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Howing the rice seeds directly, high efficiency with the simple operation process.

  • Replacement for manual seeding habit.
  • suitable for seeding wheat, rice, soybean, millet, sorghum, and other seeds size it.
  • the parts and main frame adopt a bolting connection, which is reliable and convenient to assemble.

Leading Supplier of Seeding Machinery--Wubota

Wubota supplies all kinds of agricultural machinery, including rice seeding machines, corn seeding machines, wheat seeding machines, etc. Absorbing the advantages of Japanese and Korean technology, we produce a variety of high-quality seed-sowing machines suitable for farmers to efficiently seed. Compared with manual seeding machines, the rice seed sowing machine, mechanical seeding can have good results in dry land and paddy fields.

According to the different types of seed planters on the market. We supply self-propelled seed planters and seed planter attachments to give the most suitable solutions to customers.

Wubota New Design Automatic Seeding Machine Parts and Functions

Transparent Seeding Tank

Processed with engineering plastics imported from Korea, and the remaining amount of seeds can be seen

Plastic gears

The seedling machine uses Plastic gears to operate flexible and can prevent rusting

Adjustable Seeding Number

It can adjust the number of seeding by visualizing the opening measurable design

Seeding Row selectable

The operator can adjust the double or single-row seeding by switching the handle easily

Self-clean brush

It can be opened to clean up residual seeds without any tools during seed replacement & cleaning

Adjustable row spacing

Connecting the PTO with rice transplanters to drive all plant spacing in the same way as the rice transplanter

Features of 2BW-8/10A Rice Seeding Machine

Wubota rice seeding machine connects PTO with various brands of rice transplanters to drive all plant spacing in the same way as the rice transplanter. Different from the tray seeding machine. The 2BW-8/10A Rice Seeding Machine stands out as a highly efficient nursery seeding machine, expertly designed for precision and productivity in rice cultivation.

This advanced automatic seed sowing machine boasts an intelligent system that ensures uniform seed spacing and depth control, resulting in robust seedling growth. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, it significantly reduces labor costs while enhancing crop yields. When considering the seeding machine price, the 2BW-8/10A offers exceptional value, combining affordability with advanced technology, making it a smart investment choice for modern farming practices.

Compared with riding rice transplanted, using the rice seeding machine simplifies the seedling-raising process, reduces labor, and saves rice production costs. The seeding machine is for sale in Wubota with high quality. Contact us to get the seeding machine price.

2BW-8/10A Rice Seeding Machine
Advantages of Using Rice Precision Seeder

Advantages of Using Rice Precision Seeder

The adoption of a rice precision seeder, also known as a paddy sowing machine, has revolutionized the way rice cultivation is approached, offering a multitude of benefits that streamline the planting process and enhance overall crop yield. This state-of-the-art precision rice seeder technology stands as a testament to the integration of modern agricultural practices, significantly improving efficiency and productivity in rice farming.

One of the prime advantages lies in its name: precision. Unlike traditional broadcasting methods, the precision seeder for sale ensures uniform seed spacing and depth, leading to optimized plant growth and reduced seed wastage. This not only results in healthier crop stands with more consistent maturation but also facilitates better resource management, including water and fertilizer usage.

Moreover, the rice precision seeder enhances time efficiency by drastically speeding up the sowing process. Its mechanized operation allows farmers to cover larger areas within a shorter span, reducing labor requirements and associated costs. The ergonomic design of these machines further alleviates physical strain on farmers, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

Wubota Rice Seeding Machine for Nursery

Wubota Rice Seeder
automatic seeding machine

In order to improve the degree of rice mechanization in hand-sowing areas(hand seeder machine), reduce labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and expand revenue, Wubota has developed a seed sowing machine. Currently, the sowing seed machine has two row numbers 2BW-8A and 2BW-10A to choose from.

Discover the future of rice farming with our state-of-the-art precision seeder for sale, designed to revolutionize seed planting. This innovative equipment ensures uniform spacing and depth for each rice seed, optimizing crop yield and reducing waste.

The riding-type rice precision seeding machine is very popular in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other countries. Experience enhanced efficiency in your fields while benefiting from the precise placement that our seeder offers. Coupled with competitive rice seed prices in the Philippines, it’s a game-changing investment for every modern farmer seeking to boost productivity and profitability.

By directly sowing the seeds into the soil, the seed cultivation time can be effectively reduced, and the rice planting operation can be more efficient. it’s a wonderful sowing machine for farming. If you have any needs, please contact us to get the seed sowing machine price.

How Does This Wonderful Manual Seeding Machine Come?

What is Rice Precision Seeder?

A rice precision seeder is an agricultural machinery designed specifically for the efficient and precise planting of rice seeds. It ensures uniform spacing and depth of seed placement, leading to better germination rates and ultimately higher crop yields.

The precision rice seeder typically consists of a mechanism that meters out individual seeds, a furrow opener to create a seed furrow, and a covering device to close the furrow after seeding. This modern technology minimizes seed wastage, reduces labor requirements, and enhances field productivity by allowing more accurate control over the planting process compared to traditional manual methods.

What is the difference between a rice seeding machine and a high-speed paddy sowing machine?

The seedling tray filling machine is mainly an alternative to hand-sowing seeds. Compared with hand-sowing rice, the crop sowing machine’s efficiency can be increased by 4-5 times. In places where seeder and paddy seed sowing machines are not used, a rice seeding machine is a better choice.

What are the advantages of using a seeding machine compared to spreading seeds by hand?

As the advantage of seeders and planters. The rice nursery sowing machine’s efficiency is a lot faster than hand-spreading seeds.

Since the seeding is more evenly arranged, the row spacing of all rice is the same. The changes this brings are to reduce the labor force and expand the planting area to greatly reduce the cost of rice production

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