130HP Large Power Sugarcane Combine Harvester

Supporting Chassis: Wheel  Type
Working Speed: 3Km/h
Productivity: ≥5T/h
Trash Content: 10%
Cane Chop Length: 200-300mm
Dimensions: 6500×2250×3750mm

Wubota Rice Harvester Certifications

Wubota Full Automatic Sugarcane Combine Harvester

  • Large power
  • Automatic cutting and chopping
  • Reinforced chains Pin and plate
  • Automatic transfer and unloading
  • Reinforced wheel axles
  • Stable working performance
  • Air filter support
  • Cutter blade chain protection
  • Operator protection bars and cabin
  • Hydraulic pump

Wubota sugarcane harvesters have been sold to many regions and countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Brazil.

Full Automatic Sugarcane Combine Harvester
No. Item Unit Specification
1 Model Number / 4GWQ-180 Cutting Type Sugarcane Combine harvester
2 Structure Type / Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive
3 Harvesting Type / Cutting Type
4 Harvesting Row Number / 1
5 Suitable Row Distance m ≥1.1
6 Engine Engine MOdel / QSB5.9-C180-31
Structure / 6-cylinder; horizontal; water-cooled; four-stroke
Rated Power kW 132
RPM 2400
7 Dimension(L*W*H) Max mm 12200×2300×4500
Transport mm /
8 Tire Front Tire Tire specifications / 8.25-16
wheelbase mm 1660
Qty 2
Rear Tire Tire specifications / 15-24
wheelbase mm 1450
Qty / 2
Wheel Base mm 2200
9 Driving Type / Hydraulic
10 Theoretical travel speed km/h ≤20
11 Productivity hm2/h ≥0.25
12 Feeding Capacity kg/s     ≥6
13 Shiftings / CVT
14 Weight kg 8500
15 Minimum ground clearance mm 274
16 Cutting Device Adjust Range mm 0~262
17 Cutting Device Maximum turning diameter mm 565
Structure Type single disc cutter
Rpm r/min 800
Blade Plate Size(Dia×thickness) mm 460×8
Qty / 1
Blade Dimension(L×W×Thickness) mm 82×75×3
Qty 4
Driving Mode /        Hydraulic
18 Top leaves Cutting Device Structure Type / Dual-Plate round blade
Maximum turning diameter mm 620
RPM r/min 640
Plate Size(Dia×thickness) mm 470×12
Qty 2
Blade Dimension(L×W×Thickness) mm 175×85×7
Qty 8
Driving Mode /  Hydraulic
19 Sugarcane Cutting  device Blade Dimension(L×W×Thickness) mm 540×65×8
Qty on single roller 3
Blade Roller Rotary Diameter mm 310
Qty 2
Rpm r/min 270
Cutting Length Range mm 120~300
Driving Mode / Hydraulic
Structure Mode / Plate Roller Cutter
20 Sugarcane Dispensing Device Drum Size Big Side Diameter mm 270
Small Side Dimater mm 180
Length mm 1350
Helix angle (°) 15
Rpm r/min 160
Driving Mode / Hydraulic
Structure Type / Conical Spiral Drum
21 Sugarcane Supporting Device Drum Size Big Side Diameter mm 280
Small Side Dimater mm 190
Length mm 1330
22 Sugarcane Supporting Device Helix angle (°) 15
Rpm r/min 160
Driving Mode / Hydraulic
Structure Type / Conical Spiral Drum
23 Fan Device 1 Fan Swing diameter mm 870
Rpm r/min 1600
Leaves Thickness mm 6
Blade Number / 4
Driving Mode / Hydraulic
Structure Type / Axial fan
24 Loading Devices Loading Methods / Transportation Car
Maxium Loading Qty kg /
Loading Methods / Conveyor scraper

Benefits of Using Sugarcane Harvester

Wubota sugarcane combine harvester automatically completes the whole harvesting process from picking up sugarcane, topping, cutting, transferring, truncating, separating leaf, and loading with a truck elevator.

Large benefits from sugarcane combine harvesters make it a favorite for all farmers of sugarcane. Here are the advantages of a sugarcane combined harvester:

  • Saves labor
    Sugarcane harvesting is very tough work and requires many skilled laborers. Sugarcane combine harvester solves the problem because it only needs a person who knows machine operation. One machine’s efficiency equals 100 labor in total.
  • Profitable business
    The combine harvester is a one-time investment that will bring a lot of money through commercial harvesting
  • Save Time
    The machine saves a lot of time to increase farm efficiency through mechanization.
Benefits of Using Sugarcane Harvester
Tips for Using Sugarcane Harvester

Tips for Using Sugarcane Harvester

Operating a sugarcane combine harvester efficiently is key to maximizing yield and minimizing losses during the harvesting season. Here are some essential tips to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance:

  1. Pre-Season Maintenance: Before the sugarcane harvest begins, conduct thorough maintenance on your harvester. This includes checking and replacing worn parts, lubricating moving components, and ensuring the sugarcane combine harvester’s blades are sharp for clean cuts.
  2. Adjust Cutting Height: Properly adjusting the cutting height is crucial. Set it to cut as close to the ground as possible without damaging the roots or harvesting soil, which can contaminate the cane and reduce sugar quality.
  3. Optimize Speed: Maintain a consistent speed that balances productivity with cane quality. Going too fast can result in incomplete harvesting or damage to the plants while going too slow decreases efficiency.
  4. Monitor Moisture Levels: Harvest when the cane has the ideal moisture content, typically around 70%. Cane that is too dry can shatter during harvesting, while overly moist cane may clog the machine.
  5. Clean-Out Periodically: Regularly stop to clean any debris from the harvester to prevent blockages and ensure continuous operation. This also helps maintain the longevity of the equipment.
  6. Train Operators: Skilled operators are vital. Ensure they understand the machine’s controls, safety procedures, and the best practices for efficient harvesting, including adjusting settings based on cane density and field conditions.
  7. Track Performance: Keep records of the harvester’s performance, including fuel consumption, harvesting speed, and downtime. Analyzing this data can help identify areas for improvement and plan future maintenance more effectively.

By following these tips, you can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your sugarcane harvesting operations, leading to higher yields and improved profitability.

Q: How about a warranty?

12months warranty from the date of machine arrival. Free spare parts will be offered during the warranty.

Q: Do you provide operation or training services?

We will offer online or offline training to your place if necessary

Q: Can it work in falling sugarcane fields?

Yes, It is

Q: How about productivity?

Regular productivity is 5 tons of harvesting per hour. Actual performance depends on field and crops condition

Q: How many machines could be loaded in one container?

One machine is fully loaded into a 40ft container.

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