List of Brands of Combines in Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in crop planting and animal husbandry production, as well as in the primary processing and handling of agricultural and animal products. Agricultural machinery includes agricultural power machinery, farmland construction machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting, and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, farmland drainage and irrigation machinery, crop harvesting machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery, and agricultural transportation machinery, etc.

Agricultural machinery in a broad sense also includes forestry machinery, fishing machinery, and rural sideline machinery such as beekeeping, and edible fungus cultivation. Agricultural machinery is a relative concept, which refers to the general term for all machinery used in agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and fishery. Agricultural machinery belongs to the category of agricultural machinery. Promoting the use of agricultural machinery is called agricultural mechanization.


What’re the brands of combines?

In agricultural machinery, there are many brands of products that can fulfill various demands for agriculture. Today I would like to introduce brands of combines to you.

The ranking of the top ten brand manufacturers of grain harvesters in 2021 is summarized and sorted out by professionals from China Road Machinery Network, who carefully recommends the top ten brand manufacturers of grain harvesters in 2021 for users, the ranking of grain harvester manufacturers in 2021, and other information on the brand ranking of grain harvesters. They help users find the top ten brands of grain harvesters in 2021 and recommend the top ten brands of agricultural machinery in 2021, the top ten brands of tractors in 2021, and the top ten brands of harvesters in 2021. The top ten brand manufacturers of harvesters are listed on China Road Machinery Network.

In 2021, the ranking of grain harvester brands ranks first in World Agricultural Machinery, second in John Deere Agricultural Machinery, third in Lovol Apos, fourth in Changfa, fifth in Jingguan, sixth in Yanmar Agricultural Machinery, and sixth in Zoomlion Heavy Machinery ranked seven, Xingguang ranked eighth, Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery ranked ninth, and Jiufang Taihe ranked tenth.

The 2021 Grain Harvester Brand Ranking is based on the user group behavior data of China Road Machinery Network and provides users with the 2021 Grain Harvester Brand Ranking. The ranking results do not represent industry authority and are only for users to rank Grain Harvester Brands for reference. The only significance of the ranking is to reflect the reflection of Chinese construction machinery users on the brand. The ranking results do not represent the authority of the industry, and cannot represent the value factors of the brand’s own products, price quality, service, etc.

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Of the 5 best harvesters in the eyes of users, which one do you support?

In 2022, the “three summers” wheat harvesting work started. According to the data from previous years, more than 600,000 combine harvesters are put into the “three summers” wheat harvest every year, of which more than 250,000 units work across regions. Then these combined harvesters participate in the wheat harvest What brands are there? We obtained the harvester brands that received the most attention from users in the first four months of 2022 from the Agricultural Machinery Man APP. Do you use any of these harvester brands? Vote for us, which harvester do you trust the most?


Lovol Gushen GM100 (4LZ-10M6) vertical axis flow wheel grain harvester


Lovol Gushen GM100 (4LZ-10M6) vertical axial flow wheel grain harvester is known as a model product of grain harvester technological innovation. The vertical axial flow drum has a stepless speed regulation range of 289-1150 rpm, which can adapt to multiple harvests of crops.


World Ryzen Premium Edition 4LZ-6.0EK(Q) Combine Harvester


World Ryzen Premium Edition 4LZ-6.0EK (Q) combine harvester is powerful, equipped with a 112-horsepower National III high-pressure common-rail engine, a 45cc large-displacement HST, and an 85-enhanced special gearbox. It is suitable for muddy fields and lodging crops and can be cleaned efficiently. The 2.01m-long threshing roll reduces grain loss.

Top 3

Zoomlion Valley King TE90 (4LZ-9BZH) Self-propelled Grain Combine Harvester


Zoomlion Guwang TE90 (4LZ-9BZH) self-propelled grain combine harvester is equipped with an oil circuit preheating system to protect the engine and avoid early wear and tear in response to cold and low-temperature conditions during operation in Northwest, Northeast, and Inner Mongolia. It is more suitable for cross-regional operations between the north and the south. The cleaning system adopts an independent shaking plate + double-layer vibrating screen in the same direction, which is more convenient to adjust for different crops.

Top 4

Kubota 4LZ-4A8 (PRO1008Q) full feed crawler harvester


Kubota V3800 series classic engine, strong power, fuel saving, low vibration, high torque. By matching the unique right-side grain divider, the cutting width reaches 2.05 meters, which expands the distance between the cutting tip on the right side and the edge of the track on the right side, and reduces the phenomenon that the track is pressing on the field ridge. Strong walking and climbing ability, combined with hydraulic and electric control technology, matched with multi-functional handle, sensitive and comfortable control.

Top 5

2022 YTO 4LZ-9B1 Wheat Harvester

Original imported German Bosch oil pump, 125-190 horsepower frequency conversion adjustable, over 80% of the whole vehicle’s high-strength steel, and the frame is a hybrid cross-truss steel structure. 2.1m-4m up and down movable grain unloading barrel, easy to retract. The whole system is a hydraulically assisted clutch, so it is really easy to step on. The 2022 model has a new image upgrade.

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