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Wubota is a reliable crop harvester manufacturer, including peanut harvesters, corn harvester, and sugarcane harvester to improve work efficiency and productivity.

  • It’s possible to harvest more than one crop using the same combine.
  • Cooling System to make the harvester more efficient.
  • Reducing crop loss helps improve quality.
  • Has a higher capacity engine with more power and better performance.

Specialty Crop Harvester Machines

The crop harvester machine is a highly efficient agricultural implement designed to automate the laborious task of harvesting various crops. Wubota offers different grain harvesters to cover various harvesting crops through mechanization.

Combining advanced technology and robust engineering, it seamlessly integrates reaping, threshing, and winnowing processes into a single unit, drastically reducing the time and manual effort required in traditional crop-gathering methods. This powerful machinery efficiently navigates through fields, utilizing specialized attachments to gently sever stalks, separate grains from the chaff, and clean the harvest, ensuring minimal crop loss and optimized yields.

We have peanut harvester, corn harvester, and sugarcane harvester. Purchasing from Wubota will help you achieve the most efficient harvesting for most crops. Contact us to get detailed information about all crop harvesters in Wubota.

Wubota Design Crop Harvester Machine New Design Details

Newly Upgraded Cab

Good sealing performance, dust proof and noise reduction effect to improve driving comfort

16mn high strength steel chassis

Optimized welding process, reinforced chassis, stronger bearing capacity, higher stability

Using D3.5 gearbox

The diameter of the clutch disc is increased to 275mm, bearing capacity is increased by 20%

Engine is arranged horizontally

Engine power is increased to 160 horsepower, with multi-speed horsepower output

The air filter pre-filter

Adopts Eurasian Huitong swirl tube, dust collection is visible and maintenance is more convenient

The fruit box

It’s supported by classic double oil cylinders to realize fast unloading,stable and reliable

The fruit feeding system

Fruit feeding capacity is improved and suit for large feeding volume operations and prevents clogging

Enlarged hydraulic oil tank

The hydraulic system has better heat dissipation and more stable performance

Vehicle transmission belt

Famous for durable prolongs the replacement cycle and improved work efficiency

Wubota Groundnut Combine Harvester

Built with robust construction and advanced engineering, the Wubota Groundnut Combine Harvester excels in its primary function as a groundnut harvester. It skillfully navigates through fields, effortlessly extracting peanuts from their underground pods without causing damage to the crop or soil structure.

At the heart of this groundnut combine harvester lies an intelligent threshing mechanism that meticulously separates the peanuts from the plant material. Utilizing a combination of gentle agitation, precise airflow, and meticulous sieving, it ensures minimal loss of nuts during the separation process, significantly enhancing overall yield and quality. The integrated cleaning system then meticulously removes any remaining debris, dust, or foreign objects, delivering clean, ready-to-store peanuts directly from the field.

The Wubota Groundnut Combine Harvester is not only performance-driven but also user-friendly and adaptable to various field conditions. Its adjustable working depth allows for seamless operation across differing soil types and peanut growth patterns.

Wubota Groundnut Combine Harvester
Sugarcane Harvester Machine

Sugarcane Harvester Machine

The sugarcane combine harvester, a specialized agricultural machine, is designed specifically for efficient and mechanized harvesting of sugarcane fields. Wubota sugarcane harvester has strong power and reliable performance, widened feed inlet to adapt to wide and narrow row harvesting,600mm wide conveying channel, floating variable diameter passing through, larger conveying capacity;

  • Cutter head can be adjusted arbitrarily and harvesting with a root knife.
  • The fan speed the cleaning system is adjustable, and the cleaning effect is better.

At the core of the Wubota Sugarcane Harvester lies a powerful, yet fuel-efficient engine that drives an array of precision-engineered components. Its multi-functional cutting head, equipped with sharp, durable blades, skillfully navigates through dense rows of cane, efficiently severing stalks at their base while minimizing damage to the crop. Simultaneously, an integrated conveying system swiftly transports the harvested cane onto a robust feeding mechanism, which then feeds it into the machine’s central processing unit.

