Rubber Track Solutions for Agriculture

The rubber track is the central part of the combine harvester. Without it, the harvester cannot walk. Some common combine harvesters use rubber tracks. The agricultural rubber tracks differ from the metal track, which is easier to wear when used. Today, we’ll share some important tips on the agricultural rubber tracks of a combine harvester.

Replacement Rubber Tracks for Combine Harvester

Combine harvesters are divided into rubber caterpillar type and wheel type, and rubber caterpillar type harvesters are more widely used. The rubber track for sale on the market is composed of a certain number of metal cores and Steel wire in the rubber belt. It is the walking part of the crawler self-propelled combine.

The crawler track is a flexible chain link driven by the driving wheel and surrounding driving wheel, load wheel, inducer the carrier pulley. The track consists of track shoes, track pins, etc. The track pins connect each track shoe to form the rubber track link.

Rice Combine Harvester Rubber Track Test

There are holes at both ends of the track shoe, which are engaged with the driving wheel. There are induction teeth in the middle, which are used to straighten the track and prevent the track from falling off when the combine turns or rolls.

The side contacting the ground is provided with reinforced anti-skid ribs (hereinafter referred to as patterns) to improve the firmness of the track shoe and the adhesion between the shoe belt and the ground.

Applicable scope of rubber track

Crawler chassis assembly is mainly used for special occasions, such as military parades, tanks, armored vehicles, etc. Rubber caterpillar has the advantages of protecting the ground, rubber caterpillar walking system, low noise, small vibration, comfortable riding, etc. It is suitable for occasions with high-speed transfer and realizes the all-road passing performance.

In addition to military applications, it is also used for large machineries, such as excavators, combine harvesters and other tracked vehicles. Its functionality and role are the same.

What problems may occur during the use of rubber tracks?

  1. The track steel wire falls off and the track is scratched
  2. The inner teeth of the track fall off

Crawler type combine harvester

Rubber Track Solutions for Agriculture

Proper use and maintenance of the rubber track can prolong the service life of the rubber track and ensure the normal operation of the combine.

The specific operation method is as follows:

  1. Jack up the jack so that the track is about 100mm away from the ground and the roller is horizontal, and then adjust the tightness of the fourth roller and the lower side of the track to 10-15mm
  2. Please adjust the tension after using the new track for 50 hours.
  3. Conduct fastening inspection and integrity inspection every 50 hours.
  4. The track shall be replaced from left to right based on 300 hours of use. After about 600 hours of use, replace the track with a new one.

So, these are the methods for replacing and maintaining the rubber track of the combine. I hope this information is useful to you. As for the professional rubber track suppliers, we have collected many cases and knowledge about rubber crawlers, if you want to know more, you can leave us a message or visit our official website:

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