Bangladesh Harvester Information

The popularization of agricultural mechanization in  Bangladesh has fundamentally improved agricultural production efficiency.

Agricultural Mechanization Information About Combine Harvester

As a reliable combine harvester supplier in Bangladesh, Wubota's combine harvester is the best choice of harvesting crops.
  • We provide high-quality products from the source. At the same time, our Engineers regularly go to Bangladesh every year to provide technical guidance.
  • 5 uses of the Wubota combine harvester, simplify the grain harvesting process, cutting, feeding into the threshing mechanism, threshing, cleaning, and. discharge of grain into a bulk wagon or directly into bags.
  • The quality of Wubota’s combine harvesters is widely welcomed by Bangladeshi users. As a harvester international company, we focus on providing customers with top service, we also welcome factory visits before purchasing.

Our Bangladesh customer gave us a high harvester review, we are not just selling harvester machines, our goal is to continuously increase output, reduce losses, and save labor based on global agricultural mechanization!

Bangladesh Harvester Information

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Types of Combine Harvester
The half-feed rice combine harvester is the most popular type of rice combine harvester in Bangladesh. After the combine harvester machine goes to the field to harvest the rice, the rice straw can be recycled. This is different from the full-feed rice combine harvester where the rice straw is directly crushed.
harvester data
The Bangladeshi import combine harvester market decreased by -12.4% for the first time since 2018, thus ending a three-year rising trend. Overall, consumption, however, enjoyed a significant increase. Combine harvester consumption peaked in 2022
harvester review
The Wubota self-propelled half feed rice combine harvester is widely loved by Bangladeshi users for its excellent performance and affordable price, and our engineers regularly go to Bangladesh for after-sales training and combine harvester maintenance guidance.

Wubota Half-feed Rice Combine Harvester Used in Bangladesh

Reason To Choose Wubota Combine Harvester

  • Half-feed harvesters are mostly used in Bangladeshi farmfield
    Half-feed harvesters are mostly used in Bangladeshi farmfield
  • Agricultural mechanization gradually increases production
    Agricultural mechanization gradually increases production
  • Save labor and reduce rice loss
    Save labor and reduce rice loss

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