Crawler Wheel Rice Combine Harvester

Crawler: 450mm*90mm*53/56
Engine: Turbocharged Engine
Cutting Width: 2180mm
Feeding Capacity: 6.0kg per second
Ground Clearance: 320mm
Weight: 3460kgs
Productivity: 0.25 to 0.65 hm2/h


Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Self-propelled Type Rice Combine Harvester Introduction

Sef-propelled crawler wheel rice combine harvester is a type of agricultural equipment used for reaping rice crops., this rice combine harvester is capable of completing reaping threshing, separating, cleaning, and sieving in one smooth sequence.

This crawler-type paddy harvester is practical for both wet and dry paddy fields in plain, mountainous, and hilly areas, It can satisfy the requirements of different users with its good balance performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance, and high reliability.

combine harvesters at work
Model: 4LZ-6.0F Application:Grain, Wheat, Rape Seed
Type:Full-Feed, Track Combine
Main Parameter
No. Item Unit Upgraded 4LZ-6.0F Specification
1 Model / 4LZ-6.0F
2 Structure Type / Vertical Axis Flow Full Feeding
Rubber Crawler Self-propelled
3 Engine Type / 4-Cylinder,Vertical Engine,Water Cooled, DI-Injection, Turbocharged Engine
Model / Xinchai 4D35(国四)
Rated Power kW 88kW
Rotating Speed r/min 2400
4 DimensionL*W*H: Working State mm 5670*2560*2950
5 Weight kg 3460
6 Cutting Width mm 2180
7 Feeding Capacity kg/s 6
8 Minimum Ground Clearance mm 320
9 Operation Speed km/h 1.8 – 5.3
10 Productivity hm²/h 0.25 – 0.65
11 Fuel Consumption kg/hm² 18.5 – 40
12 Cutter Type / Standard Type II
13 Cutting Header Auger Type / Telescopic Transverse Conveyor Auger
14 Reel Type / Eccentric Tooth(off center)
Diameter mm 1000
Quantity pc 5
15 Threshing Roller Quantity pc 1
Type / Vertical Axis Flow Spike Tooth
External(D*L) mm 620*2200
16 Concave Sieve Type / Grid
17 Brake Type / Wet Friction Plate
18 Fan Type / Centrifugal
Diameter mm 346
Quantity pc 1
19 Rubber Crawler Size / 450mm*90mm*53
Track Gauge mm 1250
20 Gear Box / YD-80
21 HST / HH 45CC
21 Rethresher Type / Auger Spike Tooth
22 Grain Unloading Type / 360-Degrees Grain Unloading Tube

The function of the Crawler Combine Harvester

Using the central roller design in the chassis, it can better pass through rotten fields and deep water fields. The minimum ground clearance is optional from 310mm or 380mm, which can pass through deeper paddy fields.

The high-tooth crawler tracks greatly enhance ground adhesion and improve the harvester’s ability to pass through muddy fields. The track contact angle is optimized and adjusted to 51°, which reduces forward resistance during operation and protects the track.

function of combine harvester
Reduce From Source of Combine Harvester Cost

Uses of Combine Harvesters in Agriculture

Using an extended and reinforced header spring tines, and using PVC to wrap the Reel, you can harvest lodging rice without getting caught in the straw.

The feeding volume becomes larger and the feeding efficiency is improved. The conveying structure is fully optimized, the conveying speed is increased, the shaking of the cutting table is small, and a feeding reverse device is added to facilitate maintenance when weeds are blocked. Double cylinders are used to support the header, making it more stable and reliable. Wide adaptability and can harvest a variety of crops

Advantages of Driving Type Rice Combine Harvester

Using a 100hp or 120hp high-power diesel engine, it works quickly and covers a wide area.

The transmission system is the 45CC gearbox HST, the operation is faster, the movements are more flexible, and the work efficiency is improved. Fast speed and high harvesting efficiency.

The driving type rice combine harvester, a superior rice harvesting equipment, enhances efficiency in the field, offering mechanization advantages for seamless machine harvesting rice operations, ensuring optimal output with its advanced harvester machine uses.

Advantages of Driving Type Rice Combine Harvester
Combine Harvesters At Work To Reduce The Rice Loss Rate

Combine Harvesters At Work To Reduce The Rice Loss Rate

The harvester is equipped with an advanced 2.2M threshing drum which can reduce the rice loss rate.

The optimized design of the cleaning system ensures that the grain going to the tank is cleaner and has less loss. High purity thresher system and the loss rate is low.

Reduce From Source of Combine Harvester Cost

The maximum designed large fuel tank is 200L. The harvester only needs one tank of fuel a day and does not require frequent refueling. The exhaust pipe is assembled at the top of the harvester and is wrapped in stainless steel to prevent rust. High configuration, affordable price, high economic value

uses of combine harvesters in agriculture
Tips for Using Wubota Combine Paddy Harvester

Tips for Using Wubota Combine Paddy Harvester(Paddy Cutting Machine)

The Wubota combine paddy harvester, an advanced piece of agricultural machinery, streamlines the process of rice harvesting, enhancing efficiency and productivity on the field. As a versatile paddy harvesting machine, it adeptly handles tasks from reaping ripe paddy crops to threshing and winnowing, making it a one-stop solution for farmers seeking information about combine harvesters. Understanding its operation can significantly boost your harvest outcomes.

To optimize the use of this paddy harvester machine, begin by ensuring the crop is adequately matured and evenly dried to prevent clogging. Adjust the cutting height according to crop conditions to minimize grain loss and preserve soil health. Regular maintenance, including cleaning the machine after each use and lubricating moving parts, is paramount to sustain peak performance.

The combine harvester’s design incorporates advanced features like an adjustable header for different crop heights and a high-capacity grain tank, ensuring uninterrupted operation during the rice harvesting season. Its efficient engine not only powers through dense paddy fields but also reduces fuel consumption, a vital consideration for cost-effective farming.

In summary, the Wubota combine paddy harvester serves as a game-changer in modern agriculture, simplifying what was once a labor-intensive task. By embracing this crop harvester machine, farmers can expect increased yields, reduced labor costs, and a timely harvest, thereby contributing to the overall success of their rice cultivation endeavors. Whether referred to as a paddy harvester, rice harvester, or combine harvester used for harvesting, this machinery stands as a testament to technological advancements revolutionizing the way we harvest our crops.

How Much Does a Combine Harvester Cost?

The cost of a combine harvester will vary depending on the brand, model, and features you choose. The price depends upon your location and the features of the equipment. As mentioned, combine harvesters are for sale in India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other countries, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 for a new combine machine.

What is The Use of a Paddy Cutting Machine?

Our paddy reaper machine is widely used for cutting various types of crops like rice, wheat, soybean, etc. Functions of using a paddy cutting machine: 1. Improve work efficiency. Compared with manual harvesting of rice, using a rice harvesting machine can save manpower and increase average daily work output. 2. Reduce the grain loss rate. The paddy cutting machine does the work of harvesting grains and threshing grains. Using the paddy cutting machine can reduce grain losses while improving the average daily work efficiency.

What is The Main Function of Combine Harvester?

The combine harvester machine simply combines the three major harvesting operations – reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single process. Using the machine properly can not only improve the working efficiency but also can prolong its service life.

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