6 Row Paddy Rice Planting Machine

Engine: MZ175 Yamaha Gasoline Engine
Power: 3.3kW
Working lines: 6
Weight: 185kg
Max Loading Qty: 24 units/40HQ
Leading Time: 7-25 days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of The Walk Behind 6 Row Rice Transplanter

A 6-row paddy rice transplanter has higher power for faster working efficiency than a 4-row rice transplanter engine. Wider working width and more lines are better to work in larger fields。

The Walk Behind 6 Row Rice Transplanter is a cutting-edge paddy transplanter machine designed to streamline the rice planting process in paddy fields. This innovative device represents a significant upgrade from traditional manual rice planting machines, offering enhanced efficiency and precision.

As an automatic rice planting machine, it allows farmers to plant six rows of rice seedlings simultaneously with uniform spacing and depth, significantly reducing labor intensity and increasing productivity. The machine is ideal for large-scale farming operations, replacing backbreaking manual labor with a technologically advanced solution that ensures optimal crop growth and higher yields. It truly embodies the perfect blend of agricultural tradition and modern technology in the field of paddy rice cultivation.

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automatic rice planting machine
Item Unit Specification
Model / 2ZS-6
Structure Form / Two Wheels Three Floating Plates Type
Working Dimension mm 2370*1930*1150
Structure Weight kg 187
Engine Model / 175
Type / Single cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve gasoline engine
Rated Power kW 3.3
Rotating Speed r/min 3600
Capability Productivity hm²/h 0.2 – 0.26
Fuel Consumption kg/hm² ≤6.0
Working Speed m/s 0.34 – 0.80
Planting Density Working Lines / 6
Line Distance of Transplanting Seeding mm 300
Seeding Space mm 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 210
Transverse Taking  Seedling Times / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 26
Longitudinal Taking Seedling Depth mm 7月17日
Planting Depth mm 10 – 35
Gearshift Method / Gear Shifting
Walk Gear Type / Rubber Wheel Claw Type
Diameter mm φ660
Width mm 90
Work-part Structural Type / Crank Rocker Type

Outstanding Merits of 6 Row Walk Behind Paddy Rice Transplanter

  • Easy control. Few levels and handles comfortably control the transplanter to work.
  • Easy maintenance. The engine hook can be easily opened without any tools, so it can be inspected and maintained easily.
  • Large diameter wheels. With 660mm large diameter wheels contribute to stable transplanting operations resulting in the superior performance
  • Automatically Adjusting the machine height. It can automatically adjust the rice transplanter height up to 450mm contributing to efficient operations even in the deep muddy field.
  • Outstanding Durability. Durability is enhanced thanks to the Hexagonal axle which prevents the axle pin from being broken. Also, the bevel-gear drive system contributes to long operating life with no worry about chain out.
  • Carefully transplanting. Its transplanting design is as if being by human hands. So the seedling will not easy to be hurt.
  • Adjustable transplanting factors. Such factors can choose seedling taking quantities, a number of hills, and planting depth according to different cultivation modalities and field conditions.
  • Easy transport machine. With 185kg lightweight and small dimension, it can be transported easily by mini truck to any rice fields to work.
Outstanding Merits of 6 Row Walk Behind Paddy Rice Transplanter
Proper Operation Tips of Self Propelled Rice Transplanter

Proper Operation Tips of Self Propelled Rice Transplanter

A self-propelled rice transplanter, an advanced agricultural machinery tool, significantly increases efficiency in rice planting by mechanizing the entire process. To ensure seamless operation, it’s crucial to pre-prepare the field, calibrate the machine according to seedling size and planting density, and maintain proper lubrication.

Manual paddy transplanter machines, although requiring more physical labor, also benefit from meticulous operation. Users should adhere to ergonomic handling techniques, adjusting the depth and spacing settings accurately to mirror those used in automated versions. The key to efficient use lies in consistent seedling placement and maintaining a steady pace during transplantation.

For both types of rice planting machines – whether self-propelled or manual – regular maintenance checks are essential. This includes cleaning after each use, checking for worn parts, and ensuring all components are functioning correctly. Adequate training on operation and safety protocols is indispensable to maximize the performance and longevity of these invaluable farming implements.

In summary, understanding and implementing proper operational strategies can turn a paddy transplanter into a powerful ally that revolutionizes the way rice is cultivated, saving time, and effort, and ultimately contributing to increased crop yield.

More Related Products of Wubota Agricultural Machinery

As a professional agricultural machinery and equipment supplier, in addition to rice transplanters, our main products also provide crop harvesting machines, such as rice combine harvesters, peanut harvest machine, etc. We also provide related agricultural machinery and equipment spare parts. For more information on agricultural machinery products, please contact our online sales to get the latest quotation!

Frequently Questions About Wubota Rice Plant Machine

  • Q: Can this manual rice transplanter adjust the planting hole distance?
    A: Yes, by changing the gears, it can adjust the hole distance to 12、14、16、18、21cm.
  • Q: Will you send the free parts of the rice transplanters to the customers?
    A: Yes, we provide a toolbox with hole-changing gears, and some normal quick-wearing parts together.
  • Q: Can I choose the engine brand?
    A: Yes, we provide both China brand and Japanese Yamaha Gasoline engines for you to choose from.
  • Q: Can I use my own OEM brand for the rice transplanter if I buy from you?
    A: We normally use the Wubota Brand for our transplanters, but if you need an OEM brand, this can be considered if the application is passed by our managers.
  • Q: What is the lead time for your rice transplanter?
    A: We produce manual paddy transplanter machines every month, if your order is arranged when we happen to have left stock, it can be delivered within 1-2 days. If no stocks, you normally need to wait for 15-25 days for our manufacturer.
  • Q: For a 4-row rice transplanter or a 6-row rice transplanter, which one is suitable for me?
    A: It depends on your area’s average field square. If the paddy field is normally large, we suggest you buy a 6-row paddy planting machine, but if the paddy square is very small, a 4-row rice transplanter is enough because the 4-row price is cheaper than a 6-row paddy transplanter.
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