Kubota Combine Harvester and Tractor Spare Parts

Characteristic: Agricultural machinery spare parts
Applicable Model: DC35,DC60,DC68,DC70,DC105,PRO488,PRO588,PRO688Q;M serious;L serious.
Superiority category: Wheels; Rollers; Cover; Shafts; Rubber; Bearings; Augers
Packing: Independent packing or customized packing
Quality:  It can replace the original parts
Export: Exported to Asia, Africa, and South-America
Types: Fits all types of Kubota machinery
Condition: Brand new



The History Between Wubota and Kubota

Kubota agricultural machinery officially entered China in 2011 and was self-produced. Wubota has been learning Kubota’s design philosophy and high-quality pursuit since 2013 to produce their own harvesters. Since 2015, based on the Chinese market, we have established our harvester parts warehouse to serve Chinese users of Kubota harvesters, who have almost monopolized the market.

As of today, we have sold Kubota combine harvester spare parts, kubota crawler, Kubota rice transplanter spare parts, OEM Kubota parts, and Kubota tractor parts to Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.

In the future, we will continue to look for more long-term agricultural machinery partners to provide better aftermarket Kubota parts and services to users all over the world. And contact us to get the full Kubota combine harvester parts diagram and Kubota parts catalog.

Kubota and Wubota

Compared with other Kubota parts suppliers, our advantages are:

  1. Cheap Kubota parts, before wholesale harvester spare parts, you don’t have to spend time comparing prices. On the premise of ensuring quality, we strive to reduce operating costs and make profits for customers. We have an absolute advantage in the price for Kubota Parts for Sale Online.
  2. Strictly control the quality, so you don’t have to worry about buying inferior products. We pay attention to every link of production, resolutely do not sell defective products, and the quality is stable.
  3. Complete types of goods, short delivery time, and high accuracy. Many manufacturers are unable to do these three things, but we can.
  4. Customized services. We can meet the customized needs of customers.
  5. Rich experience. We have more than 10 years of experience in foreign trade and have a high-quality team to serve you at any time. We have excellent packaging skills to save more space and logistics costs for customers.
  6. Good after-sales service. If the customer is not satisfied with the goods received, we will actively deal with them and try to solve the problem for the customer.
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