2024 Wubota Combine Harvester Maintenance

2024 Wubota user visit, satisfaction survey, problem collection, and training in Sri Lanka, bring the ultimate combine maintenance and adjustment guide to local customers.

Tips For Setting Your Combine Harvester Correctly

To ensure peak performance and efficiency during the harvest season, it’s essential to set your paddy combine harvester correctly. Start by calibrating the header to match the crop conditions, ensuring the cutter bar height is set just above the ground to minimize waste while avoiding dirt intake. Adjust the concave clearance based on crop moisture and variety to achieve optimal threshing and separation. Fine-tune the sieves and fan speed to balance grain loss with chaff content in the harvested grains.

Regularly check and maintain the feeder house speed according to crop flow. Moreover, always keep an eye on the cleanliness of the grain tank and regularly monitor the machine’s overall settings as crop conditions change throughout the day. Proper adjustments not only maximize productivity but also extend the life of your combine harvester.

Combine Harvester Adjustments And Maintenance for Harvest

Harvester Header Adjustments

The combine harvester header needs to be properly adjusted to minimize grain loss. If the harvesting speed is too slow, the rice ears entering the header will be pushed forward, causing grain loss. If the harvesting speed is too fast, the rice ears may be scattered and lost when they hit the deck.

Harvester Chassis Adjustment

During combine harvester operation, the paddy harvester will be subject to friction, impact, and resistance from the ground. If the chassis is too wide, it will cause more losses and failures. A combine harvester’s chassis that is too wide will also affect the stability and safety of the driver’s operation.

Harvester Reduction Motor

The crop harvester needs to adjust its speed and steering according to different conditions on the working site. The reducer motor of the harvester can control the walking speed of the harvester and also control the working status of the steering servo, making the paddy harvester more stable and flexible.

Check Rubber Track

The tightness of the paddy combine harvester’s rubber track determines the friction between the tire and the track, which directly affects the paddy combine harvester’s operating efficiency and work quality. If the combine harvester’s crawl track is too loose, it will cause the combine harvester header to fall. If the track is too tight, it will easily damage the tires, track, and transmission system.

Operating Lever Adjustment

The header lifting operating lever is used to control the lifting of the header. By adjusting the position of the lever, the height of the paddy harvester header can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of operations at different heights. Ensure that the gap between it and the ground is appropriate to avoid jamming or unclean cutting.

Harvester Reel Adjustment

The combine harvester reel can send the crop toward the cutter to ensure that the crop can be cut evenly during the harvesting process. The reel can also lift the crop upward to make it better contact with the cutter. The reel can pass through Adjust its position and adjust the distance between the cutter and the ground to achieve harvesting at different heights.

Wubota Crawler Rice Combine Harvester in Sri Lanka

The Wubota self-propelled crawler full-feeding rice combine harvester has proven its exceptional performance and efficiency in the lush paddy fields of Sri Lanka. This advanced rice combine harvester, also known as a paddy combine harvester, represents a breakthrough in agricultural technology. It streamlines the process of harvesting rice crops by seamlessly integrating reaping, threshing, and winnowing functions into one powerful machine.

The full feeding system ensures continuous operation and minimizes crop loss, while its crawler design enables smooth navigation through challenging terrains. Thus, the Wubota rice combine harvester is making a significant impact on the productivity and sustainability of Sri Lanka’s rice farming sector.

Wubota Self-propelled Crawler Full Feeding Rice Combine Harvester Works Great in Sri Lanka
Wubota Paddy Combine Harvester Compatibility With Sri Lankan Crops

Wubota Paddy Combine Harvester Compatibility

The Wubota paddy combine harvester is an advanced agricultural machinery designed for efficient and rapid harvesting of rice crops in various environments, including the unique conditions found in Sri Lanka. This specialized paddy combine harvester, also known as a rice combine, has been engineered with compatibility in mind to effectively handle Sri Lankan crop varieties, adapting to local terrains, and respecting the distinct characteristics of the country’s rice paddies. Its innovative features ensure minimal grain loss while optimizing productivity, thereby making it a valuable asset in the modernization of Sri Lanka’s rice harvesting processes.

The Wubota rice combine harvester demonstrates exceptional versatility and performance, proving its suitability for Sri Lanka’s diverse rice cultivation landscape.

Harvesting Rice With Wubota Combine Harvester in Sri Lanka

wubota combine harvester
machine for harvesting rice

In the lush green paddies of Sri Lanka, an innovative agricultural revolution is taking place with the introduction of the Wubota paddy combine harvester, a state-of-the-art rice combine. This advanced machinery, also known as a paddy combine harvester or simply a rice combine, has been designed specifically for the efficient and swift harvesting of rice crops.

The Wubota combine harvester operates at the heart of Sri Lanka’s rice cultivation process, transforming traditional methods by mechanizing what was once a labor-intensive task. As a specialized machine for harvesting rice, it embodies the latest in agricultural technology, integrating threshing, reaping, and winnowing functions into one unit.

This combine harvester is used for harvesting rice with remarkable precision and speed, effectively replacing manual efforts to cut, gather, and separate grain from stalks. It navigates through the vast expanses of golden rice fields, seamlessly combing through the crop, thereby significantly reducing the time and effort required during the harvest season.

In essence, the Wubota combine harvester epitomizes modern crop harvesting technology, not just for its technical prowess but also for its pivotal role in enhancing productivity and sustainability in Sri Lanka’s rice farming sector. Its deployment represents a leap forward towards agricultural efficiency and marks a new era for this vital industry.

Professional Harvesting Machinery Supplier In Sri Lanka

How Often Do You Perform Combine Harvester Maintenance in Sri Lanka?

Our colleagues and engineers usually go to Sri Lanka twice a year for regular combine harvester maintenance and guidance.

We not only go to Sri Lanka for combine harvester maintenance, but we also go to India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and other countries to provide regular combine harvester maintenance guidance. Similarly, we support overseas combine harvester maintenance guidance for agricultural machinery, not just paddy combine harvesters. Our factory produces and sells a series of agricultural machinery such as rice transplanters, peanut combine harvesters, and tractors. We also will dispatch our professional staff to provide local maintenance services to users according to their specific needs.

We all know that regular maintenance of the combine harvester is very necessary. Regular maintenance of the grain combine harvester can extend the service life of the machine and reduce machine damage and failure. Routine paddy combine harvester maintenance can effectively reduce machine failures and damage, and avoid greater losses and higher repair costs caused by long-term failure to perform maintenance and repairs.

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