What Are The Types of Agricultural Machinery?

Agricultural machinery refers to all kinds of agricultural machinery that make the whole process more convenient and quicker through the use of agricultural machinery in the development and production process of animal husbandry and crop planting, as well as in the processing of agricultural and animal products.

Such as crop harvesting machinery, plant protection machinery, tillage, and soil preparation machinery, farmland drainage and irrigation machinery, agricultural power machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery, farmland construction machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery and agricultural transportation machinery, etc.

Classification of agricultural machinery

We generally divide agricultural machinery into the following 10 categories according to their different uses:

(1) Field management and plant protection machinery: sprayer, sterilizer, cultivator, duster, misting machine, mist machine, etc.


Sprayers can be divided into centrifugal sprayers, pneumatic sprayers, and hydraulic sprayers according to their working principles. According to the way of carrying, it can be divided into vehicle type, backpack type, stretcher type, cart type, shoulder type, hand-held type, pedal type, self-propelled type, suspension type, etc.

Cultivators are divided into rear-mounted inter-row cultivators, rotary hoe cultivators, and other fertilizers.

(2) Cultivation and land preparation machinery, such as plows, harrows, rotary tillers, bulldozers, trenchers, compactors, scrapers, etc. Common plows, harrows, and rotary tillers also have different classifications:

harrow plow

For example, the plow is a kind of agricultural tool developed from a primitive double-edged triangular stone tool and used for cultivating the land. It can loosen soil and crush soil. The plow board and plow are mainly classified into types such as conventional plows, disc plows, and rotary plows.

The harrow is mainly used to break up large clods in a plowed field to make it easier to sow. Commonly used harrows mainly include disc harrows, nail-toothed harrows, and paddy field star harrows.

Rotary tillers are mainly used for crushing soil and reclaiming fields and are divided into horizontal axis type, vertical axis type, and oblique type according to different application environments.

(3)Grain threshing, cleaning, and drying machinery, such as threshers, dryers, cleaning machines, etc.

cleaning machines cleaning machines

Threshers can be divided into full-feed and half-feed according to the feeding form, and half-feed can be divided into simple and compound.

(4)Agricultural and sideline product processing machinery, such as cotton processing machinery, oil press, tea processing machinery, milling machine, shelling machine, rice milling machine, straw rope machine, etc.

crushing mill grinder

Oil presses can be divided into hydraulic oil presses, new hydraulic oil presses, household oil presses, screw oil presses, high-efficiency fine filter oil presses, and fully automatic oil presses.

There are three main types of rice milling machines: combined rice milling machines, separate rice milling machines,s and air jet rice milling machines.

The mill can be divided into the straight-through centrifugal mill, vertical pendulum mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill, super-pressure trapezoidal mill, and high-pressure suspension roller mill according to the fineness of the ground material and the fineness of the discharged material. machine, three-ring medium-speed mill.

According to the working principle of the shell-breaking mechanism, the sheller can be divided into knife cage type, centrifugal type, roll type, disc type, and knife plate type.

(5)Fertilization and planting machinery, such as germination accelerator, fertilizer applicator, seedling pulling machine, seeder, planter, etc.

seeder seedling pulling machine

Seeders are mainly used for sowing crop seeds. According to the types of crops, they can be divided into grain drills, corn hole seeders, cotton seeders, pasture spreaders, etc.

Planters can be divided into clamp-type planters, flexible disc-type planters, hanging cup-type planters, and seedling-guiding tube-type planters according to different usages.

(6)Harvesting machinery, such as grain combine harvesters, windrowing machines, sugar beet harvesters, corn harvesters, tea picking machines, etc.

4LZ-6.0 Rice Combine Harvester

Grain combine harvesters are divided into rice harvesters, wheat harvesters, and rice and wheat harvesters according to the types of harvested crops.

Windrowers are divided into self-propelled, tractor-drawn, and suspended windrowers according to their walking methods.

(7)Loading and unloading transport machinery, such as trailers, marine hangers, loaders, agricultural transport vehicles, etc.

agricultural transport vehicles marine hangers

Loaders can be divided into front unloading type, rear unloading type, and rotary type according to the loading and unloading method.

(8)Drainage and irrigation machinery, such as drilling machines, sprinkler irrigation machines, rainfall machines, drip irrigation machines, agricultural water pumps, etc.

agricultural water pumps

Drilling rigs can be divided into vehicle-mounted back-mounted, traction, and vehicle-mounted according to the structure of the drilling machine.

Sprinkler irrigation unit type sprinkler irrigation system is mainly divided into fixed spray units and row spray units. Among them, the fixed-spray unit is divided into a rolling sprinkler, tractor-mounted sprinkler, tractor double-cantilever sprinkler, tractor-drawn sprinkler, and hand-push (lift) sprinkler. Row sprinkler units include reel sprinklers, center pivot sprinkler, and translational sprinkler.

Agricultural water pumps are divided into axial flow pumps, centrifugal pumps, water hammer pumps, deep well pumps, axial flow pumps, pulling pumps, triple pumps, submersible pumps, water turbine pumps, and mixed flow pumps.

(9)Animal husbandry machinery, such as milking machines, shearing machines, incubators, beaters, drinking fountains, pulverizers, feeders, hay cutters, mowers, balers, etc.

mowers feeders

(10) Other machinery, such as animal prime movers, wind turbines, etc.

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