How to Choose the Agricultural Implement Spare Parts from China?

In the past several years, there are more and more European Agricultural Manufacturer begin to purchase Agricultural Implements and spare parts from China. Because of the Covid-19 epidemic situation and Russian – Ukraine war, both of them have inflicted a heavy blow on the entire European economy.

yanmar spare parts

Rapidly, once European sellers came into contact with Chinese products, they were deeply attracted by good prices and quality. Thereby abandoning many of the original supply resources. For the tractor implement, there are not many brand or Intellectual property issues, this trend is more evident.

Agricultural Implements

In China, there are over 30 thousands suppliers of the agricultural implements! We can easily find you are looking for, such as the tiller, plough, disc, ridge, cutter, mower, seeder, and so on.

So how to choose the right one from those 30,000 factories?

1, Search from the B2B platform online:

MIC, ALIBABA both the most and best channel to do it. Just remember to select the factory as your first choice. Trader is not bad, especially for you as a fresh in Chinese market. But you are better to find or contact with their leader or manager, the answer will be much useful. If you main business is on the spare parts, the trader is better than the factory, because the trader has more resources than one manufacturer, and it can meet your demands much better.

2, Video meeting to check the goods:

Usually, the implement and spare parts factory is not big in China, even a little dirty and messy, but the necessary devices are completely. You at least to see the laser machine, mould machine, cutting machine, heating machines, painting system, and it is better to find the welding robots, the tempering furnace, shot blasting machine.

Spare part


3, You will get what you pay for:

In Chinese, this sentence is called: “yi fen qian, yi fen huo”, that means do not always put your eyes on the prices. Most costs of Chinese products will be much cheaper than European factories. The quality will be your focus. Please check what is the material and how they work in details.

Agricultural Implement Spare Parts from China

4, Samples always better than the drawings:

If you are a customized product, it is better to send samples and do not trust the drawings. The quotation based on drawing always has deviation.

5, Fraud prevention:

China Agricultural Implement Spare Parts factory

This is not to prevent you from defrauding money. After receiving money, there are very few cases where supplier items disappear. More importantly, you need to confirm whether the supplier can meet your requirements. Chinese suppliers often exaggerate their supply capacity by obtaining orders. This can easily make changes to your purchasing plan and affect your customers.

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