4HD-2A Self-Propelled Crawler Peanut Combine Harvester

Brand Wishope
Cutting width 660mm
Engine Power 45KW
Chassis HS180018
Wheelbase 1610mm
Size of rubber track 400*90*46mm
Gauge 998mm

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

How Does The Peanut Harvesting Machine Work?

The groundnut harvester, also known as the peanut harvester or groundnut combine harvester, is an agricultural machinery specifically designed for an efficient and mechanized peanut harvesting process. This advanced technology significantly streamlines the labor-intensive task of manually picking peanuts from the soil.

A typical groundnut combine harvester operates by first utilizing its tiller system to loosen the soil around the peanut plants without damaging the delicate roots that hold the peanuts. As the tines dig into the earth, they gently uproot the plants, exposing the peanuts still attached to their vines.

Following this step, a specialized digging mechanism grabs and lifts the plant out of the ground, conveying it onto a threshing drum. Here, the vibration and rotation of the drum separate the peanut pods from the plant vines effectively. The peanuts then pass through sieves and blowers that remove excess soil and debris while guiding the harvested peanuts into a collection bin.

In essence, the peanuts harvesting machine simplifies a complex operation into several automated steps: digging, lifting, threshing, cleaning, and collecting. This not only saves considerable time and effort but also minimizes crop damage, thereby increasing overall harvest efficiency and yield quality for farmers cultivating groundnuts.

How Does The Peanut Harvesting Machine Work
Model: Crawler Peanut Combine Harvester
Main Parameter:
No. Item Unit Specification
Dimension Length (mm) 4700
Width (mm) 1980
Height (mm) 2740
Engine Model / YCD4K11T-61
Rated Power hp 45HP
Rated Rotating Speed (r/min) 2600
Rubber Track Size (mm) 280mm*90mm*46
Ground pressure  kPa ≤40
The fastest speed km/h ≤10
Harvest of lines line 2
Minimum ground clearance mm ≥170
Cutting Bar Size mm 625mm*590mm
Thresher Quantity pcs 2
Size mm φ235×1006
Distance between two crawler tarcks mm 1180

What Are The Advantages of The Peanut Harvesting Machine?

The Peanut Harvesting Machine, also known as the peanut combine or peanut picking machine, has revolutionized the way peanuts are harvested across vast farmlands. This advanced agricultural technology, particularly the self-propelled peanut combine, offers numerous advantages that significantly enhance efficiency and productivity in peanut farming.

  • Firstly, the peanut harvester machine automates the entire process from digging to picking, thus saving substantial time and labor compared to traditional manual methods. It efficiently uproots the plants, shakes off excess soil, separates the pods from the vines, and cleans the harvested peanuts in one single operation, ensuring rapid and uniform harvesting regardless of weather conditions.
  • Secondly, the self-propelled peanut combine guarantees high precision and minimizes crop damage. It carefully digs out the peanut plants without causing unnecessary breakage, thereby reducing losses and improving the overall quality of the yield.
  • Moreover, these machines improve harvest capacity and scalability, allowing farmers to manage larger areas of land within shorter periods. They increase farm output and potentially lead to higher profit margins by reducing operational costs associated with manual labor.

Lastly, the peanut harvester machine contributes to better resource management by providing more accurate harvesting times, which helps prevent over-maturity or under-maturity issues. This results in improved peanut quality and market value. In summary, the peanut harvesting machine, especially the self-propelled version, is a game-changer for modern peanut cultivation, driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability to new heights.

Advantages of The Peanut Harvesting Machine

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As a professional agricultural machinery and equipment supplier, in addition to rice transplanters, our main products also provide crop harvesting machines, such as rice combine harvesters, peanut harvest machines, etc. We also provide related agricultural machinery and equipment spare parts. For more information on agricultural machinery products, please contact our online sales to get the latest quotation!

Professional Maintenance Guide About the Groundnut Harvesting Machine

  1. After the peanut harvesting operation is completed, the soil on the peanut combine harvester parts must first be removed. Peanut shells, broken stems, and other attachments remaining on each part of the machine must be removed every day. In particular, weeds and other attachments must be thoroughly removed. After using the peanut harvesting machine for a week, grease should be added to the universal joints, bearings, etc., and other lubrication points should be inspected and replenished.
  2. Check the wear of the peanut harvester belt. If the groundnut harvester belt is seriously worn, replace it with a new one in time.
  3. Lubricate all friction parts in time; all chains installed outside must be lubricated with engine oil every day. Every 3-5 days, the chain should be removed and cleaned with cleaning oil. Problems discovered during the inspection must be adjusted or repaired in time to eliminate existing faults and avoid new faults.
  4. Check whether the connection fastening parts of the frame, gear train, and each tie rod’s tightening nut or anti-loosening pin are loose or fallen off, and tighten and replace them in time.
  5. When storing, choose a ventilated and shaded place. Use bricks or other items to pad the frame so that the digging shovel and depth-limiting wheel are off the ground. Finally, cover the groundnut combine harvester with a plastic sheet. It is best to put the removed power shaft, hydraulic oil pipe, ground wheel, etc. on a shelf and place them neatly to prevent damage.
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