Small Manual Forklift for Sale

The hydraulic manual forklift is a dual-purpose vehicle for high-lift loading, unloading, and short-distance transportation because it does not generate sparks and electromagnetic fields. It is especially suitable for loading and unloading automobiles and flammable, explosive, and fire-prohibited items in workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, freight yards, and other places. The product has the characteristics of balanced lifting, flexible rotation, and convenient operation.

Specification of  Wubota Small Manual Forklift

manual forklift specification

A portable hydraulic voltage forklift (stack truck) is a tool to help porters reduce labor and plays an indispensable part in light cargo handling. It can be used in warehouses, logistics, and other industries.

Main advantages of the electric portable forklift:

1. Flexible and convenient, it can be folded without taking up space, and can also be carried on the truck, which is different from the bulkiness of traditional forklifts.

2. The forklift is easy to maintain. It is generally powered by a ternary lithium battery, which can be disassembled and maintained, and the maintenance cost is low.

3. It can provide a load of 500 kg, which can meet the capacity of most handling operations. Very suitable for logistics, handling, and warehouse use.

Where to get the hydraulic manual forklift online?

Manual Forklift

The hydraulic manual forklift is a new product line in Wubota, our goal is to sell overseas, and we also support one-piece purchases. For specific purchase details, please contact: or add our WhatsApp: +8613277988364

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