What are the different types of harvesting machines?

For farmers who cultivate a variety of grains on their farm fields in great regularity, harvesting season is very important. since this is the time when all their hard work will be counted and rewarded. Wondering what are harvesters and how they are so reliant? Let’s help you find out what different types of harvesting machines you can buy, the benefits of harvesters, the function and uses of harvesters, and the best platform to buy your harvesting machinery from.

What is the use of combine harvester?

A harvester or combine harvester is an innovation to farming that’s key to saving time and cost for farmers, to surpass traditional farming challenges, combine harvesters were introduced that combined the 3 processes of harvesting into a single machine — reaping, threshing, and windrowing.

use of combine harvester

These multi-crop harvesters or farm equipment help collect the best quality grains in a shorter duration without depending much on labor. It is beneficial for small-scale producers to large-scale commercial farmers looking to increase farm output without sacrificing their peace of mind.

What are the different types of harvesting machines?

Tractor Drawn Combine Harvesters

Tractor-mounted combine harvesters or control combine harvesters are attached to the tractor vehicles as they do not have their own power or wheels to operate independently, they are attached to the tractor’s takeoff shaft to perform harvesting activities such as cutting, threshing, cleaning, and separating. Moreover, they are suitable for farm fields that are vast & have loose soil.

There are a few tractor-drawn combines that do have their own power as well, but they are not that popular.

Self-Propelled Combine Harvester

Full Feeding Rice Combine Harvester

This type of machine comprises of cutting unit, a sifting unit, and cleaning and grain dealing units. The cutting segment incorporates a reel, a shaper bar, a drill, and a feeder transport. The sifting segment has a sifting chamber, curved, and chamber blender.

The cleaning segment for the most part comprises of walker, chaffer sifter, and grain assortment container, the grain dealing with the segment comprises a grain lift and a release drill, the yield subsequent to being sliced is conveyed to the chamber and inward gets together through feeder transport where it is sifted and the grains and straw are isolated in various areas. The grain can be straightforwardly stacked into the streetcar.

Sugarcane harvester

Full Automatic Sugarcane Combine Harvester

The sugarcane combine harvester automatically completes the whole harvesting process from picking up sugarcane, topping, cutting, transferring, truncating, separating leaf, and loading with a truck elevator.

What are the benefits use of harvesting crops with machinery?

Improved product quality

When using a piece of harvesting equipment, the quality of the product often remains intact, meaning there is less loss by the end of the harvest.

Low operating cost

Although the upfront investment in harvest equipment may be costly for some, overall operating costs fall over time as producers rely less on manual labor.

Enhanced worker safety

Modern agricultural machinery is made with safety in mind, meaning that producers have less to worry about when it comes to day-to-day operations.

Decreased manual labor,

Because of the large amount of productivity that comes with using harvesting machinery, there is less need for manual labor. This can ultimately help agricultural producers improve their bottom line.

Where is the best platform to buy your harvesting machinery?

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