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The rice transplanter provided by WUBOTA can fundamentally solve the inconvenience caused by manual rice transplanting.

Reliable Rice Planting Machine Supplier-Wubota

Wubota stands tall as a leading and reliable rice planting machine supplier, offering an extensive range of advanced agricultural solutions to streamline the once labor-intensive process of rice cultivation. Our portfolio encompasses state-of-the-art rice plantation machines, designed meticulously to enhance efficiency and productivity in rice farming.

Machine transplanting by using rice transplanters requires considerably far less time and labor costs than manual transplanting. The rice transplanter machine working is the most simple and efficient way for rice planting that improves productivity with speed.

From precision rice planting equipment that ensures uniform seed spacing to robust rice transplanting machines, Wubota’s ‘rice transplanter’ series caters to diverse farm sizes and varying soil conditions. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, our machines not only expedite the planting process but also promote resource conservation, making us the preferred choice for farmers worldwide seeking to boost yields while preserving the environment. Experience the future of rice farming with Wubota – where technology meets tradition to cultivate success.

Wubota paddy rice transplanter machines will be 20-50 times more efficient than manual transplanting. It will greatly help areas with labor shortages. We have both walk-behind rice transplanter machines and ride-on type rice planter machines for your selection. We have great experience with rice cultivation machines in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand

Wubota Design Rice Transplanter Parts and Function

Yamaha Engine

High-quality original Yamaha OHV engine, with low vibration and noise.

Integrative Operation Panel

A high integrative panel makes the operation easy and convenient.

Lightweight Paddy Wheel

Large diameter lightweight rubber paddy wheel with high muddy field passing performance.

Durable Transplanting Arm

Artificial full inspection makes the transplanting arm with high durability.

Refined Adjustment

Refined manual adjustment is the key point to ensure the seedling with no injured

Refined Assembly

Refined manua assembly is the key point to ensure the transplanting accurately

High Quality Seedling Box

Oil bath seedling box with high quality seal element ensure the performance stably

Bevel Gear Transmission

High efficiency transmission system makes the walking and operation smoothly

New Grease Fitting Design

The main transmission part with new grease fitting design make the maintenance easlily

Wubota 4 Rows Walk Behind Paddy Transplanter

Introducing the Wubota 4 Rows Walk Behind Paddy Transplanter, an efficient and user-friendly manual rice planting machine designed to streamline the paddy cultivation process. This robust manual rice transplanter, also known as a manual transplanter, offers a seamless alternative to traditional rice planting methods. With its four-row planting capacity, it significantly enhances productivity while maintaining precise seedling placement, ensuring uniform growth for a bountiful harvest.

Wubota walking behind a paddy planter has adopted Japan’s most advanced technology. The small size and ease of operation made this model one of the most popular manual rice planting machine models in China since 2016.

The 4 rows walk-behind paddy rice transplanter is a compact, manually-operated machine designed for the efficient transplanting of rice seedlings in small to medium-sized paddy fields, effectively improving planting productivity.

By using a rice transplanter machine. It significantly reduced labor costs and improved paddy transplanting efficiency. And the paddy rice transplanter machine price is affordable. Now for this rice planting machine, we have developed 6 row rice transplanter and 4 row manual rice transplanter depending on different paddy land situations.

The Wubota transplanter is a game-changer in the field of rice transplantation, combining the simplicity of manual operation with the technology needed for modern paddy farming practices. Experience enhanced efficiency without compromising on the delicate care that rice seedlings require, making it the ideal choice for farmers seeking a reliable and cost-effective rice transplanter.

Wubota 4 Rows Walk Behind Paddy Transplanter
Wubota Manually Operated 6 Row Rice Transplanter

Wubota Manually Operated 6 Row Rice Transplanter

Wubota’s rice cultivation machine will provide an extraordinary experience of transplanting by using a low seed hurting rate, a high percentage of plant survival, and excellent performance.

The Wubota Manually Operated 6 Row Rice Transplanter stands as an epitome of efficiency in modern agriculture. Engineered to enhance the planting process, this versatile paddy transplanter machine, also known as a paddy rice transplanter, streamlines the cultivation of rice by simultaneously planting seeds across six rows. Unlike automated alternatives, this manual rice transplanter offers an economical and user-friendly solution for precise rice seed planting, empowering farmers with control over every seed sown.

Its ergonomic design ensures that the rice transplanter not only boosts productivity in the field but also reduces operator fatigue, making it a preferred choice for small to medium-scale paddy fields. Experience the fusion of traditional farming techniques with contemporary innovations through this meticulously crafted agricultural tool.

