What is Agricultural Chain?

The agricultural chain is an essential spare part of agricultural machinery, especially the rice combine harvesters, such as Kubota DC35 DC68 DC70, Yanmar AW70, and World Ruilong.

Chains are usually metal links or rings mainly used for mechanical transmission and traction. A chain (as in a street, river, or entrance to a harbor) is used to obstruct traffic. As for the reliable farm transmission chain supplier in China, we have collected more detailed information below.

agricultural chain

What is Agricultural Chain?

What is the power transmission chain?

The transmission chain appeared in China as early as the second century AD. At that time, the rollover created by Bi Lan in the Eastern Han Dynasty had successfully applied the principle of the chain-wheel drive.

The square plate leaf chain-type waterwheel can be regarded as the original chain-type transmission device. In the Northern Song Dynasty in the tenth century AD, Zhang Sixun was inspired by the principle of the gear chain on the keel waterwheel in the countryside at that time and used this important invention on the astronomical clock he made.

Transmission chain

Worldwide, the chain has been used for many years, in fact, the simple copper folding chain was invented in about 2500 BC, and was used in the tomb of the ancient Babylonian city of Chaldea.

After 1890, the British Humber Company produced a chain-driven, rhombic bicycle, which has been used ever since. Before that, bicycles had never had chains, so Humber Company in the UK was the first to invent chains and use them for bicycle transmission.

What’s the application of the transmission chain?

Let’s take the Kubota DC70 combine harvester machine, which is the most popular in Asia, for example:

Application of Transmission chain

In this machine, there are over 10 kinds of different sizes of transmission chains. They have different lengths, widths, and strengths for different functions.

In the small chain system, two sprockets support the chain into tension condition. In our daily life, vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are the most common products of chains.

In our agricultural machinery, there are usually two transmission modes: chain and belt.

What is the difference between chain transmission and belt transmission?

Belt transmission Chain transmission
properties The belt drive is a tensioned (annular) belt, which is sleeved on the pulley of two transmission shafts. It transmits the power of one shaft to the other by relying on the friction force generated when the belt and pulley are tensioned Chains are usually metal links or rings, which are mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction
composition It is composed of one or several belts tightly sleeved on two wheels (called “pulleys”). The two wheels are installed on the driving shaft and driven shaft respectively. Use the friction between the belt and the two wheels to transfer movement and power There are many kinds of chains, most of which are composed of chain plate, chain pin, shaft sleeve and other components. Other types of chains only have different changes to the chain plate according to different needs. Some have scraper plates on the chain plate, some have guide bearings on the chain plate, and some have rollers on the chain plate. These are all modifications for different applications
noise The Belt system is quite quiet than the chain system The Belt system is quite quiet than the chain system
power loss Occasional wear and tear smaller, and it is not easy to slip
maintenance cost higher, easier to replace cheaper

Tips for the maintenance and replacement of the chain

Maintenance of chain


  • It is recommended to remove the sundries on the chain after each work. Avoid damage to the chain by hard objects.
  • Then apply lubricating oil to the chain before each work or at a fixed time.
  • Especially for agricultural machinery, when the machine is not used for a long time, it is necessary to remove the chain, invade the oil, and then wrap it for use. This can prolong the service life of the chain.


replacement of chain

Usually, the chains we buy need to be connected by ourselves. Select chain joints according to different sizes. Generally, it is not necessary to replace the whole chain, and you can exchange the damaged part yourself.


In this article, we briefly introduced some knowledge about the transmission chain related to our agricultural machinery spare parts. We hope it can help you. If you want to know more about the products, you can leave a message for us.

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