Wholesale Yanmar Spare Parts in Philippines

It’s known that Yanmar offers you genuine parts ranging from engines and lubricants, and service parts are available through Yanmar distributors and dealers to make the most out of your machine. In the Philippines, we can find many Yanmar spare parts suppliers, so how can we distinguish genuine Yanmar spare parts?

Yanmar Spare parts

Genuine Yanmar spare parts manufacturer in the Philippines

Although there are many, the most significant advantage is perhaps the time between overhauls. YANMAR is known for its high engine quality and reliability. In line with this reputation, the time between overhauls and the lifetime of parts is significantly longer.

As a manufacturer with extensive experience in the Philippine agricultural machinery market, Wubota can not only provide Yanmar combine harvester spare parts but also other brands of harvester accessories (such as Kubota). Our advantages are specifically demonstrated in the following aspects:

  • Genuine Parts

Only genuine Yanmar parts are manufactured to our strict, industry-leading standards in both quality and durability. Each part uses the same materials, machinery, and production methods as the original for an exact fit and exacting performance.

  • Genuine Simplicity

Save time and money when you order everything you need in one box. Complete routine maintenance faster and gain confidence in knowing your machine will keep running at peak performance while also meeting factory warranty requirements

yanmar rice combine harvester spare parts

May I buy service parts directly from Wubota?

We currently do not sell directly to consumers, however, there is a wide network of authorized distributors and dealers that can assist you in purchasing your genuine Yanmar parts. You can contact us to get more detailed information.

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