Multifunction Mini 4WD Tractor

Dimension 2500*970*1840 mm
Min ground clearance 285 mm  (355 mm with muddy wheel)
Engine model XY377-A  25HP
Engine rotary speed 3000 r/m
Weight 590 kg
Gauge 770/960-1200 mm adjustable
Wheel-base 1320 mm
Turning radius 1700 mm
PTO rotary speed R623/F635/F1116 r/m

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of Wubota 4 Wheel Drive Tractor

Compared with conventional four-wheel tractors, Wubota 4-wheel mini tractor is equipped with a four-wheel drive function, which has enhanced traction adhesion performance, strong power, good passability, and improved handling performance and longitudinal stability.

At the same time, the mini diesel tractor is equipped with a double-speed turning function, which can reduce the turning radius from 1.7 meters to 1.2 meters, effectively reducing the turning radius, so that the machine still has good controllability when working in small fields.

The mini tractor para arar is equipped with a hydraulic power steering system, and a high-pressure hydraulic power steering system, even in deep muddy fields, can still easily operate the steering wheel.

Discover the Wubota 4 wheel drive tractor, a robust mini farm tractor designed for versatile farming operations. This compact powerhouse efficiently navigates through narrow spaces, making it the ideal mini tractor for farming smallholdings and executing tasks like tilling, planting, and hauling with precision and ease. Experience enhanced maneuverability and performance in a rugged package tailored for your agricultural needs.

Introduction of Wubota 4 Wheel Drive Tractor
Model TA254
Dimension mm 2500*970*1840
Ground clearance mm 285
Model XY377-A
Power kW 18
RPM r/min 3000
Weight kg 590
Front wheel Structure Tyre、rim、dry land wheel
Diameter mm 540
Wheel track mm 770
Rear wheel Structure Rim、Dry land wheel
Diameter mm 810
Wheel track mm 970
Shaft track mm 1320
Steering diameter mm 1700
Power turning
Other equipment connecting
Speed(km/h) High speed R F 1 F 2 F 3
8.35 4.17 8.53 15
Low speed R F 1 F 2 F 3
1.48 0.74 1.51 2.65
PTO Rpm (r/min) R F 1 F 2
623 635 1116
Rotary RPM(r/min) R F 1 F 2
220 225 400

Outstanding Features of Wubota Four Wheel Drive Tractor

  • 9 Forward Gears *3 Backward Gears

The gears are rich, equipped with nine forward and three reverse gears. The speed range is wide, the tractor’s speed can be accurately adjusted, and the torque output is more stable.

  • Both The Front & Rear Wheel Gauge Can Be Adjustable

The front and rear wheelbases are variable, and the wheelbases can be adjusted according to agronomic requirements. Six wheelbases of 770, 960, 1020, 1080, 1140, and 1200 are available, making the machine more adaptable to plots and agronomy. stronger.

  • Robust Safety Roll-Over Support

The design of the anti-roll safety bracket can not only cope with unexpected situations but also enhance the strength of the vehicle body and resist twisting.

  • Positive Inversion Pto System

The power output shaft can be reversed, not only can be equipped with various supporting tools that require the output shaft to be rotated forward, but also suitable for machines such as stubble cutters that require the output to be reversed.

Outstanding Features of Wubota Four Wheel Drive Tractor

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Wubota Mini Farm Tractor Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the Wubota 4 Wheel Drive Tractor, a versatile and robust mini tractor for sale that excels in various agricultural tasks. Designed with efficiency in mind, this mini tractor agrícola is perfect for farmers seeking a blend of power and maneuverability in their daily operations. The Wubota, among mini tractores agrícolas, stands out for its durable construction, ensuring reliable performance in diverse farming environments. Whether it’s tilling soil, hauling loads, or mowing fields, experience enhanced productivity with this capable and compact solution tailored for modern agriculture. Get answers to all your questions related to mini tractor agrícola. For more details, please be free to contact us.

  • Which Wubota Tractor is Best For Farming?

Wubota Sub-Compact Tractor ‘ vast tractor range fulfills a variety of farming and harvesting needs. Choose a model based on your land’s soil condition, budget, and requirement of horsepower, engine, and lift capacity.

When buying a tractor from us, you are assured of the greatest quality at the best price. We undertake the strictest quality checks and controls. We offer a wide range of tractors under different brands which are not only fuel-efficient but also the latest in technology needed to increase productivity.

Replacement parts are readily available and we offer a wide service network. All of this has helped us emerge as the most reliable, highest-selling tractor manufacturer.

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