Manual Hydraulic Forklift

Fork outer width: 500mm
Way of walking: Human Traction
Number of casters: 4
Load Capacity: 500kg
Rear Wheel: 160*50mm
Front Wheel: 80*70mm
Productivity: Warehouse handling, logistics and transportation, construction sites, printing industry, production lines, textile industry, steel business, etc.


Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of curving boom loading and unloading truck

The Mini Smart Forklift is designed to lift pallets or goods with 500kg load capacity and 1500mm lifting height. It is driven by battery power with a longer service life, ecological and economical.

Mini Smart Forklift is an ideal facility to load/unload goods in stacking warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, production lines or handling goods on/off trucks, containers, etc.

Pruoduct Name Curving Boom Loading and Unloading Truck
Load Capacity kg 500
Fork Max Height mm 1500
Fork Min Height mm 90士2
Lifting Motor Power KW 0.8
Fork Length mm 850
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity V/Ah 24/20
Frame Outer Width mm 650
Rear Wheel mm 160*50
Front Wheel mm 80*70
Body Welght kg 140
Single Charge Time hour 4
Outer Box Size mm 1600*660*410

·This vehicle is suitable for loading and unloading in workshops, supermarkets, logistics, warehouses,etc.

·It is the preferred tol for handling pallets.

·Save a lot of manpower,one person operation, reasonable design, simple structure, strong practicality.

Small forklift Features and Benefits:

The smart forklift is a piece of material handling equipment. It can help you utilize storage space while increasing handling efficiency. The hydraulic hand forklift will allow you to organize storage of materials while keeping materials close to work areas. These industrial carts have high quality casters and are easy to move and handle well on shop floors and in aisle ways.

Benefits of small manual forklift:

  • Used to lift material to and from shelves
  • Used to move office equipment
  • Used to install ceiling/wall appliances
  • Mini forklift for home use
  • Curving boom loading and unloading truck, efficient operation, safe and efficient
  • Forks can be inverted to provide two different heights
Small forklift Features and Benefits

Everything you need to know about manual hand forklift

  • Q: What is a manual forklift?

A: The manual type of forklift is the simplest type of forklift. They are powered by hydraulics and use a hand pump to lift materials. The operator controls the machine by using a set of levers.

  • Q: Why should we buy mini electric forklift?

A: In daily life, we will encounter troubles in handling, manual handling, and low work efficiency. Using the electric mini forklift can not only save labor costs, but also improve work efficiency. The working scene is not limited, the most important thing is that the unit price of the product is low and the operation is simple!

  • Q: Can I get some samples?

A: Yes, sample order is available for quality check and market test. But you jave to pay the sample cost and express cost.

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