What are the essential tips for choosing a manual hydraulic forklift with high efficiency?

Select the efficient forklift hand from the manual hydraulic forklift operation function, the forklift hand operation requirement, and the manual hydraulic forklift operation environment.

Select a manual hydraulic forklift according to the job function

The basic operation functions of the forklift hand are divided into horizontal handling, stacking/removing, loading/unloading, and picking. According to the job function that the company wants to achieve, the manual hydraulic forklift can be initially determined from the company’s product line from the company.

In addition, the special operation function will affect the specific configuration of the forklift hand, such as the paper roll, molten iron, etc., and the manual hydraulic forklift attachment tool is required to complete the special function.

Select a manual hydraulic forklift

Select the forklift hand according to the operation requirements

Manual hydraulic forklift operation requirements include general requirements such as pallet or cargo size, lifting height, working channel width, and climbing grade. At the same time, forklift hand is also necessary to consider work habits (such as habitual driving or standing driving) and work efficiency (different models have different efficiency) Other requirements.

Manual hydraulic forklift working environment

If it is in cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the configuration of the forklift hand should also be cold storage or explosion-proof. Carefully examine the locations that the manual hydraulic forklift needs to pass through, and envisage possible problems, such as whether the door height has an impact on the forklift hand when entering or leaving the warehouse; the height of the elevator and the impact of the load on the manual hydraulic forklift when entering and exiting the elevator; forklift hand whether the floor bearing meets the corresponding requirements, and so on.

Manual hydraulic forklift working

Note: When selecting and determining the configuration, the manufacturer of the manual hydraulic forklift should be described in detail and field surveyed to ensure that the purchased forklift hand is fully compliant with the needs of the company. Manual hydraulic forklift at this point, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Different models, different work efficiency, the number of forklift hands required, and the number of drivers is different, will lead to a series of cost changes.
  • If the manual hydraulic forklift is working in the warehouse, the width of the passage required for different forklift hands is different, and the manual hydraulic forklift lifting capacity is also different, which will bring about changes in the warehouse layout, such as changes in the storage capacity of the goods.
  • Changes in the number of forklift hands and their numbers will affect fleet management and many other aspects.
  • Different manual hydraulic forklifts have different market holdings and forklift hand after-sales support capabilities are different. For example, the low-driving three-way manual hydraulic forklift and the high-drive three-way forklift hand are both narrow-channel manual hydraulic forklift series, The forklift hand can be in a narrow channel (1.5~ 2.0 m) Complete stacking/stacking and picking up.

However, the manual hydraulic forklift cannot be lifted, so the operating field is poor and the manual hydraulic forklift work efficiency is low. Since the forklift hand can fully cover the forklift hand’s functions and the manual hydraulic forklift performance is superior, the sales volume in the forklift hand market in Europe is 4 to 5 times higher than that in the manual hydraulic forklift and more than 6 times in China.

Therefore, most of the suppliers focus on the development of high-driving three-way forklift hand, while the low-driving three-way manual hydraulic forklift forklifts are only used in small tonnages and low lift heights (generally within 6 meters). When the market sales are small, the forklift hand service capacity of the after-sales service engineers, engineers’ experience, and parts inventory level will be relatively weak.

After a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the above aspects, choose the most reasonable solution.

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