4HJL-2.5 Peanut Picking And Harvesting Machine

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Total loss rate:% ≤3.5
Breakage rate:% ≤2.0
 Impurity rate:% ≤5.0
Vine recovery rate:% ≥93
Pure productivity:(hm2/h) 0.27~0.54
Validity:% ≥98

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Application of 4HJL-2.5 Peanut Harvester

Application: Peanut picking, threshing, fruit collection, and straw collection.

Peanut digging: by a plow or by hand, it is recommended to lay it out for 2-3 days.

Peanut plant initial moisture: dry peanut 15%, the ratio of vines and fruits is 0.5/1.5. Wet peanut 40%, the ratio of vines and fruits is 0.8/2.0.

Row space: 650-1400mm, planting on flat ground or ridged planting.

Working condition: -15℃- 56℃, air moisture is lower than 90%.

Peanut Harvester
4HJL-2.5 Peanut Harvester Specification
Item Program Unit Parameter
l Model type 4HJL-2.5 self-propelled peanut harvester
2 Structure self-propelled
3 Engine Manufacture / Yuchai
Model / 4D3-120U32
Structure / Direct injection/in-line/ water-cooling/turbo
Cylinder unit 4
Rate power kW 110
Rate speed r/min 2400
4 Dimension(L×W×H) 6725×2790×3420 mm
5 Net weight kg 5250
6 Picking width mm 2500
7 Minimum height to ground mm 260
8 Working speed km/h 1.12—5.91
9 Work efficiency hm2/h 0.27—0.54
10 Fuel consumption kg/hm2 ≤22.5 ( 27L / hectares)
ll Picker Type CAM spring tooth type
Length mm 2500
12 Auger Spiral rack type
13 Backup Roller Type Open roller
Diameter mm 355
14 Fruit picking roller Type Longitudinal axial blade type
Outside diameter *length mm 710×2000
15 Concave plate sieve type Grid type
16 Concave sieve wrap angle 206
17 Cleaning fan Type Curved blade cross flow
size(Diameter *width) mm φ280×830
18 Thrower device Type Volute + arc vane axial flow centrifugal
Impeller diameter mm 400
19 Vine exhausting
Type Curved blade cross flow type
Impeller diameter mm 400
20 Wheel    tread Drive wheel mm 1920
Guide wheel mm 1755
21 wheel base mm 2930
22 Tire Rear wheel 10—15
Front wheel 15—24
23 Minimum pass radius m Left turn 7.7        Right turn 7.3
24 Chopper model Knife roller
25 Chopper diameter mm 345
26 Transmission Mechanical clutch, four joints
27 Transmission First gear Second gear Third gear R    gear
1.12~2.45 2.71~5.91 9.86~21.48 2.41~5.27
28 Operation Gear / I、II
29 Fruit collection type / Mechanical
30 Fruit collection collection type / Air-flow
Granary tank m3 2.35
31 Grass tank m3 5.3
32 Fruit unloading/Grass unloading height to
mm Fruit unloading 2300 Grass unloading
33 Fruit /Grass unloading type Hydraulic lifting
34 Cabin type / Standard
35 Brake type / Disc


Advantages of Peanut Harvesting Machine

  • Using a centrifugal fan to send grass, has good fruit& grass separation effect and cleaner forage.
  • Clods cleaning adapts airflow patterns to prevent clogging and reduce the rage of broken peanut fruit.
  • Bigger fuel tank; longer endurance working time. Optimize the hydraulic system of the whole machine with high reliability.
  • The picker uses a double track to run smoothly, adopts the circulation mode picking device, and improves picking efficiency.
  • Famous brand engine, optional 120/130/140HP, more powerful, more economical, more energy-saving, also be environmentally friendly.
  • Adopt famous brand bearings, and high-speed maintenance-free bearings are applied in key positions, easy maintenance, and low failure rate.
  • According to the user’s needs, optional rear brake steering axle; optional mechanical rear drive; optional hydraulic rear drive; more adaptable.
  • The new hydraulic control is operated, and the mobile phone charger and hands washing sink are added, to make the driving comfort more humanized.
china peanut combine harvester

4HJL-2.5 Peanut Harvester Working Flow

4HJL-2.5 Peanut Harvester Working Flow

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