How Many Types of Corns Combine Harvester ?

Corn combine harvesters can be divided into cob picking type and threshing type according to harvest purpose. Corn harvesters are divided into three types accordingly to scale: large, medium, and small combine harvesters.

What’s a portable corn harvester?

There is Collect silage, harvest both stems and ears, and harvest grains corn combine harvester. One is the vertical ear-picking roller model, and the other is the horizontal ear-picking roller model.

Generally, there are backpack models, self-propelled models, and traction models. There are crawler and wheeled corn harvesters according to the walking type.

Portable corn harvesters are divided into two types: side-mounted and back-mounted

The side-mounted automatic harvester is driven by a hard shaft and is mainly composed of an engine, a transmission system, a clutch, working parts, an operating device, and a side-mounted belt. A 0.75-2 kilowatt single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine and a centrifugal friction clutch are installed at one end of the transmission shaft; the other end is equipped with working parts consisting of a reducer and a cutting tool.

Portable corn harvesters

There are many types of working parts, and the commonly used ones are circular saw blades, blades or nylon wires. During operation, hang the shackle on the aluminum alloy casing of the transmission shaft on the strap under the operator’s shoulder, hold the handle, and swing the hard shaft laterally to complete operations such as cutting weeds and shrubs. The weight of the implement is about 6-12 kg, and the speed is about 4500-5000 rpm.

What’s the backpack automatic corn harvester?

It is driven by a flexible shaft, and its general structure is similar to that of a side-mounted brush cutter. The difference is that the engine is on the back of the operator, and the cutting parts are driven by a flexible shaft.

The engine power is generally 0.75-1.2 kilowatts. The engine and the back frame are connected at two points and equipped with special rubber parts for vibration isolation. The flexible shaft is a flexible shaft of steel wire that fits in the hose to transmit torque.

The hose is a threaded tube wrapped with a metal braid covered with a rubber sheath to prevent dust from entering the shaft and keep the lubricating oil on the shaft surface. The cutting width is generally between 1.5-2 meters.

What is a walk-behind corn harvester?

The weight of the machine is supported by the walking wheels, the machine is pushed forward by a label, and the working parts are driven by the engine to perform cutting and filling operations. Its structure and working principle are similar to the portable brush cutter.


Introduction of Wubota Corn Combine Harvester

What’s the mounted corn harvester?

It is hung behind the tractor, and the working parts are driven to rotate by the power take-off shaft, which is suitable for large-area cutting and irrigation operations. It is mainly composed of a frame, saw blade, transmission device, suspension device, and push plate. When cutting bushes, the tractor runs backward at a working speed of 5 km/h, and can saw shrubs with a diameter of 10 cm.

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