DF ISEKI 808G Half Feeding Combine Harvester

Dimension: 4340mmX2350MMmmX2610mm
Engine: Nissan ZD30N08-3D1
Weight: 2975KG
Cutting Width: 1450mm
Crawler: 450mm*1620mm*50
Leading Time: 7-25 days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of 808G Half Feeding Rice Combine Harvester

808G half feed machine for harvesting rice, top-level combine harvester from Japan. Nissan Diesel Engine with strong power and reliable quality.

230mm high ground clearance chassis, larger clearance, good trafficability in sludge land, durable and efficient. 462×1050mm large diameter and longer threshing drum. It is 17% longer compared with the traditional 900mm threshing drum, high-efficiency, and precision threshing.

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Introduction of the DF ISEKI 808G half feed combine harvester
Model Iseki-808G
Dimension 4340mmX2350MMmmX2610mm
Min Ground Clearance 230mm
Weight 2975KG
Engine Model Nissan ZD30N08-3D1
Structure In-line, Four Cylinder,Water Cooled, ,DI,Dual-Cam four valve/Tier III Engine
Rated Power/Speed 60KW/81.6HP/2600rmp
Displacement 2953L
Fuel Tank Capacity 85L
Walking Part Crawler Width*Length 450mm*1620mm
Crawler Pitch 50
Thread 1070mm
Transmission type HST+Gearbox (3 Level)
Speed Forward(M/S) Low: 0-0.98 High:0-1.65 Walk:0-2.05
Reverse(M/S) Low: 0-0.84 High:0-1.42 Walk:0-1.75
Cutting Part Cutting Width 1450mm
Cutting Height 650-1300mm
Lodge crop cutting Anti: 85掳, Along 70掳
Speed Gear Same as walking speed Minor Two&Lifting Three
Threshing Depth Adjustment Electrical(Auto+Manual Adjustment)
Thresher Threshing Method Lower Side Threshing Axial Flow
Drum DIA*Length 462*1050mm
Re-Threshing Dia*L 60*782mm
Discharge*Length 150*788mm
Self Control Feeding Depth Yes
Jam Stopping Yes
Full Grain Storage Alarm Yes
Binder Installation Over Hang Type
Weight 103Kg
Dimension 1945*1495*1140mm
Rated Speed 647 r/min
Transmission Method V Belt
Binding Size(Perimeter) 450-600mm
Rope Size 1.3-1.6mm
Binding Type D Type
Binding Speed <1.3 S /Bundle
Binding Number 20-33.3 Bundle/Hectare
Working Area Per Rope 0.4-0.67 (Hectare/Rope)
Working Efficienty 0.2-0.34 Hectare/Hour

The Features of DF ISEKI 808G Half Feeding Rice Combine Harvester

Made in Japan ISEKI vertical straw binder for optional use. with electronic control design, adjustable position, integrating speed and precision realizing full utilization of straw. HST speed control, forward, backward, and stop can be easily operated with one handle, which greatly reduces the load of the operator and makes the operation easier.

The multi-function operating handle can easily realize the rising, falling, and direction correction of the harvesting part. The cross-finger design can continuously pick up lodging crops, has a strong ability to harvest lodging, and reduces grain loss from the header.

Equipped with feeding depth control to improve threshing accuracy and efficiency. The modular design of the whole machine, more convenient maintenance.

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The Features of DF ISEKI 808G half feed combine harvester

What Are Differences Between Full Feed Combine Harvester And Half Feed Combine Harvester?

The world of agricultural machinery has seen significant advancements, particularly in the realm of harvesters designed for specific crop types and conditions. Two prominent categories that stand out in paddy or rice harvesting are the full feed combine harvester and the half feed combine harvester, each tailored to meet distinct operational needs.

A full feed combine harvester, as the name suggests, is engineered to accommodate a larger volume of crop intake at once. It features a wider header capable of efficiently, harvesting a large area of ​​rice ears and performing threshing, separation, and cleaning at the same time greatly improves work efficiency and is especially suitable for large-area, high-yield rice field operations. This type of harvester is designed to handle dense crops without clogging, ensuring continuous operation and reducing the need for multiple passes over the field.

On the other hand, the half feed combine harvester, more commonly referred to as the half feed harvester, takes a more conservative approach. It processes a smaller amount of crop material per cycle, making it ideal for smaller fields, irregular terrain, or areas where the crop may not be as densely planted. The half feed design allows for better control and reduced strain on the machine, which can be beneficial in maintaining the integrity of both the harvester and the harvested crop, especially delicate rice varieties.

Both the full feed and half feed combine harvesters play crucial roles in modern paddy harvesting, with the former excelling in large-scale operations demanding high throughput, while the latter caters to smaller farms or specialized applications requiring precision handling. Understanding these differences is pivotal for farmers and agricultural professionals when selecting the right paddy harvesting machine that aligns with their specific requirements, ultimately contributing to enhanced productivity and profitability in rice cultivation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wubota Half Feed Rice Combine Harvester

Q: Is this machine made in Japan?

70% of parts on machines are made in Japan.

Q: How many machines could be loaded into one container?

20GP container load one machine, 40HQ container load 3 machines

Q: Where is the departure port in China?


Q: What about a warranty?

one year warranty from product arrival. Free parts will be offered during the warranty

Q: Is OEM or ODM available?

Yes, We will try our best to make your request come true

Q: How long is production lead time?

Regular production lead time is 2-3weeks

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