Combine Harvester: Know about this agricultural equipment and understand how to buy it!

Nowadays, agriculture does not require as much labor as it used to be in the olden times. Farmers can now complete everyday and important agricultural tasks with full or partial automation using some of the best machines.

Combine harvester is one such machine. With a combine harvester machine, farmers can harvest, threshing, collecting, and cleaning the crop in one go. It is an important agricultural equipment that every farmer should have.

In today’s post, we will talk in detail about combine harvesters and help you understand what things you should keep in mind while purchasing them.

rice combine harvester works well

What is a combine harvester?

Combine harvester is a very efficient agricultural machine designed to perform multiple tasks involved in harvesting crops simultaneously. It is especially used for grain crops like wheat, barley, corn, and soybean.

Combine harvester machine mainly consists of a cutting mechanism, threshing system, separation system, cleaning system, and storage system. Today’s modern combine harvesters are often equipped with advanced technologies, such as GPS navigation, yield monitoring systems, and automated controls.

The use of combine harvesters has revolutionized agriculture by significantly reducing the labor and time required for harvesting. Farmers can plow large fields quickly and efficiently.

How does a combine harvester machine work?

In a combine harvester machine, there is a reel on which the farmers keep the crops. Its job is to transport the crop to the cutting unit. Inside there are very sharp blades like big knives. With the help of these blades, the cutter cuts the crop. The harvested crop goes to the racing unit through a conveyor belt. In the racing unit the crop grains are separated with the help of a dressing drum and concrete clearance. Combine harvesters have large cleaning systems and blowers with the help of which chaff is separated from the crops. The cleaned grain gets collected in the storage system.

4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester Passability Advantage

Advantages of combine harvester machine

Combine harvester is a machine that simplifies agricultural work from many directions simultaneously. There are many benefits of using it such as:

  • – Increased efficiency: Combine harvesters streamline the harvesting process by combining multiple operations into a single machine. It can do harvesting, sorting, storage and many other tasks simultaneously.
  • – Time-Saving: Harvesting with a combine harvester is much faster than traditional manual or separate machinery-based harvesting methods. Farmers can harvest crops efficiently.
  • – Low farming costs: One harvester does the work of many machines. Therefore, farmers do not need to buy separate machines.
  • – Quality Protection: Combine harvesters are designed to handle crops with minimal losses and maintain grain quality.

How many types of combine harvesters are there?

There are mainly two types of combine harvesters.

  • 1. Automatic Combine Harvester

The entire machinery fits in this type of combine harvester. Machinery operates the engine and other parts with its own power. Due to which the work of harvesting, threshing (rosemary) and cleaning of grains is done easily.

  • 2. Tractor Driven Combine Harvester

This type of harvester machine is operated by connecting it with a tractor. This machine runs from the PTO of the tractor. The crop is harvested by driving the combine with a tractor.

Which combine harvester should a farmer buy?

If you are a small farmer or want to buy a harvester only for your home farming, then mini combine harvester or tractor driven combine harvester will be more useful for you. And the price of small harvester will also be reasonable for you.

And if you want to earn money from combine harvester apart from domestic use in your home, then you will have to buy heavy combine harvester for this. Either you buy automatic combine harvester or buy strong and powerful combine harvester in tractor driven combine harvester.

Combine Harvester Price, Know Harvester Price List in India.

The price of combine harvester depends on the cutter bar. At present, more than 20 famous companies in the country are manufacturing combine harvesters. The price of combine harvester is available in the market between Rs 10 lakh* to Rs 50 lakh* depending on its features and specifications.

If you are a small farmer and want to buy a combine harvester only for domestic use, then the option of a mini combine harvester is also open for you. The price of a mini combine harvester starts from Rs 5 lakh*.

Keep subsidy in mind before buying combine harvester!

Be it a combine harvester or any other agricultural equipment, before purchasing it we must know whether it is subsidized or not.

Subsidy on combine harvesters is provided from time to time in different states. Subsidy rates vary from state to state. Generally, 50 percent subsidy is provided to small, marginal and women farmers and a 40 percent subsidy is provided to big farmers.

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