Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance Information

Wubota’s high-quality combine harvesters are sold overseas to countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Congo, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Togo, Senegal, Georgia, Guinea, Mauritania, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. Every year, we regularly send engineers overseas to provide users with combine harvester maintenance guidance.

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Professional Combine Harvester Maintenance Guidance

After Wubota’s agricultural machinery is sold overseas, we will provide professional after-sales support measures even worldwide local service support for our agricultural machinery and equipment, including combine harvester maintenance guidance, basic combine harvester operating settings, combine harvester spare parts supply, professional technical support, and other measures.

Wubota has a dedicated after-sales team equipped with experienced engineers, combine harvester maintenance engineering vehicles, and several sets of maintenance tools to provide daily combine harvester maintenance, fault diagnosis, and technical support for users. All engineers have rich professional knowledge, practical experience, and excellent service quality, and can provide customers with the most professional, timely, and excellent after-sales service.

Combine Harvester Parts That Need Maintenance

Replace hydraulic oil pipe

Engineers provide online guidance on how to replace the hydraulic oil tank and perform subsequent maintenance..

Belt broken

After working in the fields for a long time, the belts were not maintained and updated in time.

Threshing chamber blade

The engineer provides instructions on how to remove debris and install the threshing chamber blade.

Replace bearings

The bearing of the combine harvester spare part is loose. Instruct the user how to reinstall it.

Reel inspection

The combine harvester’s harvest slows down, engineer carefully inspects the user’s combine harvester reel.

Repair harvester header

The combine harvester header is not working properly and internal parts need to be replaced.

Assembling Header Blades

Engineers check combine harvester and show users the specific steps and usage precautions for installing harvester header blades.

Harvester chassis repair

The harvester chassis was loose during the harvester’s operation in the field, and the engineer repaired the chassis of the harvester on site.

Circuit check

The harvester console circuit needs to be checked regularly to avoid leakage, causing the machine to be unable to work normally in the field.

December 2018 Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance in Indonesia

In December 2018, a comprehensive maintenance program for Wubota Combine Harvesters was conducted across Indonesia. This strategic initiative primarily focused on ensuring peak performance of rice combine harvesters and paddy cutting machines during the harvesting season. The maintenance drive covered an array of services including thorough inspections, part replacements, and fine-tuning operations to enhance the efficiency and longevity of these critical agricultural implements in the Indonesian landscape.

The farmers benefited significantly from this endeavor as their Wubota combine harvesters were optimized for seamless operation, thereby contributing to the nation’s overall rice production capabilities. The event underscored the importance of regular combine harvester maintenance in Indonesia, highlighting its role in bolstering agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance in Indonesia
March 2021 Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance

March 2021 Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance in Sri Lanka

In March 2021, a team of experts from Wubota visited Sri Lanka to conduct maintenance and repair services on the company’s combine harvesters. The team consisted of skilled technicians and engineers who specialize in machinery maintenance.

During the maintenance process, the team conducted a thorough inspection of each combine harvester, checking for any wear and tear or damage. They replaced any faulty parts and performed routine maintenance tasks such as lubrication and cleaning.

The team also provided training to farmers on how to properly operate and maintain their combine harvesters. They emphasized the importance of regular maintenance to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The Wubota combine harvester maintenance project in Sri Lanka was a success, with farmers reporting improved performance and increased productivity from their equipment. The team’s expertise and attention to detail helped to ensure that the equipment remained in top condition, allowing farmers to continue to produce high-quality crops and support their livelihoods.

May 2023 Wubota After-sale Service in Bangladesh

In May 2023, the Wubota after-sales team went to Bangladesh to provide users with free after-sales maintenance guidance for harvesters. We found that there are many common problems, such as common problems with the steering motor of the grain unloading drum of the harvester, the threshing drum being damaged, and the rice entering the drum, causing the dynamic balance of the machine to fail.

At the same time, the machine has poor threshing and hydraulic oil leakage, and the machine does not turn properly. Spiritual issues. These problems are basically related to customers’ usage habits. When engineers perform maintenance on harvesters, they also provide users with harvester maintenance knowledge training.

May 2023 Wubota After-sale Service in Bangladesh
December 2023 Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance in Bangladesh

December 2023 Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance in Bangladesh

In December 2023, Wubota sent our engineers to Bangladesh to provide after-sales guidance and combine harvester maintenance guidance to local combine harvester users.

