Eveything Need to Know About Combine Harvester Air Filter

The air filter is an important spare part of the combine harvester. Since the combine harvester is in a working environment with a high concentration of dust, a high-performance filter system is generally configured to ensure the normal operation of the combine. It mainly includes air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, diesel filters, and HST filters. Today, we will focus on the air filter on the combine.

What is an air filter?

The filter refers to the spare parts used to filter impurities or gases through filter paper.

Kubota Air Filter

air filter

Why does the combine use an air filter?

When the combine is working in the field, the dust is flying everywhere, and the working environment is very bad. The sand, dust, and straw residues in the air may enter the engine with the wind, causing wear and even damage to the engine, resulting in the failure of the combine to work normally.

Application of Air Filter on Combine

Application of Air Filter on Combine

Take the KUBOTA DC68G combine harvester as an example, which is the most popular in India. The air filter is mainly composed of ASSY CLEANER, ASSY ELEMENT, ELEMENT, HOSE, CLAMP, COVER Etc.

Maintenance method of air filter:

  1. Regularly observe the dust fullness in the transparent prefilter according to the environmental conditions during operation. If the fullness reaches about 80%, it must be cleaned. Otherwise, it will affect the primary filtration efficiency of the system, increase the burden on the paper core, and then increase the system resistance, or even break the filter element.
  2. Clean the main filter element of the air filter: When cleaning the filter element in the field, place it on a soft surface (such as a tire) and pat it gently. Or when using compressed air to clean the filter element, blow it from the inside to the outside, and the pressure shall not exceed 0.6MPa.
  3. When using the harvester, the user should clean the air filter in time. It is recommended that the user carry a portable hair dryer with the vehicle to clean the air filter system irregularly.
  4. After many times of maintenance, the folding fan of the paper filter element has caused serious deformation, folding, etc., so the filter element must be replaced with a new one and the safety core must be replaced at the same time. After maintenance, all seal bolts must be tightened to keep the correct position of the sealing gasket.

If the filter is not maintained as required, the following problems may occur:

use of air filter

  1. The filter element is seriously blocked, the engine air intake is insufficient, and the combustible mixture cannot be mixed in the normal proportion, resulting in black smoke from the engine, increased fuel consumption, and decreased power.
  2. If the filter element is damaged or the seal is not tight, a large amount of sand and dust in the air will be sucked into the engine and adhered to the moving parts of the engine, which will form an abrasive, thus accelerating the wear of various moving parts. In a short time, the engine movement will deteriorate and the service life of the engine will be greatly shortened.
  3. When cleaning or replacing the filter element, the sealing elements in the air filter are wrongly installed, reversely installed, and missed, resulting in poor sealing of the filter and a short circuit, so that the air filled with impurities can directly enter the cylinder without filtering, resulting in serious wear of valves, valve seats, cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings, resulting in air leakage, power reduction, and other undesirable phenomena.

The air filter components are damaged and deformed. Some operators do not maintain the filter for a long time, which causes the filter element to be broken, the rubber gasket to expand and deform, the sealing is not tight, and dirty air enters the cylinder, which causes the valve, cylinder liner, piston ring, and other components to wear more severely, making the engine weak in compression and difficult to start. Also, for convenience, the operator simply removed the filter, causing more serious consequences.

Therefore, strengthening the maintenance of the air filter and keeping it in the good technical condition is one of the main factors to improve the service life of the engine and the economic benefits of the combine.

This is the knowledge we shared with you today about contacting the air filter of the harvester. If you have any questions, please contact our staff. We are happy to help you.

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