EN 1004 Four Wheel Tractor

drive mode four-wheel
Gear Shift F12/R12
hydraulic valve 2-way(standard)5-way(optional)
engine type Vertical, water-cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged, charge air cooling system
operating gear  Full Hydraulic Steering
Weight(kg) 3230
Leading Time 7-25 working days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of EN 1004 Compact Tractor

This EN 1004 4-wheel tractor produced by Wubota can be matched with more than 40 kinds of agricultural machinery and tools, and can complete rotary tillage, weeding, trenching, soil cultivation, ridge, trenching, vine burying, mulching, ploughing, sowing, fertilizing, and water pumping , spraying, transportation, potato harvesting, potato harvesting, peanut harvesting, green onion harvesting, paddy field operations, etc.

This farming tractor is suitable for plains, vegetable greenhouses, orchards, sloping fields, terraces and other places where large agricultural machinery is difficult to operate. It can complete different agricultural operations with different agricultural machinery. It’s the best small farm tractor. If you have any need, contact us to get the farming tractor price.

EN 1004 Farm Tractor
Model EN1004
Machine size L (mm) 3875(with front weight 4315)
W (mm) 1965
H (mm) 2870(Safety shelf)2620(Cab)
wheel base(mm) 2250
tread front(mm)  1460、1490、1570、1590
rear(mm)  1520、1630、1770
Weight(kg) 3230
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 475
engine Model ZD30N10-3D5
Type Vertical, water-cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged, charge air cooling system
Rated power/rotate speed(kw/rpm) 73.5/2200
travel Section Drive mode four-wheel drive
operating gear Full Hydraulic Steering
Intelligent variable speed Power-shifting, No clutch
Gear Shift F12/R12
Theoretical speed in forward gear(km/h) 2.09;2.67;3.47;4.72;6.36;7.63;8.81;11.26;14.66;19.91;26.85;32.21
Rotate speed of output shaft(r/min) 540/750
Tire Front wheel 9.5-24/12.4-24
Rear wheel 16.9-30/16.9-34
 hydraulic valve 2-way(standard)5-way(optional)

Outstanding Features of EN 1004 Four Wheel Tractor

Two outstanding features of the Wubota EN1004 agricultural tractor: walking straight on slopes and continuing to run when disconnected.

In the case of RTK disconnection, the battery life can still be maintained, leading the industry; the positioning signal can be transmitted to agricultural machinery or other agricultural machinery to achieve dynamic accuracy calibration during operation, and can also perform real-time vehicle offset calibration during operation. There is no need to stop the process.

In addition, the Wubota EN1004 farmer tractor is not afraid of the dark, and can also achieve precise automatic driving in the dark, solving the problem of being unable to work at night. Contact us to get the four wheel tractor price.

EN 1004 tractor features

More Related Products of Wubota Combine Harvester

As a professional modern agricultural machinery supplier, Wubota not only supplies high-horsepower four-wheel tractors and economical small four-wheel tractors, but also provides harvesters, such as rice harvesters, corn harvesters, peanut harvesters, sugarcane harvesters, and brand harvester accessories (Kubota, Yanmar, etc.)

What Are Four-wheel Tractor Uses And Functions?

Four-wheel tractors, also known as farming tractors or agriculture machines, play an indispensable role in modern agriculture. Their primary uses and functions revolve around enhancing efficiency and productivity in various farm operations. These 4 wheel tractors are designed to navigate diverse terrains with stability, providing the necessary traction for tasks that range from plowing and tilling the soil to planting seeds and harvesting crops.

They significantly reduce manual labor by powering agriculture tractor equipment such as cultivators, seed drills, and harvesters. Additionally, four-wheel tractors are versatile; they can be used for transport, land grading, and even moving heavy loads, making them a multifaceted asset on any farm. With their ability to adapt to different attachments, agriculture tractors become a one-stop solution for numerous agricultural activities, thus contributing immensely to the overall success and sustainability of farming practices.

Q: What is the weight of this 1004 tractor?

3230kgs when working.

Q: What is the engine and horsepower?

Nissan ZN30 engine with 100HP.

Q: What is the ground clearance?


Q: What is the front bridge?

Special designed especially for hilly muddy land.

Q: How many pieces can be loaded in a 40ft container?

8 sets by CKD(dismantle the rubber wheel)

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