4LZ-6.0 6.0kg/s Feeding Capacity Rice Combine Harvester

Crawler: 500/550mm*90mm*53/56
Engine: Powerful turbo diesel engine 120HP
Cutting Width: 2580mm
Feeding Capacity: 6.0kg per second
Ground Clearance: 340mm
Weight: 3850kgs
Productivity: 0.33 to 0.8 hm2/h


Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Rice Combine Harvester Introduction

The rice combine harvester represents the pinnacle of modern rice harvesting equipment, ingeniously designed to streamline the process of rice collection. As an advanced machine for harvesting rice, it adeptly combines reaping, threshing, and winnowing into one seamless operation, significantly enhancing efficiency in the fields.

Wubota 4LZ-6.0 combine rice harvester has a large power engine 100HP/102HP/120HP for selection. 2580mm Large cutter head increases feeding capacity.

Larger and longer crawler walks faster in deep paddy land. This is the most favorable rice combine harvester in South America, especially in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador

Introduction of Superior Performance -Wubota Rice Combine Harvester
Main Parameter:
No. Item Unit Specification
1 Model / 4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester
2 Sturcture Type / Vertical Axis Flow Full Feeding Rubber Crawler Self-propelled
3 Engine Type / 4-Cylinder,Vertical Engine,Water Cooled,
DI-Injection, Turbocharged Engine
Rated Power hp 102HP/120HP
Rotating Speed r/min 2400
4 Dimension(L*W*H): Working State mm 5150*2990*2850
5 Weight kg 3850
6 Cutting Width mm 2580mm
7 Feeding Capacity kg/s 6
8 Minimum Ground Clearance mm 340
9 Operation Speed km/h 1.8 to 5.3
10 Productivity hm2/h 0.33 to 0.8
12 Cutter Type / Standard Type II
13 Cutting Header Auger Type / Telescopic Transverse Conveyor Auger
14 Reel Type / Eccentric Tooth(off center)
Diameter mm Ø900
Quantity pc 5
15 Threshing Roller Quantity pc 1
Type / Vertical Axis Flow Spike Tooth
External(D*L) mm Ø620*2010
16 Concave Sieve Type / Grid
17 Brake Type / Wet Friction Plate
19 Rubber Crawler Size / 500/550mm*90mm*53/56
Track Gauge mm 1265
20 Gear Box / YD-85 Gearbox + (45CC HST)
21 Rethresher Type / Auger Spike Tooth
22 Grain Unloading Type / 360 Degrees unloading auger,

Working Principle Of Wubota Paddy Combine Rice Harvester

Operating on the principles of a grain combine harvester, the Wubota paddy combine seamlessly integrates three vital functions—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into one compact yet powerful unit. It begins its operation by expertly navigating through rice paddies, where its advanced cutting mechanism gently yet effectively severs the mature rice stalks, demonstrating the precision that characterizes a high-performance rice harvester.

Following the reaping stage, the harvested crop is fed into the threshing component, which utilizes rotating drums or beaters to separate the grains from the stalks. The combine’s sophisticated design ensures minimal grain damage during this process, preserving the quality of the yield. Subsequently, a winnowing system expels chaff and debris, leaving behind clean, harvest-ready rice grains.

The Wubota paddy combine rice harvester’s adaptability to varying field conditions, coupled with its capacity to handle different moisture levels in the crop, underscores its versatility as an all-in-one solution for rice farmers. Its implementation not only accelerates the harvesting process but also reduces post-harvest losses, making it a cornerstone of modern agricultural practices and a prime example of how a combine harvester is used for harvesting rice efficiently and effectively.

Working Principle Of Wubota Paddy Combine Rice Harvester
New crawler and Chasis system

New Crawler and Chasis System

Longer and wider high-patterned crawler, stronger gripping ability,

improved machine sludge passability 340mm ground clearance, good passability,

not easy to accumulate mud, and stronger adaptability to deep sludge paddy fields;

Enhanced model 85 gearbox with better bearing capacity

Upgraded Rollers

85/90 type gearbox, 45 cc HST, strong carrying capacity, and higher reliability

500(550)X90X53/56 rubber crawler, 340/400mm ground clearance, Improve machine sludge paddy field passability

1350mm track gauge, Ground contact length is extended to 1800, the center of gravity is stable, and the turning is smooth.

Upgraded rollers
Extension rod on feeding auger

Extension Rod on Feeding Auger

Enlarged feeding auger with the board to resist entanglement by straw

Anti-abrasion wire to improve durability

V-shape board on auger leaf to resist deformation

Optimized extension rod for smooth transfer

Independent extension rod for easy replacement and repair

Extension rod fixed by the moveable stand to reduce noise and improve durability

Threshing and Cleaning System

4 in 1 concave sieve could be replaced separately to reduce maintenance cost

Optimized distance and layout between upper sieves with better sorting

Adjustable sieve with new  re-threshing construction

Threshing and Cleaning System
Gap on threshing drum

Gap on Threshing Drum

the adjustment of the two speeds of the drum can be realized by replacing the transmission pulley which improves the adaptability of crop harvesting. For different varieties and wet crops, good threshing effect can be achieved by adjusting the gap between the drum and the concave plate

Unique Design Threshing Drum

Inclined threshing drum improves cleaning efficiency and reduces loss rate.

The threshing separation area is enlarged to have cleaner threshing , and the entrainment loss is less.

The concave plate is optimized into six pieces, which is convenient for installation

Unique design threshing drum

Wubota Rice Combine Harvester will be Best Parnter

If you have any demand of rice harvester for your business, you please contact with us

We can improve the feature and structure based on your paddy condition.

Both OEM and ODM are available for your choice.

Please inquire Wubota team any time, The 24-hour online service team stands by for quick response.

Wubota versatile harvester machine uses cutting-edge technology to gently separate grain from stalks while minimizing losses, ensuring optimal yield, and reducing the need for manual labor. Its robust construction and precision engineering make it a cornerstone of sustainable and efficient agriculture practices, revolutionizing the way rice, a staple food for millions, is harvested worldwide.

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