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WUBOTA’s spray drone systems on the farm have successfully treated hundreds of thousands of acres around the world, and we help users report better coverage, lower costs, and the ability to handle applications that traditional equipment can’t.

  • Modular design
  • Easy operation
  • Waterproof
  • Prevent fall

Reliable Agriculture Sprayer Drone Supplier-Wubota

Our agro drone uses RTK Technology for positioning and supports Beidou / GPS / GLONASS. It is equipped with anti-jamming dual antennas, and the flying error does not exceed several centimeters.

When the RTK fails, the crop sprayer drone can still fly in a straight line, because of the independent magnetic compass. The front and rear radars avoid obstacles, and the perception accuracy is within 10cm, effectively avoiding common obstacles such as electric poles and trees.

According to the consumers’ requirement, the optional volume of spraying drone agriculture is from 10L to 30L. Contact us to get the spraying drone price.

Wubota New Design Agriculture Drones Parts and Functions

60A Supercharger

Super fast charging, no longer worry about working hours

3.0 Smart Battery

High-power battery, both safe and long-lasting

Skydroid Module

High-precision flight control system to ensure flight safety

Spraying System

For agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry, has various optional nozzles

Powerful Propeller

The latest propeller system ensures flight stability

The Intellect controller

An eye-like controller that lets you control everything

WF-16 Agriculture Drones for Sale

This farm drone has mature technology and more than 3 years of market sales experience. Equipped with 16L large-capacity medicine box, GPS navigation, super fast charging, and various optional devices, it also has functions such as automatic avoidance, autonomous flight, and fixed-point flight.

The agriculture drone for spraying is powerful tools that farmers can deploy to speed up and automate manual processes. Wubota’s agriculture drone technology delivers the ultimate performance in agricultural crop spraying. This agriculture drone sprayer for sale on our site with high quality. If you have any need of it, please contact us to get the crop spraying drone price list.


Wubota Agriculture Spraying Drone Flying

agriculture drone
agriculture drones

The drone for spraying crops can spray 300 acres of agricultural bases for pest control and spray in one day. Compared with the previous manual pesticide spraying, it can replace the workload of 35 people, fully solving the problems of insufficient labor and high cost. The use of drones to spray The pesticide spraying drone is not only uniform in amount, but also saves 20% of the pesticide than manual spraying.

Every successful takeoff raises the history of WUBOTA drones to a new height. Every successful landing establishes the success of the WUBOTA drone farm sprayer to a new foundation. The spraying drones for sale on Wubota are the best choice for drone farming.

How Does This Wonderful Spraying Drones Come?

Why Should We Choose Wubota’s Agricultural Drone For Spraying Crops?

The agricultural drones for farm use are historic products. After a decade of development, ag-spraying drones have become very mature in China. It has been well promoted in plant protection, fertilization, spraying, breeding, and so on.

Based on this set of systems, the WUBOTA series of crop spraying drones have undergone dozens of optimizations and adaptations, enabling them to function outside of China.

We firmly believe that our agricultural machinery exhibits can not only help promote the improvement of the overseas drone market but also allow more users to enjoy the value of technology. Mail us to get the sprayer drone price.

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