 6 Rows High-Speed Rice Planting Machine is a cutting-edge automatic rice planting machine that epitomizes efficiency and precision in paddy field cultivation. As a riding-type rice transplanter, it offers farmers a comfortable and effortless operation experience while enhancing productivity. This advanced paddy transplanter machine boasts six parallel rows for simultaneous transplanting, thereby significantly reducing the time required for plantation.

Features of 6 Rows High Speed Rice Planting Machine
Advantages of Rice Planting Machines

What Are the Advantages of Rice Planting Machines?

The automatic rice planting machine, also known as a riding type rice transplanter or paddy transplanter machine, revolutionizes the traditional method of manual rice planting. This advanced agricultural equipment offers several advantages.

Firstly, it significantly increases efficiency by planting rice seedlings at a uniform depth and spacing in a rapid, automated manner, thereby reducing labor costs and time consumption. Secondly, the rice planter machine ensures precision and consistency in planting, which promotes healthier crop growth and potentially higher yields. Moreover, it minimizes physical strain on farmers and allows for timely planting even on large-scale farms.

Lastly, these machines can adapt to various soil conditions and are designed for easy operation and maintenance, contributing to overall farm productivity and sustainability.

More Related Products of Wubota Harvest Machines

As a professional agricultural machinery and equipment supplier, in addition to rice transplanters, our main products also provide crop harvesting machines, such as rice combine harvesters, peanut harvest machine, etc. We also provide related agricultural machinery and equipment spare parts. For more information on agricultural machinery products, please contact our online sales to get the latest quotation!

How to transplant rice seedlings?

Transplanting rice seedlings involves a precise and efficient process, now often facilitated by modern machinery. The automatic rice planting machine, also known as a riding type rice transplanter or paddy transplanter machine, streamlines this task. This advanced agricultural equipment, the rice planter machine, automates the process of placing rice seedlings into the prepared paddy field at an optimal depth and spacing.

The operation begins with loading the rice seed planting machine with young seedlings that are carefully nurtured in a nursery bed. As the riding-type rice transplanter traverses through the waterlogged paddies, it precisely picks up, positions, and plants each seedling into the soil. This not only saves considerable time and labor but also ensures consistency in crop establishment, thereby boosting potential yields. With the advent of such technology, rice transplantation has become more efficient and less labor-intensive, transforming traditional farming practices.

Frequently Questions About Wubota 6 Row Riding Type Rice Transplanter

  • Q: What is the fuel tank size?
    A: The fuel tank is 34L
  • Q: Is that a diesel engine or a gasoline engine?
    A: The transplanter is equipped with a 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine
  • Q: What is the row spacing? Can row spacing be changed?
    A: The row spacing is 300mm, and the row spacing is fixed
  • Q: What is the fuel consumption?
    A: Fuel consumption is 2-4 L per hour
  • Q: How many units can be loaded into one container?
    A: One 20ft container can load one unit, and one 40ft container can load 5 units without dismantling. If the transplanter is dismantled with a steel rack, one 40ft container can load 10 units.
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