SR-W800 Automatic Rice Seeder

Weight Kg 160
Drive System 4 Motors (120W)
Seeding Amount Adjustment g/tray 50-350
Watering Amount L/tray 0.5-2
Maximum Operation tray/hr 800
Loading Quantity(40HQ Max.) set 40
Leading Time Days 7-25 working days

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Introduction of Automatic Seeder Machine

Assembly line operation

  • Bed soil: Move the seedling tray through the conveyor belt, automatically put the bed soil into the seedling tray, and brush it evenly.
  • Sprinkling: Equipped with sprinkler equipment to sprinkle water evenly, and users can adjust the amount of water sprinkled according to their needs.
  • Sowing: Evenly spread all varieties of rice.
  • Covering soil: The covering soil is even and level, and the sowing operation can be completed accurately and efficiently.

 Sow evenly

  • The sowing operation is smooth and even and seed cleaning brush is equipped, so that the wet seeds are not easy to adhere to the seeding roller, which saves the amount of seeds used.

Strong applicability

  • Wide application range of seeds: long-grain seeds, round-grain seeds, seeds in germination, and incompletely dried rice seeds can be sown.
  • Precise adjustment of seeding rate: By adjusting the seeding rate, it can be suitable for a variety of rice varieties.
  • Both hard disk and softdisk can be used: the softdisk can be put into the hard disk for use, which has strong applicability. Normally, it can be transplanted and raised with 30cm row spacing. With additional components, it can meet the needs of 25cm row spacing.

Easy to operate

  • Lightweight storage: The side bracket of the bed soil can be folded, and the storage does not take up space. Equipped with 4 auxiliary wheels at the bottom, it is easy to carry.
  • Easy maintenance: The motor is configured in sections and conveyed by belt, which is easy to maintain and easy to operate.
SR-W800 Automatic Rice Seeder
SR-W800Automatic Seeder Specification
Dimensions Length mm 5300
Width mm 470
Height mm 1146
Weight Kg 160
Drive System 4 Motors (120W)
Seeding Amount Adjustment g/tray 50-350
Bed Soil Box Capacity L 80
Seed Box Capacity L 40
Cover Soil Box Capacity L 58
Watering Amount L/tray 0.5-2
Nursery Tray Carrying System Belt Conveyor
Seeding Volume Adjusting System Dial Type
Water Pump Equipped
Maximum Operation tray/hr 800
Loading Quantity(40HQ Max.) set 40

Outstanding Features of Automatic Seeder Machine

4 functions in 1 unit:

  • Bed Soiling
  • Watering
  • Seeding
  • Cover Soiling

The watering system is equipped with a Pump. The seedling amount can be adjusted with a dial.


400-800 Trays per hour

Precision Preparation:

Bed Soil, Water, Seeds, and cover Soil are distributed more evenly.

The rice nursery seedling machine is an innovative agricultural equipment designed to streamline the process of seedling cultivation for rice crops. It combines precision seeding, automatic watering, and optimal soil management features, ensuring uniform seed placement, consistent growth, and enhanced germination rates. Its adjustable mechanisms accommodate various seed types and tray sizes, while its efficient design promotes resource conservation and labor-saving in rice farming operations.

automatic seeder machine

What are the details of the Automatic seeder?

We have collected some information on Automatic seeder below.

Q: How many workers do we need in your rice automatic seeder line?

Only need 4-5 people in the line, and we can finish the whole process operation.

Q: How many trays this rice automatic seeder machine can produce?

Maximum 800 trays.

Q: Is it easy to repair or operate the machine?

It is almost all automatic working, so it is easy to operate. And it has very few wearing parts.

Q: What is the electric volume needed?

Normally 220V is ok.

Q: How many pieces can be loaded in a 40ft container?

Maximum 40 units we can load in a 40ft container.

Q: Can we OEM the machine specifications?

Sorry, currently we have only the set model for the seeder machine.

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