As a professional agricultural machinery manufacturer, Wubota has been committed to providing users with high-quality products and services. During this trip to Bangladesh, engineers went deep into the farmland to communicate face-to-face with users, understand their needs and problems, and provide professional answers and guidance.

In addition to after-sales guidance, engineers will also teach users the combine harvester maintenance skills and methods, so that they can better master the use and combine harvester maintenance knowledge of the machine, extend the service life of the machine, and improve work efficiency and output.

In this task, Wubota engineers used their professional knowledge and skills to provide users with high-quality services and promote the development and progress of local agriculture.

November 2023 Wubota Business Visiting In Indonesia

In November 2023, Wubota’s sales manager went to Indonesia to conduct business talks with local Wubota harvester dealers and customize the 2024 business plan. This business visit aims to expand the Indonesian market, strengthen cooperation with local dealers, and promote the company’s business development.

During the business meeting, Wubota sales manager introduced the company’s latest products and technologies to local dealers, as well as market strategies and sales plans for the Indonesian market. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on market demand, sales channels, pricing policies and other aspects and reached an agreement.

At the same time, the two parties also jointly developed a business plan for 2024, aiming to further expand the share of Wubota harvesters in the Indonesian market. Through cooperative promotion, sales training, technical support, etc., we can jointly achieve the business goals of both parties.

This business visit strengthened the cooperative relationship between Wubota Company and local dealers and laid a solid foundation for the company’s future development in the Indonesian market.

November 2023 Wubota Business Visiting In Indonesia

Wubota Support Professional Combine Harvester Maintenance Guidance

Wubota combine harvester maintenance
combine harvester settings

Combine harvesters are essential machines in the agricultural industry for harvesting grains and other crops. To ensure that these machines operate efficiently and effectively, proper maintenance is required. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of the machine, increase productivity, and reduce downtime.

Combine harvester maintenance includes regular checks of the machine’s hydraulic system, engine, transmission, and other components. It is important to check for leaks, wear and tear, and other issues that may affect the machine’s performance. Proper lubrication is also necessary to prevent damage to the machine’s moving parts.

In addition to maintenance, the settings of the combine harvester also play a significant role in its performance. The settings can affect the quality of the harvested grain and the efficiency of the machine. The operator must adjust the settings according to the type of crop being harvested, the weather conditions, and other factors.

In conclusion, combine harvester maintenance, settings, and manufacturers are all essential for the efficient and effective operation of these machines. Proper maintenance, appropriate settings, and choosing the right manufacturer can help ensure that the machine operates efficiently, increases productivity, and prolongs its life.

Anything Important To Combine Harvester Settings

Why Does Wubota Support  Maintenance of Combine Harvesters?

Combine harvesters have revolutionized agriculture since their invention in the early 20th century. They have become an essential tool for farmers all over the world, and have significantly increased the efficiency and productivity of modern farming. But how to safely use of harvesters and do the right combine harvester maintenance also is a big problem that needs to be solved.

Briefly understanding of combine harvester history

Combine harvesters were first invented in the early 1900s by a man named Charles Ferguson Smith. The first model, the “Combine” as it was called, was powered by an electric motor and could harvest grain and wheat with ease. However, it was not until the 1930s that combine harvesters became widely used in the United States and Europe.

Important information about combine harvester

Combine harvesters are used to harvest a variety of crops, including wheat, corn, soybeans, and barley. They work by picking up crops and chopping them into small pieces, which are then mixed and separated by a conveyor belt. The resulting grains are then transferred to a storage bin.

What are the uses of harvester?

Combine harvesters are essential for modern farming. They significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the harvesting process, as they can pick up crops at a faster rate and produce higher yields. They are also environmentally friendly, as they reduce the need for manual labor and can be operated remotely.

What are tips for combine harvester maintenance?

Combine harvesters require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate at their best. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and routine inspections. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance, as improper use or maintenance can lead to damage or malfunctions, and combine harvester parts also that need maintenance.

Summary: Combine harvesters have come a long way since their invention, and they have become an essential tool for modern farming. From their humble beginnings as a simple machine, they have evolved into powerful machines that have revolutionized the way we harvest crops. By following the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance, we can ensure that these machines continue to operate at their best and help us achieve greater productivity in agriculture.

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