Optional engine models of mechanical rice transplanters can satisfy the different requirements of different customers. Large-diameter wheels make the output more smooth and more stable.

Height can be adjusted automatically when this self-propelled rice transplanter is working, and the widening seed needle and many adjustable transplanting factors make this machine suitable for different land situations and different paddy varieties. We have different paddy rice transplanter types.

Wubota 6 Rows RIding Type Rice Transplanter

Introducing the Wubota 6 Rows Riding Type Rice Transplanter, a game-changer in paddy transplantation technology. This state-of-the-art rice plant machine offers unparalleled efficiency during planting seasons, boasting a design that enhances productivity while ensuring optimal seedling placement. For farmers inquiring about the rice plant machine price, the Wubota transplanter promises a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Its riding-type mechanism not only speeds up the transplantation process but also reduces operator fatigue significantly, making it a preferred choice for rice cultivation in the Philippines and similar environments. Experience precision farming with the Wubota Rice Transplanter, transforming the way you approach rice transplantation.

6 Row riding type rice transplanter is the fastest and most precise transplanting machine. High performance, High trafficability, High adaptability, and High convenience.

The rice planter has a Large-power Yanmar engine for high-efficiency operation. The manual paddy transplanter‘s large wheels are good at watery land working. Large fuel tanks reduce fuel refills. Anti-snap shift lever with strong suitability for wet fields or across ridges.

Wubota’s paddy rice planting machine has a fuel-saving start-stop handle that reduces fuel waste transplanting drives part protection board. Easy to clean radiator. Friendly Maintenance. Contact us to get detailed information about the rice planting machine price

Wubota 6 Rows RIding Type Rice Transplanter

WUBOTA Overseas Paddy Rice Transplanter Users Working Performance

6 Row rice transplanter
The use of 6 Rows Walk Behind Rice Transplanter

The WUBOTA overseas paddy rice transplanter is an advanced agricultural machinery solution designed to revolutionize the traditional method of manual paddy planting. This cutting-edge rice transplanter machine streamlines the process of rice cultivation by automating the transplantation phase in paddy fields. The equipment, known as a paddy transplanter machine, significantly boosts the efficiency and productivity of farmers compared to conventional manual methods.

The WUBOTA rice planting machine is engineered with precision and user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that it can effectively adapt to diverse soil conditions and terrains prevalent in overseas markets. It dramatically reduces labor intensity while maintaining high plant survival rates and consistent spacing between plants, thereby enhancing crop yields.

WUBOTA machinery supplies the whole production line on rice transplanter production and supports different types of rice transplanter, we supply 4 rows of manual rice planting machines & 6 rows of rice transplanter with both walking type and ride-on type options.

With outstanding plantation performance and affordable prices, the WUBOTA rice planter machine is widely used by customers and has become the top brand in the domestic and overseas markets. Farmers who have adopted the Wubota paddy rice transplanter machine report remarkable improvements in their working performance. They appreciate its ability to minimize physical strain, save time, and increase overall operational capacity. In essence, the WUBOTA overseas paddy rice transplanter embodies modern technology’s role in transforming the agricultural landscape globally, making it a game-changer for rice cultivators worldwide.

To find out more information about the WUBOTA automatic rice planting machine, send an inquiry now to get a quotation.

Professional Production Team and Certified Management

Paddy Rice Planting Machine More Manufacturing Equipments

Everything You Need To Know About Wubota’s Paddy Rice Transplanter

Q: For 4 row paddy transplanter machine or 6 row manual paddy transplanter machine, which one is suitable for me?

It depends on your area’s average field square. If the paddy field is normally large, we suggest you buy 6 row rice transplanter, but if paddy squares are very small, a 4 row walk behind a rice transplanter is enough because a 4 row rice transplanter price is cheaper than a 6 row rice cultivation machine price.

Q: What are packing methods and container loading quantity?

As rice transplanter machines with plastic covers around them, we don’t suggest buying a single unit. If so, we will need extra cost to make a wooden box to cover it. For container loading, a 6 row rice planting machine cannot be loaded in a 20GP but can load a maximum of 24 units in a 40-high container.

Q: What is the lead time for your paddy rice transplanter?

We produce rice seed planting machines every month, if your order is arranged when we happen to have left stock, it can be delivered within 1-2 days. If no stocks, you normally need to wait for 15-25 days for our manufacturer.

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