How Much Are Combine Harvesters?

With the advancement of agricultural technology, crops are now planted and harvested mechanically. Seeing that the busy farming season is getting closer and closer, farmers will often use harvesters. The harvester can complete harvesting, threshing and other work at one time, which greatly reduces human labor. So how much does a harvester cost now? Which brands are better?

The price of harvesters of different brands and different uses is different, and the price of imported harvesters is higher. Editor will show you the price and pros and cons of each brand of harvester.

use of rice combine harvester

How Much is A Rice Combine Harvester?

The reference price of Zhonglian Guwang PL45 rice combine harvester is 15900 usd; the reference price of Zhonglian Guwang PQ50 rice harvester is 14800 usd; the reference price of Shifeng Golden Eagle 4LZ-3 crawler-type full-feeding rice combine harvester One set is 14000-16500 usd; the reference price of the Lovol Gushen RF40 crawler rice harvester is 16500-18500 usd.

How Much is A Wheat Combine Harvester?

It is understood that the price of a wheat harvester with a feeding volume of 5-7 kg is about 17200-18500, and the price of a wheat harvester of 8-12 kg is more than 28000. Prices vary slightly depending on the region.

How Much is A Maize Combine Harvester?

The price of a small corn harvester is 16500-42500 usd, and the reference price of a large and medium-sized corn harvester is 4500-5600 usd. The reference price of Lovol Gushen CB03 corn harvester is 17500 usd per set. It is a popular corn harvester under Lovol Heavy Industry.

rice combine harvester

Rice Harvesters For Sale

Although customers like discount prices, harvesters rarely have big discounts, especially for big brand harvesters. The best discount may only be a few hundred dollars or send some easily wear parts. But second-hand harvesters on the market often come at the discounted prices that everyone expects.

The price of second-hand harvesters is relatively cheap, but the overall condition of the harvester varies greatly due to factors such as operating time, years of use, and different harvester owners. It can be said that with the same model and the same factory years, each harvester has a different condition. If you don’t know harvesters very well, it’s easy to spend money on a broken harvester with a dark disease.

  1. Overall appearance. For agricultural vehicles, it can be seen from the appearance of the vehicle whether the original owner is a harvester lover. Some harvester owners can build a new harvester in a short period of three or two years; some harvester owners have used it for 5 years, and the appearance is still very well maintained.
  2. Check whether the beam structure is damaged. To be precise, the harvester is not allowed to drive on the road due to reasons such as moving speed and the body being too wide. But for the sake of agricultural production, local departments basically ignore it.
  3. Look at the engine. Due to the heavy workload of the harvester, some wear and tear is normal. For different types of harvesters, the engine also needs to be overhauled every certain operating hour, which is also normal.

part of combine harvester

  1. Determine whether there is a problem with the walking system through the walking state. The most common problem is that some harvesters have four-wheel drive.
  2. Check whether there is leakage in important systems such as hydraulic pressure, gear oil, and cooling. The harvester is not only to check the running state of the engine, but the rest of the hydraulic system, gear transmission system, cooling system, and circuit also needs to be checked.
  3. Check the work time. Under normal circumstances, as long as there is no cross-regional operation, the annual operation time will basically not exceed 500 hours.

Which Brands of Harvester Are Better?

At present, the top eight harvester brands on sale in China are Kubota, Yanmar, Ward, Zoomlion, Lovol, Xingguang, Liulin, and Changfa.

  1. Kubota

Kubota harvesters are reliable in quality and have a low failure rate. Excellent performance and good working effect. Prevention is the main focus, attention is paid to the inspection and maintenance of harvesters before the busy season, and the management of storage and storage after the slack season.

  1. Yanmar

As the first Sino-Japanese agricultural machinery joint venture to enter China, Yanmar has created a precedent for foreign semi-feed combine harvesters to enter the Chinese production field. Over the years, the company has made a modest contribution to the modernization of China’s agriculture by virtue of its continuous efforts, aggressiveness and Yanmar’s advanced technology and excellent service.

  1. Zoomlion

Zoomlion’s agricultural machinery business has basically covered the entire production process of breeding, soil preparation, sowing, field management, harvesting, drying, and storage of major domestic crops (wheat, rice, corn, rapeseed, etc.) Solution provider.

To sum up, the price of harvesters is still relatively high, but there are subsidies for buying harvesters, and some can subsidize up to 4300 USD. For specific subsidy standards, you can check the list of agricultural machinery subsidies.

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