Top Reliable Combine Harvester Manufacturers

There are many agricultural machinery in China, such as harvesters, tractors, transplanters, tractor implements etc.. Different machine has different functions, tractors can be used for land plowing and harrowing.

Harvesters can be used for rice and wheat, and there are also many other harvesters such as peanut harvester, soybean harvester, sugarcane harvester etc..

Transplanters are now very popular in China and India. Usually when customers buy one tractor, they will also buy some tractor implements such as plows, harrows, disc, balers etc.. so that the tractors can achieve many working functions with different kinds of implements.

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Top Combine Harvester Manufacturers in the World

WORLD-Top China Combine Harvester Manufacturer

Today I want to introduce the combine harvester manufacturers in China. The first combine harvester manufacturer is WORLD, and its full name is Jiangsu World Group.

This company was established in 1988. It produces rice combine harvester, maize combine harvester, walking type transplanter, ride on type transplanter, drones, spraying machine, tractors etc.. They introduced some advanced technology machine from Germany, Japan and America. Its products are popular in China.

They are very famous for timely after-sale service. They have many sales centers in China. And they are trying very hard to expand overseas market. It is said that they want to be equivalent to Huawei China. Every year they will send some sales person to all over the world for market customer visiting.

Their sales person will frequently visit their customers one by one and again and again until they accept their cooperation. They have many distributor in South America, Africa and Asian countries. Their staff are mainly males and they have very good temper when talking with their customers but terrible temper when talking with other person. They should educate their staff how to behave like a gentleman in their HR training courses.

WORLD Rice Combine Harvester

LOVOL-Top China Combine Harvester Factory

The second combine harvester manufacturer we introduce is Lovol, and it is located in Shandong Province. Lovol produces rice combine harvester, maize combine harvester, walking type transplanter, ride on type transplanter, drones, spraying machine, tractors etc.. Actually their product line is quite similar to Jiangsu World’s product line. But they have different advantages over World.

Because Lovol was located in North part of China and World is located in South part of China. As we all know, in north part of China, people prefer wheat because wheat is produced locally. Wheat can survive very well in the environment and temperature. In south part of China, there are more water and temperature is higher, so the main crop there is rice. In south part of China, people use the wheel type combine harvester to reap wheat and in North China, people use rubber track type combine harvester to reap rice. Lovol’s wheel type combine harvester is very popular but World is only good at Rubber track type combine harvester.


How to choose the Best Combine Harvester?

There are dozens of brands of rice harvesters in the market, and the models are various and the prices are very different. How to judge the quality of rice harvesters when buying rice harvesters? What factors should be considered in order to buy rice with good quality, economical application and reasonable price? machine?

1. Visit users who own rice harvesters

This is very important. Before you buy a rice harvester, you must visit a few old users who have bought and used rice harvesters. They know the performance, quality, service, spare parts supply and income of the rice harvester they use best. And they will also have a good understanding of the operation of other brands of rice machines operating in the local area. Ask them humbly, you will benefit a lot.

2. Visit users who use rice harvesters to harvest rice

Rice planting users, after harvesting with a rice machine, have an objective and fair evaluation of the opportunity to harvest the rice in the plot, such as the amount of loss, the impurity rate of the grain, the operation quality, the operation efficiency, whether there is a fault, and after the fault Waiting time, etc., you will know the most real situation through visiting.

3. Observe the operation of the rice machine on the spot

Pay more attention to the rice harvesters operating locally to see which brand and model are the most, and which brand and model are most popular with drivers and planting users. It is necessary to go to the operation site to observe the operation situation on the spot, and communicate more with the driver and the grower to understand the actual operation situation.

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