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Get a high-quality farming tractor from WUBOTA. Wubota Tractors, a prominent farming tractor manufacturer, stands at the forefront of innovation in the agriculture industry.

Usually, it’s used for tillage operations and other activities. WUBOTA will try its best to satisfy your needs.

  • Moving stone, dirt, brush, debris, or other heavy materials.
  • Tilling land.
  • Assist with farming duties with attachments like disc plows, landscape rakes, rotary tillers, and many more.
  • Four wheel farm tractor and agriculture mini tractor.

Agriculture and Farming Equipment-Wubota

With a legacy rooted in precision engineering and a commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity, we specialize in crafting robust agriculture tractors and versatile agriculture mini tractors. Our extensive line of farming tractors is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern farmers, from small-scale cultivators to large agribusinesses.

After adating the Japanese tractor technology base on the conditions of paddy fields developed and produced in combination with and the usage habits of tractor operators we have developed this series “YILONG” farm tractor. The performance for every application is brought out from its Super stable for muddy land and High quality.

With its advanced technology and superior comfort, YILONG is the best agriculture tractor to meet your requirements for high productivity. And all those points make the “YILONG” compact tractor enjoy a high reputation both in the Chinese domestic and overseas markets.

Wubota New Design Four Wheel Tractor Uses and Function

ZD 30 Engine

NISSAN ZD 30 Engine, Super quite, High power output, Advanced technodege

Paddy type front bridge

Light and high loading capacity front bridge suitable for muddy land

Clutchless switching

The power steering system and Clutch free design makes driving more relaxed

Independent E-controled PTO joint

Right side hand levelers centralized configuration

High Ground Clearance

Lightweight design with high ground clearance

EN 954 Farming Tractor

Wubota’s agriculture tractor has a high-performance engine, large torque, low vibration, and fuel consumption.

Compared with other agriculture mini tractors, our 4 wheel tractor has a simple and comfortable operation, advanced technology can facilitate the operation of the machine, forward and backward dynamic reversal, the operating handle can achieve multiple function operation, has an Electric hoist, independent electric control PTO and synchronizer shift.

Tractors for sale on Wubota with high reliability and stability, flexible performance, which is suitable for the paddy field. New paddy-type front axle, lightweight design, high ground clearance, and small turning radius.

EN 954
EN 1004

EN 1004 Compact Tractor for Sale

For agriculture tractor equipment, the factors such as the engine, front axle, gearbox, and operator seat determine the overall performance of the tractor and whether the tractor is handy to use.

Of course, this has become the primary consideration for more and more people in the industry to buy a agri tractor.

As one of the representative works of WUBOTA’s own brand, the EN1004 intelligent tractor definitely has strong advantageous genes in these aspects, the compact tractors for sale on Wubota with high quality, if you any need, please contact us to get the farm tractor price.

EN1604 Agriculture Tractor

Wubota’s small farming tractor uses U.S. Cummins engine, strong power, excellent reliability, big tractive force, low fuel consumption, and noise.

The EN 1604 small agriculture tractor uses the third generation of the four-column fully enclosed cab, beautiful shape, broad vision, luxury seats, heating, and cooling air conditioning, skylight, and other high-end configurations, bringing a more comfortable operating environment.

If you want to get more information about the farming tractor for sale on Wubota, and the details of four wheel tractor uses, contact us to know more.


EN 1604
Wubota mini 4WD tractor

4WD Mini Tractor For Sale

If you need a multifunction tractor, consider getting a 4-Wheel drive (4WD) tractor. These models can offer impressive power and traction. They are mechanical workhorses able to handle difficult agricultural projects. Keep reading to learn more, then visit Wubota farming tractor to shop four-wheel drive tractors for sale. We offer many models, including 4wd compact tractors.

A four-wheel drive system transfers engine power to all four wheels, instead of just to two. In other words, more power is able to go to more parts of the vehicle.

Wubota Agricultural Tractor Working Show

farming tractor
compact tractor

Our agriculture machine tractors are not just machines; they are game-changing solutions that embody power, efficiency, and smart technology. Equipped with advanced features like GPS-guided systems, fuel-efficient engines, and ergonomic designs, these tractors significantly reduce labor intensity while maximizing yields. The agriculture mini tractors, in particular, excel in maneuverability and accessibility, making them ideal for narrow fields and specialized tasks, ensuring no corner of your farm is left untended.

First of all, as a farm and tractor supply manufacturer in the agricultural machinery industry, Wubota’s small farm tractor production plant has introduced advanced production lines, and the overall automation rate is very high. High standards, and excellence in craftsmanship.

As the best compact tractor produced by Wubota, the farmland tractor has high assembly precision, accurate dynamic balance of rotating parts, high processing precision of parts, key parameters and key points in the assembly process are strictly controlled, and the noise generated by vibration during operation is extremely small.

In addition, the sealing performance of the Wubota farm pro tractor cab is very good, and the noise around the ear can be controlled within the safety line of 85 decibels (close to 80 decibels). The lower noise value can effectively protect the health of the operator, and the mobile phone calls are very clear during operation.

The farm tractors for sale in our store are popular in the U.S., Ireland, India, Philippines, and so on, if you’re interested in our agriculture small tractor, please contact us to get the agriculture tractor price and product details.

How Does This Wonderful Four-Wheel Tractor Come?

What should we know about tractor supply applications?

Q: How much does the YiLong farming tractor cost?

Overall EXW 2000-5000 depends on different options for engine power and gearbox as well as other optional equipment.

Q: Did this wheel tractor is Auto gear?

Yes, these sires tractors have assembled with hydraulic system to make it forward and backward needn’t clutch.

Q: Did it suitable for paddy land?

Yes, the agriculture tractor for sale on Wubota is designed for muddy land. The grand clearance is higher and the tractor weight is lighter.

Q: What is the experience of the operator?

Fast, easy steering, shifting gear, and one-hand control.

Q: What is the leading time when ordering?

The agricultural tractors for sale on Wubota will take 3 to 45 days depending on different models and options.

What is the best tractor for a 20-acre farm?

When it comes to managing a 20-acre farm, selecting the right agriculture tractor is paramount to ensure efficient and productive work. A versatile four wheel tractor, often referred to as a farming tractor or an agriculture machine tractor, becomes an indispensable tool. For this size of land, a medium-sized 4 wheel tractor with around 40-60 horsepower would be highly suitable. It should provide the necessary power to handle various tasks such as tilling, planting, mowing, and light hauling without being overly cumbersome or consuming excessive fuel.

Key features to consider include a reliable engine, hydraulic lift capacity for easy implementation attachment, comfortable seating for prolonged use, and a robust transmission system for smooth operation on different terrains. Additionally, ensuring the agriculture tractor equipment is compatible with a range of implements like plows, discs, and seeders enhances its versatility and overall value for your agricultural needs. Models from reputable brands known for durability and after-sales service are recommended for optimal performance and longevity.

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