Everything to Know about a Rice Combine Harvester

The rice combine harvester is one of the important tools of contemporary agricultural production. There are many brands of rice combine harvesters on the market, but the rice combine harvesters’ functions, and prices are very different. We have collected more points below before purchasing the rice combine harvester, hope it’s useful for you.

  • What is the price of the rice combine harvester?

Our rice combine harvester price range is from 15000-17000 US Dollars according to different specifications and order quantities.

  • What is the warranty of your rice combine harvester?

One-year warranty for the main parts of the harvesters, such as the engine, gearbox, and HST.

  • What is the function of your rice combine harvester?

Our rice combine harvester can cut, thresh, and store the paddy during harvesting work. It is a multi-functional piece of equipment. According to different specifications, you can choose a harvester with different efficiency.

  • How is the operation of the rice combine harvester?

It is very easy to operate. As our harvest uses a hydraulic gear shifting system, you don’t need to change the shifts, it is automatic.

  • How long is the lead time for the rice combine harvester?

Normally it takes around 7-30 days for the manufacturer to after your deposit. If we have stocks, we can deliver within 7 days. If we don’t have stocks, we need 30 days to manufacture.

  • What is your payment term for the rice combine harvester?

We can accept T/T or L/C from a good credit bank for our combine harvester order.

  • Do you supply spare parts for rice combine harvesters?

Yes, spare parts are always the most important to purchase while using. So we provide a suggested spare parts list during your purchase for the rice combine harvester. You can also choose your preferred parts from our parts catalog.

  • What is your after-sales for the rice combine harvester ?

We provide 24-hour online after-service. And for the countries where we have distributors, we can provide after-sales locally for the rice combine harvester. We also provide online technical training for our customers.

  • How many rice combine harvesters can be loaded into a 40ft container?

Normally we can load 3 units in a 40ft container, but if the cutter header specification is over 2.58M, we can only load 2 units in a 40ft container. And for a 20ft container, we can load 1 unit harvester for any type.

rice combine harvester functions

  • Do you supply the spare parts for other brand rice combine harvesters?

Yes, we can supply parts of Kubota, Yanmar, and other Chinese brand combine harvesters for our customers. You can order the parts from us based on the parts catalog.

  • What is the advantage of your rice combine harvester compared with another brand?

Our rice combine harvester has been exported to over 20 countries, our technical team has a long experience in rice field harvesting during the past years. Our harvester design is modified year by year after customers’ feedback. Because of this, we can give many good suggestions to our customers to let them have the most suitable model and configurations. We’re not only exporting the product but can also provide consolidated information.

  • Do you provide OEM brand or design for the rice combine harvester?

Yes, for our dealers or distributor, we provide OEM service. Such as Logo design, customized modification, etc. But the OEM harvester orders sometimes need longer delivery terms.

  • Can you provide smaller rice combine harvester which is smaller than your website one?

Yes, we also have some smaller power combine harvesters for sale, such as some mini combine harvesters, if you want to purchase small ones, please inform us your needed HP or walking width.

  • Which countries have you ever exported to for the rice combine harvesters?

We exported our harvesters to many Asian countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, and South Korea, we also exported to Africa and South American countries.

  • What is the engine emission stage of your diesel engine?

We can provide Stage II and Stage III or Stage IV, which is also regarded as Euro II, Euro III, and Euro IV.

But if your country has no regulation of emission standards, we highly suggest you purchase Euro II combine harvester only, because the price is best, and easiest for maintaining or repairing.

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