ENF 808 Half Feeding Rice Combine Harvester Loading

On March 9th, we load three units ENF 808 half feeding rice combine harvester to Bangladesh. Our combine harvester factory is located in Xiangyang city, Hubei province. The machine will be delivered from Shanghai port and then ship to Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Normally it will take around two weeks from Shanghai to Chittagong by ocean freight. After vessel arrive Chittagong port, our customer will pick up container and unload harvester at the sea port, after that they will deliver the harvester by truck to the warehouse.

In this blog, I will show you how we deliver the harvester from our factory to Shanghai Sea port step by step. For this time loading job, we shipped three half feeding rice combine harvester on March 9th, and we used one 40HQ container to load these three harvesters together.

Since our rice combine harvester is over 2.5 meter high, only high cube container is able to load the harvester. As 40ft standard container is only 2.35m high which is too short to load the harvester.

40 High Cube container

Firstly, the container vehicle driver picked up the container from Shanghai port, then the truck drive to our factory to pick up our harvester. Since there are over 1,000KM from our factory to Shanghai port, truck driver spent one and half day to reach our factory.

After the container arrived our factory, we started to load the three harvesters and spare parts. This time loading included three combine harvester, two crawlers and some spare parts. We loaded rubber crawler in the beginning, because it can put at the bottom of harvester to save space.

Rubber crawler is more than 100KG per piece, to load crawler into container, firstly we used a forklift to carry the crawler to the door of the container, then we lift the crawler manually to the back side of container.

Crawler put inside of the container at back

For road transportation and ocean freight, there are so much moving and shaking during container transit. Therefore we need to prevent the harvester moving inside the container and we used four tie-downs to lock the harvester to the hooks in the container.

Lock harvester by tie-downs

After we loaded the first harvester, we repeated the same step to load the second and third harvester. Because container size is very limited, the space for us to park each harvester is very less, we need to keep a distance less than 10cm between each harvester, it is a challenge for the harvester driver.

Moreover, the container width is only 2.3m wide, and the harvester is more than 2.2m wide. In that case, harvester driver only had 10cm space to adjust harvester turning when driving harvester inside.

three machines loaded into the container

After we loaded all the harvester, there are less than 20cm to the door side, which means one 40ft harvester can only load three ENF 808 half feeding combine harvester, and there is no much spare space left.

The final step was to close the container door and sealed with locker key. After that the container truck driver delivered the containe to the Shanghai port. Then the container will load onto the vessel and take a two weeks journey to reach Chittagone, Bangladesh.

Container locker Key

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