Wholesale Rice Combine Harvester From Global Suppliers

The rice combine harvester is widely used for rice harvesting, modern rice combine harvester in Asia has a history of over 50 years and it was first produced in Japan in 1960. Until today, billions of farmers benefit from rice combine harvesters.

According to different structures, rice combine harvester has many different models. For example, according to different driving methods, rice combine harvesters can be classified as wheel combine harvesters and crawler combine harvesters.

Wheel type
Wheel type
Crawler type
Crawler type

Normally wheel-type rice combine harvester is bigger in size than crawler type, and rice combine harvester price is according to machine size, the bigger size of combine harvester, the higher the price.

In China, combine harvester has a formalized naming method. For example, the model needs to be named 4LZ-xxx. “4” stands for type 4 agriculture vehicles, “L” stands for combine harvester and “Z” stand for the self-propelled machine. “xxx” place represents feeding capacity/machine size. For example, if combine harvester feeding capacity is 1 kg per second, then the machine model name will be 4LZ-1.0, and if the machine feeding capacity is 5.5 Kg per second, then machine model will be 4LZ-5.5. Therefore, the bigger number of the model, means the machine size is bigger.

Normally mini size combine harvester is a feeding capacity of less than 1Kg and the machine size is much small. For example, our Wubota combine mini harvester 4LZ-1.0 is a mini harvester with a feeding capacity of 1.0Kg per second, the machine size is only 3480mm*1600mm*2300mm, and it is suitable for walking in mountain areas where big size harvester cannot move easily. Combine mini harvester price of our Wubota combine mini harvester is around 4,500 USD per unit, and it is one of our best-selling rice combine harvesters for sale.

rice combine harvester

Tractor mini harvester price

Apart from wheel-type or crawler-type combine harvesters, there are tractor mounted type combine harvesters.

Tractor mini harvester price

Tractor mounted combine harvester is a harvester mounted on a tractor, the power of the machine comes from the tractor while the cutter header and other components are allocated on the tractor. The tractor mini harvester price is much lower than the self-propelled harvester because the machine structure and manufacture cost are lower than the mini combine harvester self-propelled type.

Tractor mini harvester is popular in India, as India has a large number of tractors available, and with lower tractor mini harvester price, it is widely acceptable by local farmers among pan India.

Combine mini harvester price

In general rice combine harvester prices vary on machine structure, machine size, and models. Moreover, the country of origin of combine harvester machinery affects combine mini harvester prices as well. For example, for the rice combine harvester in the same model and size, a machine made in Japan or Korea will be higher than combine harvester made in China due to labor cost and material usage factors.

Searching best combine mini harvester with a suitable price, customers need to pay much attention to the machine models and structures.

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