How to Analyze and Eliminate The Failure of The Combine Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen of the combine is also the most complex and critical part when it is separated from the cleaning position. The vibrating screen is not easy to check inside the combine, so how to judge whether it works normally?

Classification of Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is divided into a round hole screen and a fish scale screen. The round hole screen is only suitable for rice combine harvesters and cannot be adjusted. The fish-scale screen is widely applicable and adjustable. Today we are talking about fish scale sieves.

fish scale sieves

Failure Analysis And Troubleshooting Methods of Vibrating Screen Stacking

Fault description: When the combine is operating, a large amount of rice will be removed with the straw in the straw on the left side of the straw crusher whenever it passes through the turning of each field. At the same time, there is a large amount of rice and impurities on the vibrating scale screen under the longitudinal axial flow drum that has not been discharged. The grain accumulation on the vibrating screen is very serious.

vibrating screen specification

It is mainly analyzed and judged from the following aspects

(1) During the operation of the combine, the adjustment angle of the vibrating fish screen is too small, resulting in too much grain and impurities, and the sorting is not timely.

(2) There is a baffle at the tail screen of the combine. The baffle is adjusted too high, resulting in a large number of impurities that cannot be separated.

(3) The fan air volume regulating plate is too small to open, resulting in insufficient power for stroke during the whole operation process.

(4) The header is fully fed and the operation speed is too fast during the manual operation of agricultural machinery, resulting in untimely sorting.

Exclusion method

Based on the above analysis and judgment, the agricultural machinery operator has obtained the following results through actual operation:

(1) Adjust the amplitude of the Vibro sieve, in turn, to increase until the Vibro sieve is close to 90 degrees, and harvest at the slowest speed in the process of harvesting, there will still be grain stacking on the Vibro sieve

(2) Put the adjusting baffle of the harvester tail screen to the lowest position, and remove the air volume adjusting plate of the fan before operation. This fault can not be solved.


(1) The fan volume of this crawler-type full-feed combine is small, and the fan blade is straight

(2) Excessive power loss during the whole operation.


Replace the fan with a larger air volume and select other blades. This is the fault analysis and troubleshooting method of the combine shaker. I hope it will be useful to you. If you want to communicate further, please contact our staff. We are happy to provide you with services.

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