EN 1604 Four Wheel Tractor

drive mode four-wheel
horsepower 160HP
 Hydraulic output  2 Groups (standard)3 Groups (optional)
engine type Cummins inline engine,  direct injection, water cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged diesel engine
Rear suspension Cat. Ⅲ
Weight(kg) 5300
Leading Time 7-25 working days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of EN 1604 agriculture tractor

Wubota EN 1604 agriculture tractor can complete plowing and harrowing operations and has the characteristics of strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after plowing. It adopts wide tillage width and symmetrical suspension to cover all wheel tracks, which has the characteristics of time-saving, labor saving, high operation quality, and low cost.

With easy maintenance features and versatile attachments compatibility, this agriculture tractor is a versatile workhorse. Radiator adopts Japanese technology, small size, and high heat dissipation efficiency. Ductile iron reinforced housing, helical gear with increased modulus, imported oil seal and bearing, high strength, and good reliability.

Introduction of EN 954 agriculture tractor
product model EN1604
Machine size L*W*H(mm) 5115*2360*3160
wheel base(mm) 2570
tread(mm) 1900
Weight(kg) 5300
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 455
engine model QSB5.9-C160-31
type  Cummins inline engine,  direct injection, water cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged diesel engine
Rated power/speed(kw/rpm 118/2200
fuel tank capacity(L) 280
 travel Section drive mode  four-wheel drive
 Front drive axle  Dry land
Steering system Full hydraulic
 Clutch operation  Hydraulic Power Steering
Shift mode of main/auxiliary gearbox Meshing sets shift gear
Gear shift F16/R8
front tread(mm) 1700-2120
 rear tread(mm) 1830-2031
Front tire type 14.9-26
Rear tyre type 18.4-38
PTO speed(r/min) 760/850(Optional 540/1000)
PTO power(KW) 104.6
Maximum tractive force(KN) 54.15
 Hydraulic output  2 Groups (standard)3 Groups (optional)
front counterweight(kg) 660
rear counterweight(kg) 480
Rear suspension Cat. Ⅲ
Max hoist capacity(KN) ≥37
PTO speed(r/min) 760/850
optional 540/1000
Hydraulic output(KW) ≥16
cab (air conditioning) standard configuration

Outstanding features of EN 1604 four wheel tractor

  • Cummins engine, large fuel tank

Using a well-known brand, American Cummins technology engine, strong power, can achieve efficient operation calmly, so that the reliability of the whole machine is good, the traction force is large, the fuel consumption is low, the noise is low, and it has a very strong market competitiveness

  • High heat dissipation efficiency

The third-generation four-post fully enclosed cab is beautiful in appearance and has a wide field of vision. High-end configurations such as luxury seats and two-way adjustable steering wheel, heating and cooling air conditioning, sunroof, and audio bring a more comfortable working environment.

  • Built-in air filter

The air filter is built-in, the intake line is short, the airflow runs smoothly, and the intake resistance is small, which improves the driver’s vision. At the same time, the deformation of the external air filter is also developed to meet the different needs of users.

EN 1604 features

More Related Products of Wubota Combine Harvester

As a professional modern agricultural machinery supplier, Wubota not only supplies high-horsepower four-wheel tractors and economical small four-wheel tractors, but also provides harvesters, such as rice harvesters, corn harvesters, peanut harvesters, sugarcane harvesters, and brand harvester accessories (Kubota, Yanmar, etc.)

What Are the Benefits Of 4 Wheel Drive Tractor?

The 4-wheel drive tractor, a powerhouse in modern agriculture, significantly enhances the efficiency and versatility of farming operations. Unlike traditional two-wheel-drive farm tractors, these robust four-wheeled workhorses, such as the advanced farming tractor models, distribute torque evenly to all wheels, enabling superior traction and control across challenging terrains and under heavy loads.

This not only ensures uninterrupted work in wet, muddy fields or steep slopes but also allows for deeper plowing and more efficient use of attachments like seed drills and harvesters. The enhanced stability of a 4 wheel tractor makes it safer for operators, while its ability to pull larger implements promotes higher productivity, thereby reducing the time and energy spent on tasks—ultimately showcasing the multifaceted advantages of four wheeled tractor uses in today’s demanding agricultural landscapes.

Q: What is the radiator of this model tractor engine?

Specially designed with a small size and super efficiency to reduce heat.

Q: What are the engine and horsepower?

Cummins C160-31 engine with 160HP.

Q: What is the power output?

24V with a double battery.

Q: What is the dashboard?

Equipped with an LED screen and reversing camera.

Q: Did this tractor have an optional cabinet?

Yes, the AC cabinet is optional.

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