Which Type of V-belt is Used for Agricultural Operations?

The V-belt is a product with the largest output, the most varieties, and the most widely used transmission belts. Many V-belts are on an agricultural machine, especially on a harvester and a tractor. Now let’s share some information about the agricultural V-belt.


Composition of the V-belt

A standard V-belt consists of an annular ring, whose cross-section consists of 4 layers: a reinforcing layer, an elastic layer, a compression layer, and a covering layer. The covering layer consists of a rubber canvas, and the reinforcing layer is the body of the loading bearing. Due to its structure, it is high tensile strength, which is widely used in general V-belts.

Composition of the V-belt

V-belt classification

V-belts are widely used in agricultural machinery. The cross-section of a standard V-belt is trapezoidal. According to the cross-section area, there’re 7 types: O, A, B, C, D, E, and F, the region gradually increases from O type to F type.

  1. Wide type and narrow type

The normal V-belt aspect ratio is around 1:1.5~1.6, the narrow type is 1:1.2, and the wide type is 1:2. The structural size of the narrow V-belt can be reduced by about 50% compared with the normal V-belt, saving a lot of raw materials, and at the same time, it has uniform strength, large effective contact area, small bending stress, and long service life. can be extended significantly.

  • 2. V-belt core

Regular core

Regular V-belt core mostly uses cord core. Because the cord core structure is woven with fibers, this kind of V-belt can only be used in low-load transmission systems.

Special Belt Core

Special belt core The belt core of the V-belt adopts a whole solid core rod-shaped belt core structure of polymer polyester tempered brown silk. Polyester tempered brown wire has a whole solid core and no twist structure, so it has good adhesion, high bending resistance, high strength, and low durability, and can only greatly improve the life of transmission rubber belts. Not only that, but it is also very durable. The balanced service life of the belt body is Maintenance-free and regular replacement.

Special Belt Core

Advantages & Shortcoming


  1. The Agricultural V belt structure is not complicated, so it’s easy to maintain. And Users can install it easily;
  2. The noise is very low compared with chain transmission, and it’s very stable;
  3. It’s easy to slip when the machine overloaded, which will protect the weak parts to be damaged.


  1. The exact transmission ratio cannot be guaranteed;
  2. Larger outline size and low transmission efficiency.

Agricultural V belt

Brands of V-belt

There are many famous brands of V-belts. Here we will share some brands below:

  • Japanese brands



The most popular V-belt brand in the world. It’s widely used on Kubota harvester DC35 DC68G DC70 PRO688. The Kubota Spare Parts catalog always shows the parts code behind the items.



It’s widely used on Yanmar harvester AW70 AW82 YH850 YH1180 AG600.

  • European and American brands



  • Chinese brands




These two Chinese belts are always used on World Lovol rice harvesters and so on.

Reliable V belt manufactures

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