Different Types of Harvesters You Must Buy For Your Farm

Before purchasing a combine harvester, users should consider the size of the field and the variety of crops. Determine the model you want to buy, and then you can further understand and check it. Here you can find the guide to purchasing different types of harvesters for your farm!

Good Harvester Rice Unloading High Clearness

How Many Types of Combine Harvesters?

There are many types of combine harvesters, which are usually divided into the following four categories:

1. Self-propelled wheeled full-feed combine harvester. This type of machine is more suitable for operations in North China, Northeast, Northwest, Central Plains, and dry land environments. It mainly harvests wheat and rice. It is suitable for long-distance transfer and is the main machine for off-site harvesting and cross-regional operations.

Self-propelled wheeled full-feed combine harvester

2. Self-propelled crawler full feed combine harvester. This model is more suitable for dry land or paddy field wet soil operations and is suitable for harvesting wheat and rice crops. It can be harvested in different places and cross-regional operations, but if the long-distance transfer is carried out, automobile transportation is required.

4LZ-6.0 Rice Harvester Stucture

3. Self-propelled crawler half-feeding combine harvester. This model is mainly suitable for rice harvesting and can also harvest wheat. It is the product with the highest complexity coefficient among small and medium-sized combine harvesters, and the price is also the highest. Compared with other models, the cleanliness of grain is higher, and it can adapt to the harvesting conditions of deep mud feet and severe lodging, and at the same time, it can ensure the integrity of the stalks after harvesting.

808G Half Feeding Harvester Machine

4. Suspended combine harvester. The mounted combine harvester uses the power of the tractor to carry out the harvesting combined operation. There are two kinds of single power and dual power. This type of model is cheap and has multiple purposes, but it is more troublesome to disassemble and assemble, and the production and sales are gradually declining.

Harvester Working Flow

How to Choose a Reliable Combine Harvester Factory?

Tips to import high quality combine harvester from reliable combine harvester factory:

When buying, you need to choose a combine harvester factory with a brand and long export experience, and the factory’s service outlets, and the supply capacity of accessories. To understand the strength of this combine harvester factory in China, word of mouth. You can also check with other distributors in your country whether this harvester brand has been imported.

After receiving the goods, it depends on whether the production date should be the latest time and whether it is brand new. The quality of the recently produced combine harvester is guaranteed.

Then look at the appearance, observe whether the appearance is smooth and beautiful, whether there are bumps or rust, whether there is oil and water leakage, whether there are any missing parts, and so on.

Finally, start the diesel engine to observe whether the diesel engine is working smoothly, whether there is noise, and whether the exhaust is normal; keep the small throttle in place and combine the joysticks to see whether the header, conveying mechanism, etc. work flexibly and whether there is abnormal noise.

combine harvester factory

When walking in low gear, check whether the steering is flexible, whether the braking is stable, whether the gear is light, whether there is abnormal sound; whether the alarms, lighting, and signal devices are normal.

Before using the combine harvester, you should learn the operation manual, and you need to arrange for professionals to operate it.

The improper operation will damage it prematurely. After working for a season, maintain it in accordance with the requirements of the operation manual and maintenance manual.

In addition, buying a branded machine is a wise choice, A good brand combine harvester usually means that this kind of combine harvester has good performance, reliable work, and a good reputation in the market.

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