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Wubota’s agricultural machinery spare parts ensure premium performance and proven reliability.

We provide combine harvest spare parts, tractor spare parts, and others according to your necessities.

  • Wide range of genuine /OEM Spare Parts.
  • John Deere, Kubota, Yanmar and other brand farm machinery spare parts.
  • Support high quality and affordable price.
  • Full combine harvester spare parts list.

Reliable Spare Parts Supplier- Wubota

We supply high-quality combine harvester parts from KUBOTA, YANMAR, WORLD, ISEKI, LOVOL, and JOHN DEERE. To meet your requirement for machinery parts, we have a wide range of GENUINE/OEM agricultural machinery accessories with top quality from selected manufacturers.

If you are a business with the WUBOTA MACHINERY division, we guarantee to enjoy getting on your machines. Contact us to get the combine harvester parts catalogue.

If you had a bad memory with the low quality, high price, and unfair services, please do not hesitate to choose WUBOTA combine harvester parts for your business.

Wubota Combine Harvester Parts More about the New Design Details


We use the most mature casting technology and equipment to create the hardest and wear-resistant parts.


Strictly control the quenching temperature, so that each quenched part has its most appropriate hardness.

Metal Milling

Using the most advanced milling machine in China, each processed part exudes the unique beauty of metal.


Pickling, water washing, electrophoresis, painting, every step will not be missing. Ensure that every product has a perfect appearance.

Manual Cutting

The welder with more than ten years’ experience can keep the strength of the component and endow it with emotion and life.

Laser Cutting

The Chinese Advanced laser cutting machines worth millions of dollars can help us improve quality and reduce costs.


Die-casting aluminum technology improves the accuracy by 50% and reduces the weight by 50%.

Surface Grinding

More than 3 times of shot blasting and grinding, so that each component has a perfect appearance.

Welding Robot

Welding robots represent the beauty of technology and are 100% more efficient than manual welding.

OEM Kubota Combine Harvester Parts

As the reliable Kubota harvester spare parts suppliers in China, we have been researching genuine Kubota parts, especially Kubota combine harvester parts since 2015, and Kubota tractor spare parts in 2019.

At present, we can provide about 1,000 Kubota-related accessories of different specifications and types, such as Kubota rtv 900 parts, Kubota bx23s parts, and Kubota bx2370 parts, from the small bolts, rings, and blades to the big engine, rubber tracks, and so on.

The quality of the Kubota parts is close to the original parts and is well received by users. We’re also the Kubota engine parts suppliers. Contact us the download the Kubota parts manual pdf.

Kubota Spare Parts
yanmar spare parts

Yanmar OEM Combine Harvester Parts

As the reliable Yanmar combine harvester parts suppliers, we have been researching Yanmar agriculture Parts since 2015. At present, we can provide about 1,000 Yanmar-related accessories(including Yanmar tractor parts, Yanmar replacement parts, and Yanmar combine harvester parts) of different specifications and types, from the small bolts, rings, and blades to the big engine, rubber tracks, and so on.

The quality of the Yanmar part is close to the original parts and is well received by users. As for the reliable Yanmar engine parts suppliers in China, we sell the Yanmar parts to Ireland, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and all around the world, we also provide Yanmar tractor parts online. Contact us the get the Yanmar parts catalog.

John Deere OEM Parts

As the reliable John Deere parts supplier. We have been researching John Deere agricultural machinery-related spare parts since 2015. At present, we can provide about 1,00 John Deere-related accessories of different specifications and types, such as john deere combine harvester spare parts, John Deere OEM replacement parts, filters, cutters, gears, and so on.

The John Deere spare part sales on Wubota include john deere tractor parts, john deere mower parts, and john deere harvester parts.

We also provide used John Deere parts (John Deere parts used) or second hand john deere parts service. Contact us the get the John Deere parts catalog and details of John Deere parts construction.

John Deere Spare Parts
rubber track

OEM Rubber Tracks

The rubber track is a crawler-type walking component with a certain amount of metal and steel cord embedded in the rubber belt.

According to rubber track dimensions, Wubota Premium grade replacement rubber tracks for Excavators, combine harvester, and so on

It has the following advantages: Fast speed. Low noise. Small vibration. Large traction. Small damage to the road surface. Small ground pressure, the body is light in weight

As reliable rubber crawler track manufacturers in China, we not only have many brands of rubber tracks in stock, but also support custom rubber tracks.

Rotary Tiller Blade In Agriculture

There are two types of tiller blades, straight and round. The straight type has a simple structure, is strong and durable, but has a large working resistance. Wubota is the official rotary tiller blades suppliers. 

When the round type works, it rolls and cuts the soil, and the resistance is small, and it is not easy to wrap the grass, so it is widely used in the power plow.

There are three types of round colters: ordinary cutter head, corrugated cutter head, and notched cutter head. As a rotary cultivator blade supplier, the material of rotary cultivator blades is of good quality, and Wubota provides high-quality rotary cultivator blade sets. Contact us for rotary tiller blade prices.

tiller blade

Wubota Spare Parts Benefit Thousands of Agricultural Machinery

Our spare parts products are distributed in 13 countries. The roots of big trees are extended to warehouses, shops, and farmers’ homes, so that agricultural machinery can still play its 100% capacity after the warranty period, helping the agricultural development of each country.


The Display of Parts Warehouse and Related Certificates

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Are your products tort in customs and sales?

We reiterate that except for our own wubota brand agricultural machinery accessories, other brand accessories are only substitutes. We will not mark their brands on the packaging and products.

Q: Who are your main customers?

Our customers are usually those specialized parts distributors, dealers, and stores. Not the brand agents nor the end users.

Q: What’s the procedure for importing spare parts from your company?

1st, the customer prepares an inquiry list, marking the QTY, part Code, and description;

2nd, we give the quotation list within 1-2 days;

3rd, the customers pay by T/T as a deposit;

4th, we prepare the goods as required in 30 days;

5th, the customers pay the balance by T/T based on the final list;

6th, we contact the shipping forwarder and load the goods to China port/airport;

7th, the customers receive the goods in customs;

8th, the customers check and counting the goods and report to us in 7 days;

9th, we give compensation in the next shipment.

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