4YZ-3W Corn Harvesting Machine

Wubota 4YZ-3W corn picking machine is new and bold innovation in peeling, stem crushing, etc., the corn combine harvester completes the entire process of corn crop picking, conveying, peeling, boxing, and straw crushing, and returning to the field at one time.

The corn harvesters for sale on WUBOTA new technology is used to manufacture a low-inclination 4-row header, elongated crop divider, plate-type ear picking structure, novel peeling roller design, reasonable layout, good peeling effect, and low grain crushing rate. Click the button on below to get the corn harvester price

Large Power Maize Combine Harvester
Peanut Harvester

4HJL-2.5 Peanut Harvesting Machine

WUBOTA self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine are mainly suitable for harvesting peanuts after they are unearthed and sun-dried. It can complete picking, fruit picking, cleaning, fruit vine separation, stem vine chopping, and a separate boxing.

The peanuts harvest machine has a reasonable structure and advanced technology, the seedlings are picked cleanly, separated, and the fruit breakage rate is low; the traditional link of transporting peanuts to the site for fruit picking and cleaning is omitted, and the labor force is further released.

Wubota Crop Harvester Good Performance and Design

The Usage of Crop Harvester
Peanut Harvester

The Wubota Crop Harvester stands out as an exceptional performer in the realm of specialty crop combine harvesters, offering a harmonious blend of advanced technology, robust design, and versatile functionality.

The Wubota Crop Harvester’s good performance is underpinned by its robust and intelligently designed structure. It boasts a sturdy frame, durable components, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring durability, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements. Moreover, its advanced harvesting heads and adjustable settings allow for precise adaptation to varying field conditions and crop maturity levels, contributing to optimal yield and overall efficiency.

Wubota’s Crop harvesters are including corn pickers, peanut Harvesters, and sugarcane harvesters, all crop harvester for sale on WUBOTA with high quality.  our dream is to enhance agricultural mechanization and provide high-quality harvester to save time and save labor.With a particular emphasis on corn harvesting, the Wubota Crop Harvester excels as a highly efficient Corn Harvester. Its combine corn picker mechanism flawlessly integrates the tasks of reaping, threshing, and winnowing, ensuring seamless and rapid corn harvest with minimal grain loss or damage. The machine’s adaptability extends to other significant crops, such as groundnuts, where it functions as a reliable Groundnut Harvester, adeptly handling the unique challenges associated with nut harvesting.

Despite its comprehensive capabilities and superior design, the Wubota Crop Harvester remains competitively priced within the market. Recognizing the importance of cost-effectiveness in agricultural investments, the manufacturer has strived to offer this high-performance crop harvester at an attractive crop harvester price point, making it an accessible and valuable asset for farmers seeking to enhance their harvesting operations without compromising on quality or productivity.

In summary, the Wubota Crop Harvester exemplifies the perfect fusion of specialized functionality, robust engineering, and affordability. As a versatile all crop harvester proficient in tasks ranging from Corn Harvesting with its combine corn picker feature to efficient groundnut harvesting, it presents an unparalleled choice for farmers looking to streamline their harvest processes while maximizing returns. Coupled with its competitive crop harvester price, the Wubota Crop Harvester undoubtedly sets a new benchmark in agricultural machinery, promising both productivity and profitability for users across diverse cropping systems.

If you want to know more detailed information about our multi crop harvester and crop harvester price, please contact us now!

How Does These Wonderful Root Crop Harvesters Come?

Wubota's Harvester More Manufacturing Equipments

Q: Do machines need installment after arrival?

The cutter head will be dismantled from the machine for stuffing into the container. Machines need simple installment. Manual will be offered for instruction.

Q: How could a corn harvester be installed?

Corn harvester could be achieved by replacing corn cutter head and threshing parts from rice harvester. Therefore, one machine could be used for harvesting many different crops including rice, wheat, oat, barley, corn, soybean, rapeseed, and sunflower.

Q: How many rows and are row distances available for corn harvester?

3 rows and 4 rows are available; 600mm and 750mm rows distance for option; 600mm rows distance suitable for 500-700mm corn distance planting in the field; 750mm rows distance suitable for 750-850mm corn distance planting in the field

Q: Will corn kernels or cobs be harvested by machine?

Corn kernels will be direct harvested

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