4YZ-3W Large Power Maize Combine Harvester

Type tyre
Wheel 2 drive wheel, 2 direction wheel
Function Picker + peeling, produce “corn on the cob”
Model of engine Model of engine
Power 140 hp ( 103kW)
Engine speed 2400 r/min
Harvester rows 3 rows
Leading Time 7-25 working days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of Wubota Corn Picker Machine

The Wubota corn picker machine represents the pinnacle of innovation in agricultural technology, revolutionizing the way corn harvesting is approached. This state-of-the-art corn harvester is meticulously designed to enhance efficiency and ease in corn harvesting operations, ensuring a seamless transition from traditional manual labor to mechanized excellence.

With a straw chopper device, one can return the straw to the field, reclaim the straw, and make the straw in rows. 3 sets of peeling devices, to improve the peeling efficiency. A big shake sieve can collect the corn seed. Widen the corn elevator, and improve corn transportation capacity. A sealed cab, reduces the noise and makes the driver feel more comfortable.  The steering wheel is on one side of the cab.

Introduction of Wubota Corn Combine Harvester
Model 4YZ-3W
Type tyre
Wheel 2 drive wheel, 2 direction wheel
Function Picker + peeling, produce “corn on the cob”
Model of engine Model of engine
Power 140 hp ( 103kW)
Engine speed 2400 r/min
Harvester rows 3 rows
Cutting width 1950mm
Harvest efficiency 0.7-1.3 acre/hour
Rows distance 500mm-700mm
Total loss rate ≤4%
Breakage rate ≤1.0%
Impurity rate ≤3.0%
Peeling rate ≥85%
Oil consumption ≤20Kg/hm²
Minimum corn cob height from field 300mm
NW 4400 Kg
Size 5860*2300*3320mm

Features of Large Power Maize Combine Harvester

Featuring advanced engineering, the Wubota corn harvester combines powerful performance with precise handling, effectively navigating through diverse field conditions while gently yet effectively extracting corn cobs from their stalks. Its robust design encompasses high-capacity machinery that significantly speeds up the corn harvesting process, leading to increased productivity and reduced harvest time.

  1. Sealed driver cabin, comfortable for the driver, good horizon.
  2. Special cutter table, auger-type picking roller, forcefully and quickly to pull the corn stick into cutter table, not intertwine, not blocking.
  3. Adopt a straw crushing and returning machine, that can crush the corn straw completely and reduce the stubble height.
  4. The special design in the peeing device adopts a soft peeling way, 4 sets of peeling devices, 16 pieces of rollers, half metal rollers, and half rubber rollers, this design makes peeling cleaner and reduces seed damage rate and seed loss rate.
  5. Flexible harvesting ways, suitable for different row spaces and different planting structures, can harvest not in rows.
  6. Assembling shake sieves and seed recycling bins, can collect the fallen corn seed, and reduce the loss rate.
  7. Short machine body, short front-back wheel distance, small turning radius, easy to turn around in the field.
  8. Adopt a hydraulic side dumping device that is convenient for operating corn unloading.

Equipped with cutting-edge components, such as an automated feeding mechanism and intelligent sorting systems, this corn harvesting machine minimizes crop loss and damage, thereby maximizing yield and ensuring the quality of harvested corn. User-friendly controls and ergonomic design ensures operator comfort during extended use, making the Wubota Corn Picker Machine a preferred choice for farmers worldwide.

Features of Large Power Maize Combine Harvester

What is a corn harvester called?

A corn harvester, also known as a corn harvesting machine or corn combine, is a specialized agricultural machine designed specifically for the efficient and automated process of corn harvesting. It combines several operations—such as picking, separating the corn cobs from the stalks, and often shredding the residue—into a single pass through the field. This modern equipment significantly speeds up the corn harvesting process, ensuring higher productivity and reducing manual labor compared to traditional harvesting methods.

What is a corn picker in agriculture?

A corn picker, also known as a corn harvester or corn picking machine, is an essential agricultural equipment designed specifically for the efficient and mechanized process of corn harvesting. This sophisticated machine simplifies the otherwise labor-intensive task by automatically picking ripe ears of corn from the stalks, detaching the cobs, and often conveying them into a storage compartment or trailer for easy collection. Using a corn picker machine significantly speeds up corn harvesting operations, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing the time and manual effort required in traditional corn harvesting methods.

Q1.How long is the delivery date?
A: In general, we can ship the goods within 7-25 days after receiving your payment. Of course, it also depends on your quantity.

Q2: What are your main products?
A: Our products are covered rice&wheat combine harvester, corn harvester, and peanut harvester.

Q3: Are there any optional parts for your combined harvesters?
A: Yes, optional parts such as rubber track size, grain tank, and type of grain unloading.

Q4: How is the quality of the harvester?
A: We are an experienced manufacturer which has been in this field for 30 more years, and can supply high-quality harvesters for you.

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