How to Mainten or Replace the Kubota Harvester Quick-wear Spare Parts?

Kubota group was founded in 1890 and has a long history of more than 130 years. Now Kubota Group is one of the largest agricultural manufacturers in the World. Many people are using the Kubota harvester machines at present. Today we are going to talk about the maintenance and replacement of Kubota harvester Quick-wear spare parts.

What are Kubota Harvester Quick-wear Parts?

It’s very important to check and maintain the harvester before working in the field, so farmers can harvest in time. It will have various problems when the harvester working in the field because of the changing of operators and working conditions. So we need to find the problems in time. So what are the quick-wear parts? What should we check? The quick-wear parts are the cutting assy, belts, and chains.

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The maintenance of cutting assy

Checking the cutting blades, if the blade is damaged, replace it. When replacing the cutting blades, you should remove the bolt on the guard first, remove the blade guard, then you can remove the damaged cutting blade, if the blade guard is also damaged, replace the guard when replacing the cutting blade.

After replacing the cutting blades and blade guards, you should check the deviation, blades are required to be in the same plane, and the deviation shall not exceed 0.5mm.

cutting blades cutting blades

The maintenance of V-belts

Before checking the v-belt, you should check the wheels first, check whether the driving wheel, driven wheel, and tension wheel are on the same plane, if not, you should adjust it to meet the requirement.

Firstly the tension wheel should be loosened or the wheel disc should be removed before checking or replacing the belt. If the new belt is too tight to be replaced, you should remove the pulley, then place the belt to the pulley, and finally install the pulley. You shouldn’t hard remove the belt.

The tension of the transmission belt is adjusted by the tension pulley. If the belt is too tight, the belts are easy to be damaged, and if it’s too loose, it will easily slip, causing severe wear and even burnout of the V-belt.

After the belts fail, you should replace them in time. You should replace the others at the same time if one belt fails, and the old and the new belts cannot be used together. You can use the same degree of wear and elongation belts together to save money.

V belt V-belt V-belts

The maintenance of Chains

Checking the chains, if the chain is too tight, it will increase wear, if it’s too loose, it will cause impact and jump. Generally, when one side of the chain is tightened, the other side should have a 20-30mm/m margin of activity in the vertical direction, and the two chains should not be attached together. If it cannot be met when the tension sprocket has been adjusted to the limit position, you can remove the chain link, but please pay attention, do not mix old links and new links.

When the chain climbing gear vibration and impact are too large to fail, it should be replaced in time. When replacing the chain, if the sprocket is severely worn, it may not fit well with the new chain, and the new sprocket should be replaced at the same time. However, if the sprocket is symmetrical left and right, it may work well if the sprocket is used in reverse.

When installing the chain, you should wound the chain on the sprocket first. When disassembling, use a hammer to lightly tap the two connecting pins on the same connecting plate alternately, pull out the pins, and remove the chain. If the chain pin head has been riveted and thickened, it can be flattened first and then disassembled.
After the end of each season, you should remove the chain and sock in oil, then coat it with butter, and then place it in a dry place. The sprocket should be scrubbed with gasoline or diesel oil, and coated with butter to prevent rust.

Chains The maintenance of Chains

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