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Wubota’s rice combine harvester is equipped with cutting and threshing at the same time, it saves labor intensity and relieves burden.

Reliable Rice Combine Harvester Supplier-Wubota

Over 8 years rice harvester manufacture and export experience, Wubota already established worldwide networks in over 10 countries. With 160 employees including 22 engineers R&D team, we can provide qualified paddy harvesters products and make customers satisfied.

Especially we can provide customized machines for harvesting rice according to the different farmland conditions of different areas to meet the demands of end consumers. We provide technical guidance, sales programs, and after-sales solutions for Wubota distributors.

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Wubota New Design Rice Combine Harvester Parts and Functions

New Combine Harvester Reel Finger

This high-quality reel ensures that it won’t break easily during work and finger not tangled in grass.

New Combine Harvester Cutter Bar

The sharp and powerful cutter blades enable the straw to be cut timely and completely.

New Combine Harvester Cutter part

This dust cleaner can absorb most of the flying straws in order to improve operator’s working environment.

High Quality Branded Belts Design

For the main transmission part, we choose high quality imported Gates belt to make working life much longer.

High-quality heat-treated rollers ensure wear resistance. Good Waterproof design ensure longer operating life.

Better Passability Chassis Design

The improved arch bridge design chassis can ensure the machine passing the mud land more smoothly.

Bigger Grain Tank Design

1.5CBM grain tank design reduces grain unloading frequency while working in the field.

Upper Dust Exhaust Pipe

The latest high-level exhaust pipe design can prevent water and mud, ensuring the engine performance.

Upgraded Operation

The new design is simpler than ever. It enables the driver to operate the harvester more simply and comfortably.

4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester Introduction

This model self-propelled rubber track type rice combine harvester has with 100HP/120HP powerful turbo diesel engine, 550*90*56 rubber tracks, 45CC HST, and 85 model durable gearbox.

340mm high ground clearance and special structure design ensure this harvester is suitable for 95% heavy mud paddy land.

Wide Cutting width of 2580mm and feeding capacity up to 6.0kg per second.

4 1 design concave sieves could be replaced separately and reduce the maintenance time.

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4LZ-6.0 New Combine Harvester
4LZ-5.0 New Combine Harvester

4LZ-5.0 Combine Rice Harvester Introduction

This model self-propelled crawler type rice combine harvester machine is with 88HP powerful turbo diesel engine, 500*90*53 rubber tracks, 45CC HST, 80 model durable gearbox.

340mm high ground clearance and special structure design ensure this harvester suitable for 95% heavy mud paddy land.

Wide Cutting width of 2200mm and feeding capacity up to 5.0kg per second.

4 in 1 design concave sieve could be replaced separately and reduce the maintenance time.

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808G Half Feeding Rice Harvester Machine Introduction

The harvest rice machines use the Japan vertical straw binder, with electrical control, adjustable binding position, ensure high speed and accurate performance. with using the half feeding harvesting machine. Straw can be collected easily for farmers.

By using the rice combine harvest machinery to make harvesting, threshing, straw binding in one time, reduce the traditional harvesting way to save time and labor cost.

Straws can be used for animals feeding, making biogas, contruction materials, making textile raw materials and straw mats and so on.

808G Half Feeding Harvester Machine
Self-propelled Crawler Type Full Feed Rice Combine Harvester 4LZ-6.0F

Self-propelled Crawler Type Full Feed Rice Combine Harvester 4LZ-6.0F

Self-propelled crawler type full feed rice combine harvester 4LZ-6.0F was suitable for variety of crops,for example rice,wheat and soybean. And been export to many countries,receiving unanimous praise. Double threshing structure,ensure the grain more clean.

Combine harvester specification:

  • Hydraulic force controlled header and double cutting blads.
  • 0ptimized design of threshing and cleaning device which adopts double vibrating screen ensuring cleanseeds collecting.
  • Brand motor engine with strong power and reliable performance.
  • Flexible gearbox ensures a convenient swerve.
  • Wide crawler, strong crawling ability in muddy rice farmland.

Wubota Paddy Harvester Machine in Overseas Market

Wubota New Combine Harvester Good Feedback
Wubota New Combine Harvester Good Performance Feedback

The Wubota paddy harvester machine stands as a testament to the evolution of modern agricultural technology, specifically tailored to cater to the intricate needs of rice cultivation across the globe. As a prime example of advanced rice harvesting equipment, it has carved a niche for itself in the overseas market by seamlessly integrating efficiency, precision, and versatility into one robust machine for harvesting rice.

At the heart of its design, the Wubota Paddy Harvester focuses on optimizing crop yield while minimizing labor-intensive tasks, making it an indispensable crop harvester in rice farming communities worldwide. The harvester machine uses cutting-edge technology to navigate through paddy fields with ease, gently separating ripe grains from their stalks without causing unnecessary damage to the plants – a feature that significantly contributes to maintaining soil health and promoting sustainable farming practices.

The combine harvester is used for harvesting not just rice but also a variety of small grain crops, demonstrating its adaptability in diverse agricultural landscapes. This multi-functional grain combine harvester embodies the essence of innovation, equipped with a powerful engine, efficient threshing mechanisms, and precise grain separation systems that ensure high productivity rates and reduced harvest losses.

Recognizing the global demand for efficient Rice Harvesters, Wubota offers competitive wholesale combine harvester packages, making this state-of-the-art technology accessible to farmers internationally. These packages often include comprehensive after-sales services and technical support, ensuring that farmers receive not just a machine but a complete solution for enhancing their crop yields and overall farm productivity.

In summary, the Wubota paddy harvester machine represents a new frontier in agricultural machinery, revolutionizing the way rice and other grains are harvested across the world. Its presence in the overseas market underscores a commitment to technological advancement and sustainable farming practices, empowering farmers with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of modern agriculture head-on.

With a professional production management team and more than 20 years of market experience, WUBOTA designs develops, and produces first-class grain combine harvesters. Wubota exported over 1000 sets of harvesters to more than ten countries in total and won a good reputation from local users in these countries, you can see more WUBOTA combine rice harvester videos and learn our good features.

How Does This Wonderful Paddy Combine Harvester Come?

Why Should We Choose Wubota’s Rice Combine Harvester?

Wubota Combine Harvester has exported to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Korea, Philippines, Ecuador, Iran, Nigeria, Tanzania and etc.

It is particularly worth mentioning that WUBOTA paddy combine harvester machine is very popular in India, and you have probably seen our rice harvesters if you are in India countryside.

We usually cooperate with local distributors in each country or region and customize combined harvester with different structures to better adapt to the local farmland. So we will develop a new feature combine harvester based on our basic machine. At the same time, we will provide the specific requirement for the different distributors.

Meanwhile, we also have the used combine harvester sale, WUBOTA has another used combine harvester business team, and inquire us at any time if you need that.

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