Wubota agricultural machinery

About Wubota

years' export experience in agricultural machinery industry
success cases in major rice-growing country markets
experienced workers as a service team for support
m² industrial park production base

What We Can

With our 16 years of experience and understanding of rice field harvesting machinery, as a professional harvesting machinery supplier, we are committed to customizing the development of machines that are most suitable for your local rice planting and harvesting and field management.

We advocate the values of thinking, efficiency, adaptation, and excellence. Continue to think about how to efficiently create benefits for our customers. With the constant pursuit of self-adaptation and improvement of machine quality and performance, we strive to create almost excellent products to give back to our customers and the land we love.

How We Grow

The core team members entered the field of agricultural machinery.
Establish the competitive marketing, sales, technology, and after-sales teams, and start large-scale team operations.
Successfully developed markets in more than ten countries including Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Tanzania, Colombia, Peru, etc.
Successfully developed markets in important rice-growing countries in Asia such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc.
Focus on investing resources to improve the localized service team and parts supply system in each major market.

Who We Are

Technical team: The chief engineer has more than 30 years’ experience in agricultural machinery, and has visited major rice-growing countries in Asia, with rich practical experience in testing and improving machinery which is the most suitable for your field;

Marketing team: Team fighters with an average age of 28, committed to the realization of the whole process of agricultural mechanization in the third world countries;

After-sales team: Efficient communication and excellent skills, coupled with innovative information management, enable us to provide customers with satisfactory solutions anytime and anywhere.


How We Work

Deeply first-line research
Before opening up any new market, we must conduct in-depth research on the local field cultivation conditions, and strive to maximize the performance of each machine to meet the unique local working environment
Excellent Product
In the production process, we meticulously carry out strict quality control of each part, and strive to achieve the best and consistent quality stability
Brainstorming solution
Every solution we give to customers has been fully demonstrated, and we strive to achieve long-term success for every cooperative customer.

Standard Operating Procedure

Sheet Metal

Professional Team To Provide You With Professional Services

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