Which Harvester is Best For Paddy in India?

Paddy Harvester Machine Price In India

The Harvester was invented by Cyrus McCormick. Harvester is an integrated machine for harvesting crops. Harvesting and threshing are completed at one time, and the grains are collected in the storage bin, and then the grains are transported to the transport vehicle through the conveyor belt. Manual harvesting can also be used to spread the straw of rice, wheat, and other crops in the field, and then use grain harvesting machinery for picking and threshing.

Crop harvesting machinery for harvesting grains and stalks of cereal crops such as rice and wheat. Including harvesters, windrowers, balers, grain combines and grain threshers, etc. Grain harvesting machinery is developed on the basis of various harvesting and threshing tools.

Harvester Price Can Be Affected by Many Factors

Farmers in different countries prefer different types of harvesters. Different harvester configurations lead to different harvester prices. The harvester price will naturally be affected by the brand and sea freight as well as the exchange rate. Usually, Japanese harvesters and European and American harvesters are more expensive than Chinese harvesters, and the brands are better known. In addition, combine harvester price in India will also be affected by different national policies. Let’s take India as an example to analyze.

Full feeding combine harvester

India’s Harvester Capacity is Large

India covers an area of 3,287,263 km², making it the 7th largest country in the world, compared it is about 45% of the size of Australia, about 40% the size of the contiguous USA, or one third the size of Europe. India is the second most populated country on the planet. 1.36 billion people (in 2019), almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live on the Indian subcontinent. India’s population is quite diverse with many ethnic groups, four major language families, and more than 120 languages, however, more than 40% of the Indians speak Hindi, besides English, both official languages of the country. We can know India’s Harvester capacity by the following calculation:

  • Rice Land:43M HA
  • Harvesting Days:90 days
  • Harvesting Efficiency:0.2-0.6HA/h, take 0.6HA
  • Per Day: 8 hours
  • Harvesters needed:43M*0.55/8*0.6HA*90=54745 pcs

It is estimated that India’s harvester capacity is around 50000pcs, while Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia are only 1/10 of it.

Famous Combine Harvester Price in India

The products of many Indian harvester companies occupy most of the market share in the Indian combine harvester market.

Preet Agriculture

The history of Preet Agriculture can be traced back to 1980. The company started out producing threshers, harvesters and farm implements. Preet’s current products include self-propelled, special-purpose and crawler combine harvesters. Its products can be said to be the leader in the Indian combine harvester market, and its market share of self-propelled combine harvesters in India exceeds 40%.

Preet Agriculture

Preet 987 self-propelled combine harvester is a well-known model of the brand and one of the most popular machines among Indian farmers. The brand-new Prieter “987 Star” is a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly harvester. The 2900L super-large granary and the improved auger can effectively reduce the number of unloading grains. The upgraded threshing roller minimizes the rate of grain breakage. The combine harvester is capable of harvesting various food crops such as wheat, rice, and soybeans. In terms of power, Preet 987 Stellar uses a 6-cylinder 110-horsepower diesel engine.

Ks Agricultural Technology

Founded in 1955, Ks Group has always been one of the reliable brands of agricultural machinery in India. As one of the group companies, Ks Agricultural Technology can provide a variety of agricultural machinery products, such as self-propelled combine harvesters, trailed combine harvesters, as well as straw harvesters, and other agricultural machinery. Among the company’s many popular combine harvesters, the KS 9300 is one of the best harvesters in India. KS 9300 is the star product of Ks Agricultural Technology, which has made a significant contribution to agricultural mechanization in India.

Kata Agriculture

Among the well-known brands, Kata Agriculture has provided users with agricultural machinery for 35 years, supporting farmers in India and around the world, and is recognized as a heavyweight enterprise in the agricultural machinery industry. Kata Agriculture products include multi-grain combine harvesters, crawler combine harvesters, rotary tillers, etc.
With its easy installation and convenient use, it has won the favor of a large number of users.

Kata Agriculture

Kata 4000 self-propelled combine harvester can work in various types of fields. It has a large fuel tank of 380 liters, a working width of 4199mm, and is equipped with a 6-cylinder 101-horsepower Ashok Leyland engine. With a hydraulic steering system, field operations are more flexible. This machine is of wheel type, and there is no rubber track type, their prices are around 38000USD.

There are also many China, Europe brands, and Japanese brand harvesters in India such as WORLD, Lovol, Kubota, Yanmar, Class, John Deer, etc. These Combine Price In Punjab is from 18000USD-38000USD. As we can see, China’s rubber track-type combine harvester price is far less than India’s locally produced brands and Euro Japan brands. So recent years, they are becoming more and more popular.

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